Friday, January 29, 2010

Lone Loves Karen Loves Kate: Sultry Synths for 3somes. [DWNLD]

All we are missing are Woody Allen and Barcelona backdrop...
But in all seriousness, I have been playing Lone's Karen Loves Kate track (and not with them) for a min, and just wondering this past week if the album was out... and BAM!

Ecstasy & Friends was out. F*ck me. This dropped late Nov 2009 and escaped me entirely. For that, I send my heartfelt apologies to Work Discs.
Now, back to this record. There are but a few records that I qualify as alluring, sultry, quasi his n hers riddims, or what I like to call "music to hold your girl's hand to" - as silly as that sounds. The fellas know. LOL. Well, we got one here.
The layers of synth are provocative, passionate, and embrace the beat with both arms, regardless of cadence.
Without wanting to go overboard with the accolades, I will simply say get it. Your girl will love you for it, and you'll be happy that she got down to some sh*t you liked for a change.

Finally, never before I have had the opportunity to do this, but there are articles for you to read and songs for all of you to take with you to sample the wares, and test on your girl need it be. ;)

Sunglazer Cascade

Karen Loves Kate

Download courtesy of the good ppl @


Download courtesy of good ppl @


Download courtesy of good ppl @ Back n Forth

So, no better time than now to cop the whole album. Take my word. Or take Karen and Kates's. ;)


Thy Pixelord And Master: Error-Broadcast Readies Lucid Freaks [DWNLD]

Emerging from the land know for it's billionnaires and a dude named Fedor, is Error-Broadcasts newest addition to the roster - Moscow's Pixelord.
Although new to EB and quite possibly many out there reading this, Pixelord, né Alexey Devyanin, has been putting in work under several aliases ever since 2002. Under the Gultskra Artikler moniker, he had been creating experimental patterns and textures masterfully, resulting in a slew of releases over a near decade career, receiving accolades without having to ride on horse back, shirtless. LOL.
He now re-emerges as Pixelord with a EP out on Error Broadcast TODAY

A 4 banger of an EP featuring some of that rhythmic that I love to f*ck with. Electronic sweeps, chirps, bleeps and pretty melodies with more kicks than Vladimir Putin in a gi @ his Judo classes, all recorded with beautiful lucidity.

Quartz Boy by Pixelord

You know the drill.

GO, and show love.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birfday: TOKiMONSTA Merriment Mix [DWNLD]

Just days from delighting in her bday celebrations, and messages from masses of well wishers, Brainfeeder belle TOKiMONSTA celebrates by giving us a mix. Huh? Like we're getting a present on your bday?? Sounds like it.

Birfday Mix.



TGIW: Saukrates Leaks Newness, WEDNESDAY. [DWNLD]

Man, don't get me started. My man Saukrates has been nice ever since... And I oft wondered if and when I would ever hear anything new from him now that he's been very busy doing tons of writing. Well.... Thank Gawd It's Wednesday.

Again, not one to drop too many joints w/ vocals, but I will make the exception for mans like Big Sox, and this sick riddim, born of the genius of Tone Mason.

Wednesday - Saukrates

From the convo I had just yesterday, sounds like something is FINALLY happening. Thank the lord.

Oh yea, Enjoy. Don't thank me, just follow Saukrates & Tone Mason


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FOR THE D: Thursday Feb 11th || Wrongbar [DWNLD]

For those in Toronto, like we always do about this time of year....

So nice, had to do a 2nd flyer.

Not much to break down:

feat Agile, Taktiks + mymanhenri
Thursday Feb 11th 2009 | Wrongbar - 1279 Queen St west

You can RSVP on Facebook here.

And to set it off right, here's a award winning mix from Agile, who got some good love for this mix he put out last year for Totonto's massive.

You can download that here.

Let's do it.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Worth It's Weight In Gold: New Bullion Fact Mix 118 [DWNLD]

Just like it says. Our magnificent metallurgist Bullion gets w/ Fact Mag to release a precious mix.


Caravan – Ride
Brainticket – Places Of Light
David Crosby – Orleans
Delaney – Some Things Coming
Kraan – You’re Right
Buffy Sainte-Marie – Adam
Orchestre Veve Star – Bassala Hot
Syreeta – Move It, Do It
Hudson-Ford – Shy Girl
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria
Paul Hart – Strides
Fleetwood Mac – Coming Home
July – I See

Grab it whilst it's hot. 3 weeks is all you have.



