Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Treats & No Tricks: Mixed Nuts feat Ras G & iLLum Sphere (DWNLD)

Say wrd! Early bird gets the salt fish patties.
I have to remind myself to set my clock on Sat mornings to 9h55 EST so I can get up and listen to the Mixed Nuts show w/ Alex Nut on Rinse FM. The show is always fire. Just not the best look sometimes... you know...might enjoying a cozy morning w/ a guest and sh*t. LOL.
But this Halloween morning, I have the pleasure of hearing Ras_G & illum Sphere rock it. What a wake up call. Added to man like Alex Nut & Fatima of Eglo fame running the mic, man. What a way to spark it.

Anyhow, in a rare weekend update, it's only right that I hit you with a treat for Halloween. No Tricks. The Mixed Nuts show was bananas and I was lucky enough to catch 27 mins of it - a little late albeit, but still.... NEXT TIME! You make sure you listen to Alex Nut's show if you don't already - and pack the oven mitts too. Aiiight. Click on the Jack-o-Lantern below and enjoy.



Friday, October 30, 2009

So Sirius. Portformat Set To Shine Bright w/ The Repeat Factor

Sometime in the late 90s, I was able to sit back and watch with glee the comet Hale-Bopp as it sat in the night sky, seemingly inanimate. A wonderful site indeed. In a parallel conversation in Germany, Portformat might have been saying the exact same thing. LOL.
Portformat is set to release a full length entitled The Repeat Factor. Described as a soundtrack compatible for NASA, this intergalactic slowmotion opus from Portformat is quite impressive.

I 1st came across German based Portformat via an Error Broadcast release, then again via Comfort Fit's great Polyshuffle LP (that I still need to pen about), and i've now been privy to his own LP.

The Repeat Factor has been arranged as a great blend of vocal and beat bizness. As some of you know, I tend to lean on the instrumentals, though I will not deny a nice vocal version. By assembling a great cast of MCs and songstresses of the likes of Georgia Anne Muldrow, Shuanise and Suzi Analogue, he's able to break the possible monotony of a deep instrumental record. Added the lyrics from rappers such as the space cadet Dudley Perkins (how fitting), Blaktroniks, Obey The Altar Native, Bless1, Gajah and Thesaurus Rex, he's got a well rounded LP to offer.

Track list reads as follows:

1. Knock Knock (feat. Bless1)
2. U Gotta Find (feat. Shuanise)
3. Purple Planet
4. Mothership (feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow)
5. Provide Everything (feat. Obey The Altar Native & Denone)
6. Thunder and Lightning
7. Fairy Child (feat. Shuanise)
8. Bionic Arms 3.42 min
9. The Myth (feat. Caits Meissner & Yarrow Lutz)
10. Everything U Change (feat. Obey The Altar Native)
11. 37 Degrees
12. It's On (feat. Blaktroniks)
13. Put Your Love To The Test (feat. Joe Kickass)
14. Life Water (feat. Thesaurus Rex)
15. For The Hungry Cats 3.38 min
16. U$ (feat. Suzi Analogue)
17. So Thankful (feat. Gajah & Olmeca)

The Repeat Factor: 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night. 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night. 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night.... Ok. Right. LOL.
It's due in stores Dec 3rd, @ your finest music purveyor and thanks to the good ppl @ Tokyo Dawn. Make sure you have a comfy couch, and a hot iTunes visualizer.
Let me get into 2 of my fave joints. An instrumental of course as well as a vocal track which features chanteuse du jour Shuanise.

Purple Planet by Portformat

Fairy Child featuring Shuanise By Portformat



Thursday, October 29, 2009

Devonwho Lays It Nice and Thick for Fat City

Dude, is on fire.
Devonwho's move to Los Angeles has proven to be one of the most fruitful decisions for his nascent career. 2009 saw the release of his LP, a spot on the most highly regarded Beat Dimensions v2, a recent 3P Kilpm0de release (which I will touch on soon), and now there's wind of a Fat City release as part of the Producer 2 series. Wow.

Devonwho now joins the ranks of Low Limit, Dabrye, Mono/Poly, Mike Slott, illum Sphere and his brethren Mr Dibia$e in what will be the 4th release in the Producer 2 series. Nimbus is a delightful and dazzling 100-some bpm riddim which sees Devonwho keep in character - fresh keys and kicks. This is track that will easy find it's way to a dance floor as well as a fresh mix. The B-Side of this 7" will also feature the track ZX81 from D Bridge of dnb/Exit Records fame.

Devonwho remains busy through the end of 2009 with this release, and I even know of a few more simmering on the back burner. Phew.

But in the interim, here's the joint in questions coming out very soon. Be sure to stay up on all things Devonwho by hitting his myspace, and for more info on the new 7", make sure you hit Fat City up.

