Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank You For Your Patience: Pls Show Love To Haiti

As you may have certainly noticed, no updates have been posted in the past few days.
The Haitian cataclysm has gripped both myself and my family. As just a few of you do know, and others of learning as we speak - I am Haitian, and have family on the beautiful island.
The level of devastation is beyond description, the gravity of the destruction won't be assessed for weeks. Part of me still debates dropping everything and flying down to help.
The destruction of Le Palais National - a national monument, a quasi White House - (seen below in before and after images) is not only catastrophic, but also very symbolic of the events: your most famous edifice RAZED.

Jokingly, when speaking w/ a friend, I told him I was waiting for aliens to appear and Will Smith to come flying out the sky. Ha..
But all quips aside, to my regular readers:
If you have enjoyed the music that has been made avail here in the past, i simply ask that you make a quick donation to any number of organizations who have mobilized to help the Haiti.

Canada: You can donate $5 by texting “HAITI” to 45678 from any Rogers Wireless (I believe Fido as well) or Bell Mobility phone. Info here.

USA: Please text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate. 100 % of your 10 dollar donation goes to haiti or a $5 donation to help Haiti, text "Yele" to 501501 on behalf of Yele Foundation started by musician Wyclef Jean. More info here.

UK: Have not been able to find a texting option (which I think is easiest), but I'll say donate @ Oxfam.

Germany: Text "Haiti" to 81190. The donation is 5€. (AMAZING! thank you Cmd Ctrl <--- a reader!)

Texting. It does not get easier than that. If any one knows of any text to donate options for UK or any other territory/country, pls post here. I'll pass it on.

For the those in Toronto, I do plan to have an event as well later this month. Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening.

And pls pray for the best in Haiti.


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