Say Hi To Bullion: New One Handed Release from Golden Boy

Nice to wake to an email with new music. Shouts to Alex for this one.
Available now is a new 7" single release from none of than Acton ace Bullion.

A two tracker for all to take home, as we await the major release from out boy. All love. Niceness as always. It's available @ his bandcamp as well as the majority of online retailers.

Crazy Over You



Thursday, January 21, 2010

LIGHT-IT-UP: Only A Few Days Until Om Unit's Massive 7"


What a release. I love it when you have a single released, with an amazing b-side. In fact, I might even call this a double a-side. Say Wrd.
After previewing an AMAZING track off this All City drop, we are just a few days away from the release of Om Unit's 1st offering of the year: Lightgrids / Lavender

This fantastic release features undeniable bangers like Lanvender and Lightgrids, but also reveals a bonus rmx from Manchester Monarch Illum Sphere to boot, and a strong one @ that. A rework on the title track begins in ernest with a steady tempo, only to ease into a fierce and fervid ending of more drums, more bass.

Lightgrids (Illumsphere Get Off The Grid mix)

Anyhow, grab it when it drops.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Goods From Shafiq: Limited Edition 10

Days after the release of his instrumentals, Shafiq Husayn and Plug Research release a Limited Edition 10" featuring rmxs as well as 4 new non album bangers, a quasi ep in fact.

Featured are rmxs from Cali Cohorts J-rocc and Flying Lotus. For the added value, 4 brand new tracks were added for the fans to take home. Indeed. Track listing is as follows:

1 Evil Man
2 Evil Man [Flying Lotus RMX]
3 Cheeba [J Rocc RMX]
4 Jungle Booking
5 Jam 101
6 Dem Boys
7 Electra [Outro]

Did I mentioned they were limited pressings? 700 from what I recall. I could be mistaken, but pretty sure that's it. Hit your local boutiques for the goodies.

Evil Man [Flying Lotus RMX]

Cheeba [J Rocc RMX]



Monday, January 18, 2010

Most High Exalted; King Britt || Saturday Jan 23rd @ The Drake Underground

It's been a minute since King Britt has been back in town to rawk. If I recall it, his last time here ended in spinning wax, rooms, and blue pills. So no better time than the present to do it again!

King Britt, LIVE @ The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
w/ mymanhenri
Saturday Jan 23rd 2010
1030 til close.
$5 - yup.

You read that right. $5. Nuts. So PLS get there early. It's gonna be a night of dancing. Let's have some fun.

For all those of Facebook, here's your event page. See you Saturday.


92bpm Presents: GSTMX v4 feat. Sawandi [DWNLD]

Just about a year ago, I still recall going in my Soundcloud inbox to discover a massive surprise. A sick riddim from this cat named Sawandi that I had befriended online via the Twitter environment. All gravy. And I say it again, always fun chatting w/ a next west indian person still.
So as I got things going on my end w/ the GSTMX series, it was only right that I send an invite to my man, as he gleefully accepted. Nice.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Sawandi grew up on the Eastern Caribbean island of Antigua. His introduction to music essentially came from 80’s rap music, reggae, his father’s record collection and formal schooling in the form of piano lessons.
Moving back to Jamaica in his late teens, Sawandi turned his attention from music to becoming a medical doctor. It wasn’t until 2003, a year after graduation, that he reignited his creative passions and purchased his first piece of musical equipment.

When not doing the occasional live laptop set at 2 popular Kingston lounges, Sawandi is locked away in his home studio creating instrumental music that blends elements of Hip Hop, Dub, and Electronica. His influences include the mighty Dilla, D'angelo, Sting, Steel Pulse, Rhythm and Sound, Deadbeat and Mad Professor.

The opportunity to participate in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in 2006, proved to be an invaluable life changing experience and one that Sawandi credits as "changing the way he heard, saw and thought about music."
A self-appointed "eternal student of music" Sawandi aims to make music he and his musical heroes would enjoy and to share it with people around the world.

And more recently, he and I were chatting about the world catastrophe (let alone West Indian) that was become the earthquake in Haiti, and he has been making plans to make his way over as a medical doctor as they'll be needed for months to come. BLESS YOU!

