Monday, January 4, 2010

RBMA Sendoff Dec 18th 2009, Recapped. [VIDEO]

HNY, and all the best for 2010. Ok. Let's get to it.

What better way to close out 2009?? Had chance to see Canada's four RBMA participants Poirier, Amenta, ANGO and Lunice showcase their wares and just as exciting, a Heralds Of Change reunion: Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke.
They all rawked it (Lunice just MURDERED it), and we wish you all the best in London in a few weeks (imagine).
It goes w/o saying that both Mike Slott and HudMo played gems, both showcasing joints from respective new records.
Here are the few pics I allowed myself to take among all the chatting I did as well as a video of the headliner.
Shouts to Tash, Moonstarr, Sarah, Christian aka CMD CTRL, Seb, Jesse, Aaron and w/o a doubt Kenny Mac. Thanks as always.

And finally, Hudmo rawking a live set.



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