Monday, January 18, 2010

92bpm Presents: GSTMX v4 feat. Sawandi [DWNLD]

Just about a year ago, I still recall going in my Soundcloud inbox to discover a massive surprise. A sick riddim from this cat named Sawandi that I had befriended online via the Twitter environment. All gravy. And I say it again, always fun chatting w/ a next west indian person still.
So as I got things going on my end w/ the GSTMX series, it was only right that I send an invite to my man, as he gleefully accepted. Nice.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Sawandi grew up on the Eastern Caribbean island of Antigua. His introduction to music essentially came from 80’s rap music, reggae, his father’s record collection and formal schooling in the form of piano lessons.
Moving back to Jamaica in his late teens, Sawandi turned his attention from music to becoming a medical doctor. It wasn’t until 2003, a year after graduation, that he reignited his creative passions and purchased his first piece of musical equipment.

When not doing the occasional live laptop set at 2 popular Kingston lounges, Sawandi is locked away in his home studio creating instrumental music that blends elements of Hip Hop, Dub, and Electronica. His influences include the mighty Dilla, D'angelo, Sting, Steel Pulse, Rhythm and Sound, Deadbeat and Mad Professor.

The opportunity to participate in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in 2006, proved to be an invaluable life changing experience and one that Sawandi credits as "changing the way he heard, saw and thought about music."
A self-appointed "eternal student of music" Sawandi aims to make music he and his musical heroes would enjoy and to share it with people around the world.

And more recently, he and I were chatting about the world catastrophe (let alone West Indian) that was become the earthquake in Haiti, and he has been making plans to make his way over as a medical doctor as they'll be needed for months to come. BLESS YOU!

So it's with pride that I bring you: GSTMXv4 feat. Jamaica's Sawandi.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Come Get It (instrumental)--Jay Dee
2. Ason Jones--Raekwon
3. Phillip Michael Thompson--THe Randy Watson Experience
4. Phillip Michael Thompson/Smile Jamaica--The Randy Watson Experience/Bob Marley and the Wailers
5. Needing to Win (0-16)--14KT
6. All 4 U/One At A Time--G.D./The Clonius feat Muhsinah
7. One At A Time--The Clonius feat. Muhsinah
8. Sorry--Comfort Fit
7. Seek Know More (sawandi remix)--50Hz feat Ladi6
8. I Used To Love H.E.R.--Common Sense
9. Still Luv Huh--Floyd The Locsmif
10. Luv's Land--Vlooper and Modlee
11. Pet Monster Shotglass/Natural Mystic--FLying Lotus/Bob Marley & The Wailers
12. Post-Structuralism--Sawandi
13. More--Muhsinah
14. Le'Star--Shafiq Husayn feat Rozzi Dame and Noni Limar
15. Rubba--Sawandi
16. Jah Rule--Rhythm and SOund feat Paul St. Hilaire
17. Overdub--Bad Brains
18. Mystical Cosmic Vibrations--21st Century Dub
19. Melancholy Mood--Ziggy Marley
20. Fellowship--Meshell Ndegeocello...

Gold shoes or not, run and get it.

GO! (right click)


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  1. this will be handy for the Music in the Americas essay I have. thanks.


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