Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just in: Serato 2.0 Announced @ NAMM.

Got a message from a very good friend who's @ NAMM. Told him to stay on the look out for me re: some announcements from a few companies, esp Serato. Seeing many producers play out in both Scratch Live and/or Ableton, NAMM is going to have big new for all. As well, with the looming announcement of an Ableton x Serato integration, I eagerly awaited some bulletins. Well a few were made:

Serato 2.0 was just recently unveiled @ NAMM. Here's what I was sent by text, verbatim:

"Day 1 of show... Will send you some updates.... Serato 2.0 announced... Up to 4 decks and now built in effects.... Finally... Can control abelton via the bridge"

Although there were no updates to the site, I'm more than certain it will be up soon. Good look Christian!

More to come.


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