Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FamLay, All Day: eLan Spreads The Love [DWNLD]

I still recall hearing this joint from this eLan cat, and it came from this EP called Magnificent Mistakes. He had some bangers! In fact I kept it in steady rotation for a hot minute.
I was recently reminded by no less than three cats that he had a new one out. WRD.

famLay is a set of 10 sophomore selections featuring, well, fam. With collabs on all but one track, he put together a LP with an ensemble of cats he chops is up with (literally) on the reg. With ppl like infinte potential, messi, F.V., marzio along with Klipm0dians mndsgn & devonwho, he gathered a great cast of conductors to assists in this composition.
So when this LA born, now San Diego taxpayer is not chopping stuff up between his MPC and SP404, he's building w/ crew Indigo Pyramid and Wedidit Collective as well as working w/ his melo marzio on more music.
He still plans to have an official solo EP release soon. But in the interim, pls proceed...

eLevonwho - eLan ft Devonwho

... and grab yourself a copy of famLay. You can scoop scoop Magnificent Mistakes whilst you're @ it.



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