So it's with pride that I bring you: GSTMXv4 feat. Jamaica's Sawandi.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Come Get It (instrumental)--Jay Dee
2. Ason Jones--Raekwon
3. Phillip Michael Thompson--THe Randy Watson Experience
4. Phillip Michael Thompson/Smile Jamaica--The Randy Watson Experience/Bob Marley and the Wailers
5. Needing to Win (0-16)--14KT
6. All 4 U/One At A Time--G.D./The Clonius feat Muhsinah
7. One At A Time--The Clonius feat. Muhsinah
8. Sorry--Comfort Fit
7. Seek Know More (sawandi remix)--50Hz feat Ladi6
8. I Used To Love H.E.R.--Common Sense
9. Still Luv Huh--Floyd The Locsmif
10. Luv's Land--Vlooper and Modlee
11. Pet Monster Shotglass/Natural Mystic--FLying Lotus/Bob Marley & The Wailers
12. Post-Structuralism--Sawandi
13. More--Muhsinah
14. Le'Star--Shafiq Husayn feat Rozzi Dame and Noni Limar
15. Rubba--Sawandi
16. Jah Rule--Rhythm and SOund feat Paul St. Hilaire
17. Overdub--Bad Brains
18. Mystical Cosmic Vibrations--21st Century Dub
19. Melancholy Mood--Ziggy Marley
20. Fellowship--Meshell Ndegeocello...

Gold shoes or not, run and get it.

GO! (right click)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just in: Serato x Ableton Bridge Demonstration Up Online

Just saw a Serato tweet saying the demo was up and running. here it is.

I still need to take a closer look @ this.
As well, they took time to announce the new Rane 68 mixer w/ built in support for 2 laptops.

Again, I mention this as there are many of you out there on the beat side of things who mess w/ both.

All the best.


Friday, January 15, 2010

En' A-Free-Ka-Strumentals

Like it says. Musician extraordinaire Shafiq Husayn has an instrumental release of his acclaimed full length.

Something to vibe to. Available now @ your fave eStores.

Show Love. I just did.


I Need A Beat: Akai Introduces iPhone App + Compatible Controller

There's an app for that! No Doubt.
I left the iPhone infantry before the App Store came about, but I must say that i've been meaning to head back. @ least an iPod Touch or something.
Adding to the allure is Akai's new iPhone app: SynthStation Studio.

There are many production apps out as we speak, but his is Akai's 1st one and although they're not so much renown for s/w apps, they do have some history in production they can draw from, would you not say?
Dude sometime this month (@ current publishing time, I saw nothing @ the App Store), SynthStation Studio users can create and save sequences and complete songs. The app contains three different three-oscillator synths, and drum kits, which musicians can sequence and mix right in the SynthStation Studio. For creating melodic and accompaniment parts, the SynthStation Studio contains an arpeggiator with preset patterns, built-in effects and filters and an XY control interface for expressive control of key parameters.

The SynthStation Studio features an on-screen keyboard for use on the go. But is also designed for use with its companion keyboard, the iPK25.

This 25-key MIDI keyboard features a built-in dock for the iPhone or iPod Touch. It gives users two octaves of velocity-sensitive, synth-action keys, pitch and modulation wheels, and physical buttons for the most commonly used controls including octave up and down and sound-bank selections. The iPK25 also features a stereo pair of RCA line outputs and a headphone output for connection to recording and sound reinforcement systems. The iPK25 also has a USB/MIDI output for use as a controller for other MIDI software on Mac or PC and MIDI hardware devices.

I just love the idea of banging away @ a beat/keys on a flight, or train to a gig. But i'm waiting for the 1st full EP that will be done entirely on this this unit. There's been no indication of sampling capabilities, but despite that, I still dig this whole outfit - on paper. School spares may look tons more attractive now.
Though there's been no mention of the cost for the app, look for the supporting controller to run you something like $149 @ retail.

Who's gonna be 1st to submit a beat??


Fifty Eight For Fernando: New Mike Slott Mix for Lucky Me [DWNLD]

New Lucky Me mix (#58) from maestro Mike Slott.

Hasta la proxima vez Diane. Pce to Dom Sum.

You know the time.



Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just in: Serato 2.0 Announced @ NAMM.

Got a message from a very good friend who's @ NAMM. Told him to stay on the look out for me re: some announcements from a few companies, esp Serato. Seeing many producers play out in both Scratch Live and/or Ableton, NAMM is going to have big new for all. As well, with the looming announcement of an Ableton x Serato integration, I eagerly awaited some bulletins. Well a few were made:

Serato 2.0 was just recently unveiled @ NAMM. Here's what I was sent by text, verbatim:

"Day 1 of show... Will send you some updates.... Serato 2.0 announced... Up to 4 decks and now built in effects.... Finally... Can control abelton via the bridge"

Although there were no updates to the site, I'm more than certain it will be up soon. Good look Christian!

