Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v11 Bottoms Out From High Praise. (DWNLD)


Man, this is not how anyone wants to start the new year. But that is what just happened. Low End Theory's profile has grown exponentially, esp in the last couple yrs+. With coverage and incessant shouts coming from the likes of digi doyenne Mary Anne Hobbs (yours truly included), this is the painful end of adoration, high praise, west-coast worship: a crashed server.

All good as it's all back up now. And thank gawd. We are treated to LA's likely only 2 ALL CAPS TWITTER FIENDS:
The Gaslamp Killer & Kutmah. 77 mins of madness.

You know the drill, get it whilst the server is still up, but pls proceed in orderly fashion.



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