Nimbus by Devonwho, for Fat City.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hudson Mohawke - Butterstar Galactica Game


In keeping with some recent stellar promotions, we see Warp put on another online game to promote a recent release. I 1st came across the Flying Lotus game Attack which came about during the Reset EP campaign. Then came the brilliant Harmonic 313 Wordproblems gem. Both games featured music from the respective artists as soundtrack to your gaming experience.
We are now happy to announce a new game, Butterstar Galactica by Hudson Mohawke. For those who know him, you might even recognize the game's voice @ introduction. ;)

But enough of that: BUTTER ON!

And if you've not bought the BUTTER LP, wtf are you waiting for??


Monday, October 26, 2009

Get It Started: Strong Arm Freebie From Stones Throw (DWNLD)

You know the drill.... Good ppl @ ST just showed us some love with a freebie. Strong Arm Steady featuring Talib Kweli. Sin duda.

Man, always nice to hear Madlib.

Now you know wassup... Get it cracking!



3rd Time's A Banger: Dizz1's 3rd Time Lucky EP (VIDEO)

Sometime shortly after RBMA08 in Barcelona, I was chatting with Harmonic 313 as he had just completed a mix for the BBC that he sent me along with the track listing. On it was this haunting, slow flow riddim called Konotakosuke Yaro by a Dizz1. That same track eventually made it's way to Beat Dimensions v2.
This was the genius of Dizz1.

Now, this Sydney citizen has got a brand new batch of bangers for us to take in. This week marks the release of the 3rd Time Lucky EP off the Nod Navigator series. Under this EP's hood, is a 5 track banger that features some crisp production in varying tempos and arrangements. The sinister swing that 1st caught our attention on Konotakosuke Yaro is def present on this EP, but he also brightens the production on other tracks as well.
But this might not have been the case. Rewind a few years. Dizz1 was caught in not one, but two near fatal accidents. Through the grace of gawd, and a skilled medical doctor, he was able to survive a broken neck and be rehabilitated. We're all grateful that he's now back in full physical form.
Ultimately, there's nothing lucky about his EP and I will go ahead and say that this release may rate as one of the best of 2009.

3rd Time Lucky EP track list will be as follows:

A1. Frazzled
A2. Walkon
A3. Somewhat?
B1. Rirrr
B2. Here We Go Again

Here's a little 3rd Time Lucky EP Trailer to give you cats a taste of what's to come...

So many bangers, it was hard to decide which one to play for you cats. But I decided on Somewhat?. So enjoy, and be sure to cop this 3rd Time Lucky EP, available in fine music retailers Oct 30th. Be sure to hit Dizz1's myspace for more deets.

Somewhat? by Dizz1 off 3rd Time Lucky EP.

Say wrd.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Got 5 On It! HyperDub's 5yr Double Disc Delight.


After watching some of the early releases from this comp make it to the retail shelves as vinyl only, I was pleased to finally see Hyperdub 5's general CD/digital release finally make it out to stores as well .

For those who are reasonably au fait with w/ Hyperdub's catalog will see this as a way to keep with the cause, and championing this small electronic indie from humble beginnings. But for those who latterly have been opening up to more dubstep/experimental, this is undoubtedly a great way to collect some classics/back catalog as well as exclusives to suddenly jolt your iTunes library into some double time bass bizness.
From Burial, Kode 9, Joker, Mala, Samiyam and loads of others, Hyperdub treats us to varied tempos and styles, anthems that have been shaking bass bins from the better part of this imprints history. All the previously released gems are features on the 2nd of this duplex. The 1st disc however, thrills us entirely with exclusives and unreleased material.

Track listing is as follows:

Disc One
King Midas Sound - 'Meltdown'
Kode9 & the Spaceape feat. Cha Cha - 'Time Patrol'
Darkstar - 'Aidys Girl's a Computer'
Samiyam - 'Roller Skates'
Flying Lotus - 'Disco Balls'
Black Chow - 'Purple Smoke'
Cooly G - 'Weekend Fly'
Zomby - 'Tarantula'
Martyn - 'Mega Drive Generation'
LV feat. Dandelion - 'Turn Away'
Mala - 'Level Nine'
LD - 'Shake It'
Quarta 330 - 'Bleeps from Outer Space'
Ikonika - 'Sahara Michael'
Joker & Ginz - 'Stash'

Disc Two
Kode9 - '9 Samurai'
Burial - 'South London Boroughs'
Kode9 & LD - 'Bad'
The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - 'Money Honey' rmx
LV feat. Erol Bellot- 'Globetrotting'
Burial - 'Distant Lights'
The Specials - 'Ghost Town' - (Kode9 & Spaceape version)
Kode9 & the Spaceape - 'Fukkaz'
Samiyam - 'Return'
Darkstar - 'Need You'
Zomby 'Spliff Dub' - Rustie Rmx
Ikonika - 'Please'
Zomby - 'Kaliko'
2000F & J Kamata - You Don't Know What Love Is
Joker - Digidesign
Quarta 330 - '9 Samurai rmx'

In any case, 32 bangers to go through but allow me to highlight just a few to cajole you into the grabbing this collection. One of the exclusive bangers is from friend of Hyperdub, Flying Lotus, who delivers a banger that would make the most sedentary fan jump off his feet. As well, form the 2nd disc comes a classic from the youngest in charge, Joker. Regardless, there are 30 other joints all worthy of a plug, but this comp is one to keep in the library. Fa sho. Now, enjoy.

