Friday, January 8, 2010

Follow 2010

I had been meaning to reach out to friends and fam, and ask em what they were all looking fwd to in 2010. Kinda hard during the holidays, so I did it this week. 2010 is looking like a pretty good one, with pretty important drops... so here's how the emails came back from friends of 92bpm.

Presenting Follow Friday Follow 2010.

Jay Scarlett (ASG/Munich)
3. Illum Sphere
4. Krystal Klear
5. Chi* Akai

Paul Pre (Germany)
1. Flying Lotus
2. Joy Orbison
3. Floating Points
4. Blue Daisy
5. Africa Hi-Tech

Om Unit (London)
1.Fly Lo album
2. Loops Haunt
3. Afrika Hi-Tech album
4. Mistah Klevvah
5. The new Sade album!

2. Computer Jay
3. Mono/Poly
4. Knxledge
5. The Milky Way

Benji B (1Xtra, London)

Fitz Ambro$e (∆ICASEA, JPN)
1. monkeysequence19
2. RLP
3. Afta-1
4. Devonwho
5. Dibia$e

TRG (Romania)
1. Falty DL
2. Lone
3. Hudson Mohawke
4. Dorian Concept
5. Kito

Juha (Viral Radio, Amsterdam)
1. Dimlite (Bern)
2. Matthew David (Los Angeles)
3. Jamie Vex'd (Berlin
4. Baths (Los Angeles)
5. Lapti (Moscow)

Orsii (LDBK Radio, LDN/SWE)
1. Blue Daisy
2. Illum Sphere
3. 8Bitch
4. The Louie Gee Ensemble
5. JToTheC

RAS G (Brainfeeder/LA)
1. Flying Lotus -Cosmogramma LP
2. Ras_G- Spacebase is The Place LP
3. Samiyam Rap Beat Vol.2
4. Gaslamp Killer -Mix Cd`s,Private Press 10"s
5. Mono/Poly- Fluctuations Ep -Brainfeeder
6. Dimlite - Prismic Vaulta Rising - Now Again

Hudson Mohawke (Lucky Me/Warp/Glasgow)
1. Mamiko Motto
2. The Blessings
3. Africa HiTech
4. Krystal Klear
5. Becoming Real

Jamie Strong (Do Over, LA)
1. Aloe Blacc
2.Floating Points
3.Hanni El Khatib
4. Zed Bias

Illum Sphere (Hoya Hoya, Manchester)
1. Afrika Hitech
2. Blue Daisy
3. Fantastic Mr Fox
4. Kidkanevil
5. Indigo

Zainab Jama (Writer, London)
1. Silkie
2. Fatima
3. Mizz Beats
4. Kyle Hall
5. Guido

Ultragamma (Toronto)
1. Flying Lotus
2. Falty DL
3. Rustie
4. Low Limit
5. Onra.

Take (LA)
1 World Peace
2 Sweatson Klank blowing the f%ck up in 2010
3 Get healthier, exercise more
4 The lines of music genres will continue to blur until anything and everything will appear in a song
5 A tropical vacation to some desolate island, where all I do is lay on the beach, pick some coconuts, and maybe have a beer or two , much needed!!!

Shouts to all who took a few mins to shoot that email back, esp Take. LOL.
There you have it. ;) 2010 will be a good one indeed.



  1. Happy to see Bluedaisy mentioned so many times. Also glad to see somebody mentioning Fatima and Kidkanevil, wanted to include them but figured peeps would be on it, good thing they were! Much love!

  2. Oooh, I could have added Loops Haunt, Pixelord, Shlohmo, Heralds of Change, and so many others too...

  3. Yea... I feel you Juha. Many thx for your input nonetheless. We are grateful.

  4. a simply a fan of everyone mentioned, literally everyone! i say i hope they all continue killing it this year (ras picks made my heart skip some beats in excitement too) thanks everyone for creating! and myman keep spreading the love we all feel it


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