Friday, January 29, 2010

Thy Pixelord And Master: Error-Broadcast Readies Lucid Freaks [DWNLD]

Emerging from the land know for it's billionnaires and a dude named Fedor, is Error-Broadcasts newest addition to the roster - Moscow's Pixelord.
Although new to EB and quite possibly many out there reading this, Pixelord, né Alexey Devyanin, has been putting in work under several aliases ever since 2002. Under the Gultskra Artikler moniker, he had been creating experimental patterns and textures masterfully, resulting in a slew of releases over a near decade career, receiving accolades without having to ride on horse back, shirtless. LOL.
He now re-emerges as Pixelord with a EP out on Error Broadcast TODAY

A 4 banger of an EP featuring some of that rhythmic that I love to f*ck with. Electronic sweeps, chirps, bleeps and pretty melodies with more kicks than Vladimir Putin in a gi @ his Judo classes, all recorded with beautiful lucidity.

Quartz Boy by Pixelord

You know the drill.

GO, and show love.



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