Disco Balls by Flying Lotus

Digidesign by Joker

Aiight. High 5!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Bday FlyLo. (DWNLD)

Belated birthday shout outs to a fellow Libra.

And to celebrate his born day, he and the mandem @ Art Don't Sleep, purveyors of good vibes, got up and assembled cats from around the LA way for what can be described as a Jumbalaya Jam Session. Invited to join Fly Lo in the studio were ppl like, but not limited to Shafiq Husayn, Exile, The GasLamp Killer, my man Computer Jay and a host of others...

The result was something that would have been so well fitting @ world famous Bimhuis, but it all went down in an lax studio. Sh*t.

Regardless, the audio from the session was made avail by the good ppl @ LA Weekly.

You know the drill



VR9: Viral Radio show 9, Out Now (DWNLD) *UPDATED*

Viral Radio massive has the usual goodness with track listing and all (thank you Yuri and Juha).

This time around we have bangers that look and sound something like this:

The Gaslamp Killer - Anything Worse
Lando Kal - Ass n' Tities
Robert Koch - Death Star Droid
Brain Bennet - Solstice
Quartra - Bleeps From Outer Space
Mount Kimbie - Sketch On Glass
Africa Hi-Tech - Blen
Zomby - Digital Fauna
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix)
Eprom - Humanoid
Dizz1 - Here We Go Again
00Genesis - No Shoes Trampoline
Spacek - Eve (Attica Blues remix)
Bretzel Zoo - The Dunk
Mark Pritchard - 3/4 Heart


You know the deal.


The link was eventually updated @ SoundCloud link. This show was uploaded a little later than expected. All smooth sailing now.

3voor12 Viral Radio 15 October by Viral Radio

Stream it here (say if you're @ work), or click on the arrow on the right side.



Getting Live w/ Beat Dimensions v2 & DevonWho

Sometime in 2008, I got down with this cat DevonWho who I met @ the corner of Myspace and AIM. We started to rap as I got down with his Mr Slowflow m-o, that 80 sumthin bpm sh*t that he was producing. Highlight for me @ the time, was this joint called Dungeonraps off this freebie entitled 2088 archives.

Dungeonraps by DevonWho (from 2088 archives)

This Portland resident was diligently working on tracks, slowly finding his niche, developing and working on his own signature swing. And what a swing indeed. He then made a strategic alliance by joining the Klipm0de Kamp, picked up and moved to the Midi Mecca that would be LA and has ever since not looked back. His hard work also landed him a slot on the prestigious Beat Dimensions v2, taking him from Portland to now a world stage.

We dungeonrapped real quick with DevonWho.

PUDGE, Dibia$e & DevonWho

When/how did you 1st find out about BD?
Thru the internet about a year and a half ago.

What got you into production
Ive been playin live music since i was maybe 12. When i found out
there was a computer program that made beats and I was starting to get
into hiphop, i jumped on it.

What has been your inspiration/bands you listened to in your come up?
I listened to a lot of Aphex Twin, Prefuse 73, and Madlib when I first
started making computer music.

Fill in the blank "_________ changed my life" (what changed yours?) Artist? Song? Something else?
Ableton Live. lol.

Up tempo or low tempo?
EIther or.

What's the 1st thing you did when you got the email that you were picked for BD2?
Bothered Jay and Cinna with countless pointless questions.

There seems to be much more interest in this beat scene with every passing day. How big can/will it get?
Time will tell!

Hardware or software? What do you use?
most of the time i use software and an old midi keyboard.

How is the beat scene where you're from?
I didn't really experience the beat scene when i was living in
portland much. I think it's growing and will get bigger. in LA, it's
pretty inspirational. lots of likeminded cats all grinding.

Aside from being selected for BD2, what has been a crowing achievement musically?
I'm proud to be a part of my musical family, Klipmode, which consists
of Knxwledge, Suzi Analogue, Mndsgn and myself. We feed heavily off
each other's creativity, and I wouldn't be where I am without em.

Where's the future taking you?
i just stared at this question for a good 15 minutes....

And 15 mins later, we only knew one thing: the future is def bright. Aside from this comp, he's got a slew of new releases, out now and on their way. I suggest you keep an eye on DevonWho and his myspace for updates about the now, and def 2010.

