Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Goods From Shafiq: Limited Edition 10

Days after the release of his instrumentals, Shafiq Husayn and Plug Research release a Limited Edition 10" featuring rmxs as well as 4 new non album bangers, a quasi ep in fact.

Featured are rmxs from Cali Cohorts J-rocc and Flying Lotus. For the added value, 4 brand new tracks were added for the fans to take home. Indeed. Track listing is as follows:

1 Evil Man
2 Evil Man [Flying Lotus RMX]
3 Cheeba [J Rocc RMX]
4 Jungle Booking
5 Jam 101
6 Dem Boys
7 Electra [Outro]

Did I mentioned they were limited pressings? 700 from what I recall. I could be mistaken, but pretty sure that's it. Hit your local boutiques for the goodies.

Evil Man [Flying Lotus RMX]

Cheeba [J Rocc RMX]



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