More to come.


FALTY DL || Jan 21 2009, Live in Toronto: 1 More week [DWNLD]

FALTY DL descends into Toronto with his 1st time ever. Ya didn't know?? Ha. It's more official than a referee w/ a whistle boy.

Coming along for the ride will be Brandon Sek, Ultragamma & mymanhenri. 92bpm will be in the building.

For those on Facebook and who want to RSVP/confirm, here's your link.


Jan 21 2010 || @ Wrongbar - 1279 Queen St West, Toronto.
w/ Brandon Sek, Ultragamma, mymanhenri
$10 || Doors @ 9.30p

In the meantime, enjoy a mix that he submitted for Fact Mag (mix 80).

It's gonna be nice!


Thank You For Your Patience: Pls Show Love To Haiti

As you may have certainly noticed, no updates have been posted in the past few days.
The Haitian cataclysm has gripped both myself and my family. As just a few of you do know, and others of learning as we speak - I am Haitian, and have family on the beautiful island.
The level of devastation is beyond description, the gravity of the destruction won't be assessed for weeks. Part of me still debates dropping everything and flying down to help.
The destruction of Le Palais National - a national monument, a quasi White House - (seen below in before and after images) is not only catastrophic, but also very symbolic of the events: your most famous edifice RAZED.

Jokingly, when speaking w/ a friend, I told him I was waiting for aliens to appear and Will Smith to come flying out the sky. Ha..
But all quips aside, to my regular readers:
If you have enjoyed the music that has been made avail here in the past, i simply ask that you make a quick donation to any number of organizations who have mobilized to help the Haiti.

Canada: You can donate $5 by texting “HAITI” to 45678 from any Rogers Wireless (I believe Fido as well) or Bell Mobility phone. Info here.

USA: Please text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate. 100 % of your 10 dollar donation goes to haiti or a $5 donation to help Haiti, text "Yele" to 501501 on behalf of Yele Foundation started by musician Wyclef Jean. More info here.

UK: Have not been able to find a texting option (which I think is easiest), but I'll say donate @ Oxfam.

Germany: Text "Haiti" to 81190. The donation is 5€. (AMAZING! thank you Cmd Ctrl <--- a reader!)

Texting. It does not get easier than that. If any one knows of any text to donate options for UK or any other territory/country, pls post here. I'll pass it on.

For the those in Toronto, I do plan to have an event as well later this month. Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening.

And pls pray for the best in Haiti.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Past, Present And Not So Distant Future: All City 2010 Mix by Om Unit (DWNLD)

Man, they've have a hot 48 hrs.
First the 10 x 10 x 1 record, then the Om Unit 7" and less than a day later, All CIty has another announcement.
in a show of force to start the new year, the good ppl @ All City Records are showing their kaleidoscope colors, quasi-peacocking of the 2010 release schedule.
Well All City, welcome to your Kodak moment. We're all (city) watching, camera and iPods in hand. Say wrd.

With Om Unit @ the controls, All City releases a mix featuring past, present and future bangers from their bank vault, for those that slept, are sleeping and need waking. ;)

Tracklist is as follows:

Matthew David - Late Nite Lo Fi For dak
Pudge - Awn My Dawn
Tokimonsta - Park Walks
Heralds Of Change - Work That
Take - warm Ruin
Dimlite - Quiz Tears
Hudson Mohawke - ROot Hands
Pudge - Blips Ahoy Mate
Mweslee - Jamas Jame Jamon
Dibiase - Spacely Sprockets
Fulgeance - Mamie Thè
Heralds Of Change - Ridin Chrome
Musinah - Lose My Fuse
Tokimonsta - Last Nights Blurry Memories
Om Unit - Lightgrids
Snowman - Rise
Onra - Wee Out ft. Buddy Sativa
Krystal Klear - Tried for your love
Devonwho -Keepthefunkalive
Knxwledge - Wait

Aiiight then. We're listening. ;)

You know the drill.



Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v11 Bottoms Out From High Praise. (DWNLD)


Man, this is not how anyone wants to start the new year. But that is what just happened. Low End Theory's profile has grown exponentially, esp in the last couple yrs+. With coverage and incessant shouts coming from the likes of digi doyenne Mary Anne Hobbs (yours truly included), this is the painful end of adoration, high praise, west-coast worship: a crashed server.

All good as it's all back up now. And thank gawd. We are treated to LA's likely only 2 ALL CAPS TWITTER FIENDS:
The Gaslamp Killer & Kutmah. 77 mins of madness.

You know the drill, get it whilst the server is still up, but pls proceed in orderly fashion.



Friday, January 8, 2010

Follow 2010

I had been meaning to reach out to friends and fam, and ask em what they were all looking fwd to in 2010. Kinda hard during the holidays, so I did it this week. 2010 is looking like a pretty good one, with pretty important drops... so here's how the emails came back from friends of 92bpm.

Presenting Follow Friday Follow 2010.

Jay Scarlett (ASG/Munich)
3. Illum Sphere
4. Krystal Klear
5. Chi* Akai

Paul Pre (Germany)
1. Flying Lotus
2. Joy Orbison
3. Floating Points
4. Blue Daisy
5. Africa Hi-Tech

Om Unit (London)
1.Fly Lo album
2. Loops Haunt
3. Afrika Hi-Tech album
4. Mistah Klevvah
5. The new Sade album!

2. Computer Jay
3. Mono/Poly
4. Knxledge
5. The Milky Way

Benji B (1Xtra, London)

Fitz Ambro$e (∆ICASEA, JPN)
1. monkeysequence19
2. RLP
3. Afta-1
4. Devonwho
5. Dibia$e

TRG (Romania)
1. Falty DL
2. Lone
3. Hudson Mohawke
4. Dorian Concept
5. Kito

Juha (Viral Radio, Amsterdam)
1. Dimlite (Bern)
2. Matthew David (Los Angeles)
3. Jamie Vex'd (Berlin
4. Baths (Los Angeles)
5. Lapti (Moscow)

Orsii (LDBK Radio, LDN/SWE)
1. Blue Daisy
2. Illum Sphere
3. 8Bitch
4. The Louie Gee Ensemble
5. JToTheC

RAS G (Brainfeeder/LA)
1. Flying Lotus -Cosmogramma LP
2. Ras_G- Spacebase is The Place LP
3. Samiyam Rap Beat Vol.2
4. Gaslamp Killer -Mix Cd`s,Private Press 10"s
5. Mono/Poly- Fluctuations Ep -Brainfeeder
6. Dimlite - Prismic Vaulta Rising - Now Again

Hudson Mohawke (Lucky Me/Warp/Glasgow)
1. Mamiko Motto
2. The Blessings
3. Africa HiTech
4. Krystal Klear
5. Becoming Real

Jamie Strong (Do Over, LA)
1. Aloe Blacc
2.Floating Points
3.Hanni El Khatib
4. Zed Bias

Illum Sphere (Hoya Hoya, Manchester)
1. Afrika Hitech
2. Blue Daisy
3. Fantastic Mr Fox
4. Kidkanevil
5. Indigo

Zainab Jama (Writer, London)
1. Silkie
2. Fatima
3. Mizz Beats
4. Kyle Hall
5. Guido

Ultragamma (Toronto)
1. Flying Lotus
2. Falty DL
3. Rustie
4. Low Limit
5. Onra.

Take (LA)
1 World Peace
2 Sweatson Klank blowing the f%ck up in 2010
3 Get healthier, exercise more
4 The lines of music genres will continue to blur until anything and everything will appear in a song
5 A tropical vacation to some desolate island, where all I do is lay on the beach, pick some coconuts, and maybe have a beer or two , much needed!!!

Shouts to all who took a few mins to shoot that email back, esp Take. LOL.
There you have it. ;) 2010 will be a good one indeed.


Lavender Love: Om Unit Likes It Legato w/ New 7" from All City

Just weeks after a smashing white label Joker rmx, London's OM Unit drops a 7". This is the 1st 45 of the 2010 from All City Records, in follow up to a successful 7 x 7 campaign in 2009.

This 7" features a couple smooth tempo bangers, w/ Lavender being a stellar piece. Fresher than a spray of Febreeze™, this new one's been getting play from the usual kings like Benji B, Alex Nut, Take and Mark Pritchard. Count me in.

This one should be in stores now, or on it's way. Ask for it by name. BOOM!

Lavender by OM Unit.