But in the mean time, take in some of that DevonWho heat. Don't forget that Beat Dimensions v2 is out now for immediate consumption. Don't front. I got mine. ;)

Welts by DevonWho (from Beat Dimensions v2)

Say wrd.


Friday, October 16, 2009

How Do You Like Your Tea? Introducing RBMA 2010 Participant: LUNICE

As the Red Bull Music Academy gets ready and organized for the massive endeavor that will be RBMA 2010, some 5000 kms away, someone's already set to go. Lunice, Montréal's future monarch and midi maestro is all psyched up to take it all in.
Just a few weeks ago, he and I were chatting about the idea of him getting in, and how anxious he was to hear back from the Academy ppl. Well, his prayers answered (thanks for his mom likely) and his February 2010 plans locked, he's ready to board that flight and get away from what likely will be another brutal Montréal winter (you can ALWAYS bet on that. Been there. Don't do that - take it from me), and be in loving and warmhearted company of Term 2 participants of RBMA 2010.
But after learning that Lunice, was accepted, you know we had to holla @ him to try to capture some of this jubilation...

92: So tell me about your 1st reaction when you saw the email?!?!

L: I opened up my laptop and check my emails in the morning, and i was like... WHAT!?!?!?
So I started to go crazy. I'm still dizzy from it. Totally broke out into a dance.

92: How did you 1st find about the academy ??

L: Well, before the my manager told me a bit more about it, I was steady bboyin and 1st came across Red Bull BC 1. I was floored by the production of the whole event. And then, through that channel, I heard about the Red Bull Music Academy. But @ the time, I was just starting to make music. So I just kept that in mind for the future, and it all came together.

92: is this your 1st time applying??

L: Yes it is.... I had i heard of it before but didn't apply as I totally forgot about it. But this time around, my manager Tash reminded me that it was coming up and I decided to dip in. I took like a whole month to write out the answers correctly and made it all neat and sh*t... LOL. I totally took my time.

92: This is a long shot, but what do you think might have helped you make it into the Academy?? music?? some of your answers ??

L: Man... there were so many unexpected questions, but I remember being excited about the one about inviting ppl over for dinner, and playing music for them. I really liked that one since I love to cook, and love to make music, and love playing music, so that one really stood out in my mind.

92: Have you ever been to London??

L: only 1nce for a quick layover. so I got to run in and out, but nothing that I could say that I saw. So, this will be my 1st time really being there.

92: What are you most excited about being in London?

Man... so many things to see. I feel like I'll be using my Google Maps all the time. I just remember the streets being so busy in comparison to Montréal, so many ppl everywhere too.

92: What are you most looking fwd to during the academy??

L: Oh. Just knowing that I'll have access to so many resources, from gear to software, and being able to mess with all of it like.. "Here..". Like, for real?? I can play with this all day?? Man, I can't wait for that.
Equally, I can't wait to get to meet everybody. So many ppl from around the world. I want to know about them, what they're working on, what kind music they listen to etc... I love learning about and talking to ppl. For 2 weeks, I want to take in as much as I can.

92: What song 1st came to your head when you got in/was accepted?

Man, I've recently been obsessed with this older singer called Junior, and he had this song "Mama Used To Say". That immediately popped into my head. The lyrics... about taking your time, and doing things right. And i've been doing that. But I love that song!

92: if you had a choice of someone to listen to lecture, who would it be??

L: Ummmm... Man, I would love to see (RBMA Grad) Mike Slott give a lecture. That guy, I just don't understand him. His music is so beautiful. I would love to see and hear about his process, how he thinks, and how he gets inspired.

92: what skills are you looking to acquire or improve when you're @ the RBMA??

L: I'm going to try to do everything I can't do here, out there. From learning about new gear, new techniques... This is such a once in a lifetime opportunity that I want to take advantage of every single moment i have to learn.
I def want to get my technical side down. It's one thing to have creativity, but I want to make sure that i know how to take advantage of all the new technology. So I'll be asking tons of questions.

92: what are some of your fave songs out right now?? Top 3??

L: Man, I just got this track from Hovatron "Gold Start Radiation", and he had it remixed by Lando Kal. Kinda feeling this Ryan Leslie cat, and i'm totally feeling (thought not a song) Dante's Friend Chicken. That show is SO DOPE. One day, I'll be on that show. LOL.

92: Are you gonna bring a good luck charm??

L: My mom makes me take a bible with me everywhere I go. ;) LOL. But, besides that, i might just take something from my girl. Something to keep her in mind and in my thoughts.

Lunice, will def be in all our minds after RBMA 2010, if he isn't already. He's got an EP due out shortly before the Red Bull Music Academy next year, so look for something to happen in and around those Jan/Feb dates in both MTL and LDN.

And in the meantime, here's a little something from his vaults. Make sure you peep Lunice's myspace for all dates etc... +, dude has a nice bunch of treats for downloads as well. Show love!

Lunice's Aqua Blap.

Say wrd.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Do You Like Your Tea? Introducing RBMA 2010 Participant: SWEDE:ART (DWNLD)

In the maintaining the RBMA buzz this week, we look @ some more Red Bull Music Academy participants for 2010.
I 1st came across SWEDE:ART when my man Swift from Error-Broadcast put me on to this new Alphabeat comp they were making available. He was part of this trio of producers who had come together to drop a beat compilation to highlight new music they had all been working on.
But this 19 yr old multi instrumentalist, Bavaria born 90s boom bap fanatic had also applied to the Academy and, to his obvious delight was one of the 60 to receive the almighty email with the good news. We got in touch with him shortly after the announcement to have a quick chat.

(illustration by Alice Dufray)

92: So tell me about your 1st reaction when you saw the email?!?!

S:A: It was just... Fuck… How could that be... Pretty unreal cause it’s my first time applying. I was just confused, but with such a amount of heartfelt luck. Crazy.

92: is this your 1st time applying??

S:A: Yea, and that’s another reason to flip out and do the moonwalk like TOKiMONSTA

92: This is a long shot, but what do you think might have helped you make it into the academy?? music?? some of your answers ??

S:A: that’s a very interesting question, which actually I can’t answer lol. I don’t think that it was my answers, but music?
There are so many other applicants with such a quality of music, so my beats were not too crucial I think.
But one thing’s all about honesty. Be yourself. That sounds easy but it’s a very important point I think..

92: What are you most excited about being in London?

S:A: London is cool in some points, but mainly it’s the home of bassmusic and all its subgenres. If u take the new developments in broken styles, which are nearly all from London and their suburbs, this is a good index of London being the capital of electronic music... Consequently Lndn got the most quality clubscene.

92: What are you most looking fwd to during the academy??

S:A:’s just meeting other people from different countries and knowing that you got a similar view of life and especially music. That’s a great feeling!! Workin on some tracks and djing, do the dance together & QUALITY MUSIC is the icing on the cake. Word.

92: Now that you're on your way to the academy, are you going to work on any special personal projects ? Feeling inspired??

S:A: The commitment gives you very much inspiration, that’s very cool, so I hope I can gather this for my upcoming album with duktus from soulbasta, which is in the line. Mainly working on this @ the moment..

92: What song 1st came to your head when you got in/was accepted?

S:A: Mm..think it was the anthem of RBMA 2008 in Barcelona, this one track with om mas, cornelia and robin hannibal..I’m so over you.

92: if you had a choice of someone to listen to lecture, who would it be??

S:A: Too much to mention, on the one hand it’s very interesting to listen to warhorses like mulatu astatke, or other jazz legends, on the other hand it’s very interesting to listen to producers and singers, which are currently running the biz like hudmo, flylo, and others…
It would be very interesting to talk to FlyLo and his way of making tracks..i think this would be my fav..

92: what skills are you looking to acquire or improve when you're @ the RBMA??

S:A: Mixing, technical possibilities, using the gear the right way…..i think most points are technical improvements.

92: what are some of your fave songs out right now?? Top 3??

S:A: I could tell you my top 300, but top 3..puuh..@ the moment perhaps satellllliiiiitteeeeeee from flylo,
Perhaps the damfunk rmx of red the man without the machine and wolf from blue daisy on loud speakers!! or shlomo “ghosts pt2”..don’t know exactly

92: Are you gonna bring a good luck charm??

mm…no. I don’t have one. Except my monitor speakers. But I will leave them @ home. lol

Well, monitors or not, I know that SWEDE:ART's riddims will sound extra crispy during many of the days and nights during RBMA 2010. And of the many riddims he's got in the chamber, we have one for you here.

SWEDE:ART's Don't Leave Me Alone

And for more, make sure you grab the Alphabeat compilation from Error-Broadcast. Say wrd.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Do You Like Your Tea? Introducing RBMA 2010 Participant: TOKiMONSTA (DWNLD)

It has finally happened. Months of praying, pleas to higher beings, appeals to the gawds have been heard and the answers were emailed. Who knew that gawds had internet??
RedBull Music Academy 60 have been selected for 2010. The announcement of the 60 chosen participants has the air of an IOC announcement, and the prestige of a Nobel award. The result?? Unconcealed jubilation, triumph for a few dozens, and melancholy for many others. The RedBull Music Academy has become, in just over 10 yrs, the Harvard of music programs.
This is one of the most coveted slots to be offered to any music aficionado, and really, there are no silver or bronze medals here.
In light that 2009 will come and go without an academy, this 2010 edition was already in the pressure cooker. Add ingredients like a London location, and growing world wide reverence, you have the recipe for what will be of on the most memorable Academies yet. So it's only logical to assume that all applicants would put their best "beat" fwd. ;)

One such winning applicant, selected among the 60 to attend was California's TOKiMONSTA, 1st lady of Brainfeeder. After amassing a collection of cuts in her catalog via collaborations overseas, this Californian from Torrance has been blazing the SoCal scene with torrid tracks. Add to that, penning a deal with Brainfeeder, the brainstorm of RBMA Melbourne grad Flying Lotus, she seemed to have caught the Academy's watchful eye and ear. We decided to look @ a few of the 2010 participant who we'll be certain to follow during the academy, starting with she. So we rang her up and to get a quick post acceptance interview.