LA All Day: All City Series Surfaces w/ DIBIA$E & P.U.D.G.E

Pfff... I couldn't begin to tell you how pumped I was to chat this up.
They were up to something big. After the success of the 7 x 7 , I knew that All City Records was working on a series which was going to focus on Los Angeles aka Midi Mecca. They were on schedule to showcase the very blood that pumped though the city's veins, up and down the PCH, 605, 405, 101, 110, and the rest of the arteries that make up the other city I love. And now, it's here.
in 2010, All City will be releasing 10", 1nce/month for 10 months - serving up some of LA's finest, hot off that press like a fresh fish taco form the local mexican cantina w/ a twist of lime and spicy f*cking salsa. And the 1st take out order could not be better.


All City LA Series, #1 featuring DIBIA$E & P.U.D.G.E.

Y'all know the deal. We've been tripping off P.U.D.G.E. for a hot f*cking minute. Wrd. Everytime we play out, cats are ALWAYS asking who dude is, cuz the bangers are undeniable. Period. So it's with much glee and excitement that we chat about a release from the afore mentioned.
P.U.D.G.E. was the one who introduced me to DIBIA$E who I then later connected w/ @ the RED BULL BIG TUNE battle finals in NY in 2008, then recently in LA last November (piece coming). He's been on the 404 wearing the batteries out on that poor thing, chopping/sampling, looping and one-shotting to much acclaim, bringing those bangers like the proud LA resident that he is. Thank the lord.

Adding to the prestige of the releases, you'll have fantastic cover art photography by world famous Mochilla Sergeant Major B+. Lastly, these will only have 1 pressing, 1 run, and one run only. When they're gone. That's it.

So it's with excitement that I bring to you 2 cuts off the 10 track inaugural All City LA 10 x 10 #1 feat DIBIA$E & P.U.D.G.E.

I Pity The Fool by DIBIA$E

Arab Incense by P.U.D.G.E.

Make sure you check your local music boutiques or check with All City for mail orders, it should be available right about now.

Say wrd.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FALTY DL || Jan 21 2009, Live in Toronto [DWNLD]

This will be a great one.
FALTY DL descends into Toronto with his 1st time ever in an exclusive engagement, bringing the beat bizness that has made him a buzzword from here to Brixton and back, all taking place @ Wrongbar. Seen.

Supporting will be Brandon Sek, Ultragamma & mymanhenri. 92bpm will be in the building.

For those on Facebook and who want to RSVP/confirm, here's your link.

Jan 21 2010 || @ Wrongbar - 1279 Queen St West, Toronto.
w/ Brandon Sek, Ultragamma, mymanhenri
$10 || Doors @ 9.30p

In the meantime, enjoy a mix (right click) that he submitted recently for the Lucky Me massive (shouts to Dom Sum).

More to come soon.


Monday, January 4, 2010

So Serious: Kilpm0de's Suzi Analogue's Art Attack [DWNLD]

Phresh phrom Philly. The type of palpitations you get from a Philly cheese steak has been transfered to tape...

No amount of Lipitor will save you. A Klipm0de Klipkast from Philly's Phirst Phemale, Suzi Analogue.

Enjoy responsibly. ;)



Elm & Oak Drop A Devon PDCST: 1st Edition

Got love all day. My man Alex B over @ E&O put up a their inaugural podcast featuring good friend and LA transplant Devonwho.
Recently anointed by the likes of Dam Funk, Devonwho has spent 2009 setting his very likely ascension into digi distinction this year. He and his Klipm0de K0-horts are bound for greatness.

Go grab this mix now.



RBMA Sendoff Dec 18th 2009, Recapped. [VIDEO]

HNY, and all the best for 2010. Ok. Let's get to it.

What better way to close out 2009?? Had chance to see Canada's four RBMA participants Poirier, Amenta, ANGO and Lunice showcase their wares and just as exciting, a Heralds Of Change reunion: Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke.
They all rawked it (Lunice just MURDERED it), and we wish you all the best in London in a few weeks (imagine).
It goes w/o saying that both Mike Slott and HudMo played gems, both showcasing joints from respective new records.
Here are the few pics I allowed myself to take among all the chatting I did as well as a video of the headliner.
Shouts to Tash, Moonstarr, Sarah, Christian aka CMD CTRL, Seb, Jesse, Aaron and w/o a doubt Kenny Mac. Thanks as always.

And finally, Hudmo rawking a live set.


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