92: So tell me about your 1st reaction when you saw the email?!?!

TM: I'm tried now. I spent all my energy dancing around the house and doing the moonwalk.

92: Is this your 1st time applying??

TM: YES! That's why i was all the more excited. (wow)

92: This is a long shot, but what do you think might have helped you make it into the academy?? music?? some of your answers ??

TM: Hmmmm.... that's a hard one. But I know that everyone's got good music, but one thing I did do is really take my time with the application. But if there was one question that kinda stood out, and I just seemed to really take my time answering was the inlaws question (what music would you play for your in laws). That and the drawing question. I did the drawing well. LOL.

92: Have you ever been to London??

TM: NO. But I'll ironically be in the UK/EU for the 1st time next month for a bunch of dates over 20 days, but none in London.

92: What are you most excited about being in London?

TM: Just getting down with EU/London culture. I've never been out there, and i've heard so much from friends so i'm pretty excited to see it for myself.

92: What are you most looking fwd to during the academy??

TM: Being able to work with ppl from different backgrounds and places on earth. We might make some similar music, but being able to hear their twist in things is what I'm really looking fwd to.

92: What song 1st came to your head when you got in/was accepted?

TM: Just this one. I was in my head a few days before the announcement, so when I read the email... it's all I could think of. LOL.

92: if you had a choice of someone to listen to lecture, who would it be??

TM: I can't imagine who they'll have a speakers... They can choose from so many. But ultimately, I just want to meet and hear from ppl who have had significant contributions to music. There have been so many ppl that have had so much influence in music of all genres so it's hard to really nail one, but as long as they have speakers that have done some ground breaking work, i'll be happy. There's still so much I need to learn . The things I don't know can fill a book, and the ppl I don't know could fill up a room. So i would love to hear from artists or individuals who have laid the roadmap for some ppl like us.

92: What skills are you looking to acquire or improve when you're @ the RBMA??

TM: I'm really looking fwd to learning how to create better mixes of my music, engineering my sound cleaner, and working with more pro audio gear. I'm also looking fwd to learning how to play and use some new gear and instruments, and how to mic and sample them in my music.

Nice. Again, Congrats from we @ 92bpm!

We're more than certain TOKiMONSTA will have a great academy, and for those who are going to be around for the 2 weeks in February during Term 1, you will certainly have an opportunity to see her live. Make sure to peep her myspace for updates, and in the meantime, here's a little treat courtesy of she - something to look out for when you hear/see her rock. Say wrd.

Tapatio by TOKiMONSTA

*** update ***

To celebrate her RBMA 2010 selection, TOKiMONSTA dropped a freebie for all to enjoy. You know the drill.

Get it!




Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Hot Pursuit! Pursuit Grooves in Toronto Sept 15th, @ The Boat (DWNLD)

Man... what a week. What a few weeks. UGH.
So, though this is something that i wanted to post from the week prior, i was preoccupied with work out of town.
The only time I had the chance to see RBMA Barcelona grad, BK beat conductor Pursuit Grooves was during the the Brainfeeder NYC date earlier this year.
Luck would have it that she's coming thru Toronto in the next few days. Wrd.

SP505 in hand, she descends to show all the show that she's been able to take to the far corners of EU, and that landed her on the groundbreaking Beat Dimensions v1 comp, and followed up with full lengths of her own.

In support that night, will be the sounds of ProF + Vangel - adding to what will surely be a night of great beat dimensions! ;)

Toronto, the deets are as follows:

Pursuit Grooves
w/ ProF + Vangel
Thursday Oct 15th @ The Boat
158 Augusta (in Kensington Mrkt)
$5 b4 10p, $8 after.

And to send you off, make sure you check the Nodding Grand podcast, October Edition. You know the drill.

Get it, and see you Thursday!


Friday, October 9, 2009

DAYUM! MOOVMNT Drop Dam-Funk inspired Mix (DWNLD)

Sister (or Brother really) blog, and straight good music monolith MOOVMNT have dropped an astounding twenty something minute mix in honor of Dam Funk's EU tour which should land him in RotterDAM tomorrow.
This mix comes courtesy of the skillful hands and careful A&R'ing of Nilez and MRP.

Track list is follows:

Roger Troutman - Do It Roger
Dam-Funk - When80mphfeelslike20
Loose Ends - Hangin' On A String
Om'mas Keith - Trouble Girl
Midas Hutch - Yes, No, Maybe
Dam-Funk - Hood Pass Intact
2000F & JKamata - You Don't Know What Love Is
B. Bravo - Computa Love
Herbie Hancock - Ready Or Not
Midnight Star - No Parking On The Dance Floor
Bugz In The Attic - Consequences
Leon Haywood - Secret Rendez Vous

And to boot, it's brilliant artwork.

You know the drill.



Thursday, October 8, 2009

Harmonic 313 Goes Viral: Mark Pritchard Stops By Viral Radio (DWNLD)

In one of his periodic tours out of Oz, Harmonic 313 took some time and made his was way down to the Viral Radio studios to hang out with man like Cinnaman as well a Juha to chat all things H313, and esp Africa HI TECH project that has seemingly neared completion as per Mark Pritchard himself.

As usual, Cinnaman leads the podcast with Mark Pritchard filling in and peppering the podcast with his computer influenced wizardry.

Track list looks as follows:

Hudson Mohawke - Fuse (Warp)
Noah D - Serious (Subway)
Joker - Output one and two (Cdr)
Kode 9 - Time Patrol (Hyperdub)
Lorn - Until there is no end (Cdr)
Mala - Level nine (Hyperdub)
Drank Instrumental - Electrik Red (Def Jam)
Harmonic 313 - LFO (Warp)
Harmonic 313 - Dutty (Warp)
Harmonic 313 - Lion (Warp)
Africa Hitech - One two (Warp)
Mark Pritchard | Wiley - Scar (CDR)
Mark Pritchard - Elephant dub (Deep Medi)
Untold - Stop what your doing (Hemlock)
Africa Hitech - Boingy (Warp)
Africa Hitech - Step (Warp)
Claus Speeed - Don't Ever Antagonize The Horn (Cdr)
Eprom - Zoning (Instrumental) (Cdr)
Hudson Mohawke ft. Wednesday Nite - Paint The Stars (Warp)
Hudson Mohawke - Acoustic Lady (Warp)

That you can listen to it all here...

3voor12 Viral Radio 2 October, w/ special guest Harmonic 313

or download it by hitting the little arrow on the right hand side.



Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v8 (DWNLD)

It was that time of the month. Oct 1, the new Low End Theory podcast dropped.

This time, we're treated Low End Principal D-Styles, and Cali's cacophonous quartet known as The Glitch Mob. This def makes for an interesting teaming, for anyone familiar with Glitch's sound.
But you know the drill. Get cracking, if you've not already.
Get it, now.


A Straight BEAT-ing: Introducing Beat Dimensions v2 & P.U.D.G.E.

The last few years, has signaled some considerable change. The beats landscape has grown tremendously, and though still under the radar, releases are surfacing left and right. Producers have more and more opportunities @ securing a releases under their belts as the boutique labels have acknowledged the small but growing following. But this had to have started somewhere.
Insert Beat Dimensions.
In 2007, I was introduced to this compilation that I will w/o question list as life altering. Beat Dimension had pretty much delivered what I felt had been missing in the field. Beats. Not just beats however, instrumental songs, arrangements. A king of evolution of the beat tape.

It featured the likes of names that were to become common place within this environment: Hudson Mohawke, Flyamsam (Flying Lotus & Samiyam), Mike Slott, Onra, Slumgullion, Pursuit Groove and last but far from least: Cinnaman and Jay Scarlett, the bricks and mortar of this wonder endeavor.
In the 2 years since the comp made it's worldwide debut, it has grown both in following and fame. And when the word go out of open submissions for Beat Dimensions 2, the inbox was flooded.
But the time has now arrived and the wait is nearly over, and in less than 1 week, Beat Dimensions 2 will hit store shelves, and eShops worldwide.

The 20 track opus will drop Oct 12th, and the list of brilliant beatsmiths looks like this:

01. Dorian Concept – Be Tween
02. Nosaj Thing – FWD
03. Zo aka La Chauve-Souris – The Peacock Revolution
04. Low Limit -Turf Day
05. Danny Breaks & DJ Adlib – The Sound
06. P.U.D.G.E. - Reign Dancing With…
07. Dizz1 – Konotakosuke Yaro
08. Samiyam – Swamp Tarts
09. Mike Slott – Cadeting
10. Mono/Poly – Distant Form
11. Ras G – Crazy Alien
12. Dimlite – Ravemond’s Young Problems
13. Devonwho – Welts
14. Erik L – Soularp Suite Pt. 2
15. Kenlo Craqnuques – ZoÏd
16. Tiago – Babel Fish
17. Dalt Wisney – R2FUX
18. Fulgaence – Haggis
19. Exile – Super Robot
20. Busy – Ecliptic Armilla

We are def being introduced to another crop of stellar musicians, some well known to the versed and advanced listeners of this genre, others not so much. But such is the beauty of this game.

Introducing P.U.D.G.E.

The few early adopters and readers of 92bpm (or will recall the name. I once exulted about dude's style and abilities on the MP, and I still do. He was offered a final roster spot on BD2, and has made the best of it.
I discovered P.U.D.G.E. via Jay Scarlett's network of radio shows and events, and have been enamored ever since.

Here's a little Q&A conducted by myself and P.U.D.G.E.

1. When/how did you 1st find out about BD?
Found out round early 07" from Ampsoul Generation & BTS radio , following the burgeoining beat scene

2. What got you into production?
bass playing, singing, rapping Pops, & a music loving dance teaching mom & a need for more "swing" for what I used to rap to
(way bak when i was a rapper)

3. What has been your inspiration/bands you listened to in your come up?
1st off all of my musical "uncles" & cats that pops gigged with then...Dilla, Dilla , beats beats , beats(of course),Thelonious Monk, Madlib, Pete Rock(the godfather) , Primo, Diamond D, Quik, Battlecat, Hit-Tek , Shawn J. period, Easy Mo Bee, Marvin Gaye, RadioHead, Micheal Franks, Sizzla, to name a few...Lol

4. Fill in the blank “_________ changed my life” (what changed yours?) Artist? Song? Something else?
Fantastic Vol. 2 was about 98' or 99, a homie passed me a instrumental tape with "get dis money" instro on it.
I looped it to play for 30 min str8. Then i came across the song. Copped the album, I already had an idea of who Jay-dee
was on the beats (stakes is high & runnin were/are two of my favs). And My faith in Hip-Hop was resuscitated.

5. Up tempo or low tempo?
Mid. (im all over the place, so that where it ends up)

6. What’s the 1st thing you did when you got the email that you were picked for BD2?
"medi*tate" & Give Thanx

7. There seems to be much more interest in this beat scene with every passing day. How big can/will it get?
Its the new Jazz. There are no limits. especially with how fast technology evolves.

8. Hardware or software? What do you use?
Whatever i can get ,my hands on,I started on a gemini sampler(24 sec. joint built in the mixer) & breakbeats
Moved on to a homie & crew members MPC200xl & Records. Right now i use Reason 4/recycle 2.0 with a 48 key midi keyboard (the MPD16 conked out, it took a serious BEATing)

9. How is the beat scene where you’re from?
Sad to say Im not hip. Im originally from Jamaica, Queens & the Beats back home are sounding pretty Dirty (South)
From what I can gauge , the beat scene in NY is growing slowly. I would like to be a part of its growth.
Its only right, its home...& LA has showe me some beautiful things, that i feel i could share.

10. Aside from being selected for BD2, what has been a crowing achievement musically?
Receiving an ASCAP check( for songs I've written for TV /Movies , etc)
Meeting & gaining the respect of some of my Musical peers & artists that i have looked up to.
The validation.

11. Where’s the future taking you?
(in auto tune)
Around the worrrld, around the worllld.
I want to travel, Expand my knowledge & share it thru sound.

Say wrd.

And here's a little sample for all to enjoy... P.U.D.G.E.'s Rain Dancing With... off Beat Dimensions 2 on stores Oct 12th, @ your finer musique boutiques and eShops all over. Wrd.

As they mentioned on their myspace, "More than just a compilation its a movement bitch!".

Say wrd.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Lights, Camera, MEGAHURTZ: RedBull Illuminates the POP MTL Night w/ Dazzling A/V (Photo Essay)

I had the feeling that this was going to spectacular.
The concept was simple. Sound and vision. But specifically, a new sound, a new performance and a new vision. The ultimate goal was the following: marry sound from the new wave of stage performers and producers with large scale visuals, and in one case tuned and tailored to the taste of the performer and his tones, to sync along with the digital displays.
The custom made computer animation canvas stretched across the width of the stage and approximately 16 ft above the performer's head.

Speaking of performers, they all flew into a cool city of Montréal from different corners of the continent, accompanied by an array of gear and gadgetry, all set to galvanize the crowd. From Macbooks, to Micro Korgs to MPC to mallets, all was welcomed.
The result?? A spectacular show of pure lights, sound and heavy visuals. But why take my word for it? I'll let David Lang tell the story. A phenomenal photo essay as always. This fave photog of the RedBull Canada office has once again showed us why his work is not to be f*cked wit! Good Look D Lang.

Shouts to Kenny Mac, Jamieson, Ramos as well as all the performers who played their part. Big shouts to Tash, Moonstarr (Bday Boy), David Ryshpan, Sarah, Scott C. A great show indeed!

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