Friday, August 28, 2009

Nosaj Thing x 92bpm @ WrongBar Sunday Aug 30th

An announcement with a last second addition.
LA's own Nosaj Thing will be in Toronto Sunday Aug 30th, banging out some of that Alpha Pup, electronic je ne sais quoi. LAX Low End Theory bizness.
Rawking it out on the bill with be Brandon Sek, I.C. Dead PPL and just added last minute, mymanhenri. Say wrd.

Looking fwd to the gig. If you're in Toronto, come thru.
All the info is on the flyer and for your Facebook fam, click here for the event.

Can't wait.


FLYYYYYYYY Beats: A Mac FLy Comp from Dyno

All the way down from Boogie Down Belgium, your man Dyno decided to dust off the some gear and put together a mix that he'll be selling exclusively @ his shop. Been a min since I heard from dude on the mix/beats so this will be a welcomed release.

This comp will feature some unreleased works by some of your current and soon to be faves.
The track listing will smell a little something like this....


And here's a little something to wet that palette...

RLP's joint off MAC FLY BEATS

And for those lucky enough to be in Dyno's hood, he's planning a little mixer to launch the comp over @ the shop. Sh*t. Lemme check expedia right now...

Anyhow, hit the blog up for more deets, and your own personal order. Wrd.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Auric Appearance: Bullion Does Do Over (DWNLD)

Bullion is ill.
Been peeping dude's riddims for a min, and been anxiously waiting for new joints. I was able to catch him in SPA this summer @ Sonar but did not find dude!! ARGH. His set was tight on that towering speakers.

Speaking of sets, during a Cali swing, and after taking the stage @ the hallowed Low End Theory, Bullion changed up the pace and hit the World Famous Do Over. Say wrd! Nothing like sun, sangria and sundresses, right mate??
Shouts to Stong, Haycock and Aloe, and esp Alex Chase for making that one happen. Do Over is no joke.

Anyhow, enjoy this nice mix courtesy of the good ppl @ Do Over, and esp Bullion himself.



Be sure to peep Do Over's Blog for more dwnlds. ;)


Marvelous Macedonia: Metabeats' Fruit Salad (DWNLD)

In what I like to file under SoundCloud Surprise was an email I got from the good ppl @ Associatedminds. In it was a track from Metabeats, a preview single from an upcoming instrumental LP from his camp.
Located off the beaten path in Cardiff, UK Associatedminds is label home to various artists spanning the full spectrum of hip-hop music such as Metabeats and others such as Mudmowth, Willo Wispa, Beatbox Fozzy X, Ruffstylz, P.L.O., Ralph Rip Shit & Sam Rockwell.

After releasing his debut LP in 2007, Metabeats' been busy diligently working towards another full length which will feature the likes of one of the hardest working men on earth, DC's Oddisse among others.
But he will def also be concurrently completing the yet to be titled album.

So here, Fruit Salad by your man Metabeats

Or you can download it, here.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A PERFECTED Arrangement: 14KT will be @ Mayer Hawthorne show Live in Toronto, Sept 27th (DWNLD)

After announcing the Mayer H x Buff1der show here some weeks back, we weren't sure that Aside Souldier 14KT would be on the bill or not. i knew that he DJ'ed for Buff1 as I saw them @ SXSW, but wasn't sure that was gonna happen this time. Well. Boom. It's so official. He will be there, bring that golden era bizness to the night.
So we're looking @ a pretty popping night.
Aside Worldwide x 92bpm @ the Drake. Say wrd.

So let's make sure we all come out and welcome the Aside Worldwide massive.

Now speaking of 14KT, all have seen the download that was made avail a few weeks back, a great LP for the beat musicians in you all. Grabbed it and love it.

Here's a little something to chew on and say Hello to 14KT.

Hello by 14KT off Nowalataz LP

Take the voices out... ;)

Now download the record. A freebie courtesy of Aside. Shouts to Binny.

Show love.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi Hat Club v2: The Video

We were overjoyed to report about Suff Daddy's Hi Hat Club v2 record dropping Sept 4th 2009. We are treated to a quick teaser featuring some more of the bangers coming off this record. Say wrd. Stay tuned.



Monday, August 24, 2009

Sexperienced: Dorian Concept Stays On Top With Dance Floor Banger

Are you Sexperienced?? DC is determined to find out. This summer, Vienna virtuoso Dorian Concept talked about his new 12" driving some ladies batty on the dance floor. Ummm yea...
After a calculated leak of a teaser, the feedback had been of one mind: Dorian Concept's dance floor manners were on fire.
So after rumors of a mini bidding war for the rights to this release, the news of it coming from Affine Records was of no real surprise. Beyond the fact that they released his last 12", Maximized Minimalization, the ppl @ Affine and Dorian are good ol' fashion friends (remember those?), so it took nothing for this deal to go down. As such, this weekend I was able to hit the shop and buy this...

Trilingual Dance Sexperience. Wow.
For those who recall his magnificent performance @ the Red Bull Music Academy tent @ Sonar, this song will very much ring some bells. For those who were not, bells will be rung regardless.
This definitive dance floor banger that plays in the 140 bpm range is part his search for his singularity in sound, to break away from the beat music peloton that has been gaining some speed in the most recent year. But Dorian Concept is determined to set his own tempo, and standard. Indeed.
This one was meant to be played @ the height of a night, flashing lights, to climactic heights. A keyed signature melody from Dorian jump starts the song, which then erupts into a frenetic beat. You eventually experience a moment of rest to regain respiration and possibly wipe some perspiration, only to have it start all over, with no complaints.

This brilliant 12" also caries a capable b side in Tropical Hands, and both tracks are an absolute must in the library. With that said, take it in.

Trilingual Dance Sexperience by Dorian Concept. Affine Records

Show love.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Brap! Brap! Brap! Up My Alley Mix feat Joscha Creutzfeldt (DWNLD)

Brap! Brap! Brap! Take that with you on the way down - that line made famous my your man G Rap. So classic.
Got a little note from my main man Joscha Creutzfeldt from Up My Alley, flagging down a mix that he put together recently.

Introducing Brrappness.

The purveyor of fine vibes that Joscha Creutzfeldt is, he assembled a great tracklist, a motley mix of music of varied stamp and camps, including Toronto's own Amenta (who just happens to be parading through the EU streets of Germany as we speak.)

Comfort Fit - Fuh Real (feat. Dyno & Naboobia)
1000Names - He`s Just Who!
Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (Lazer Sword Rmx)
Johnny Faith - Azeemo
fLako X Suff - Purple feat. Amenta
Jungle Drums - Walk feat. Ahu (Mwëslee nel giardino dell'cosmos Rmx)
Burial & Four Tet - Wolf Cub
Floating Points - Truly
Berghem - 090309#1.2
Made In Japan - City At Night
Bullion - Time For Us All To Love
Fulgeance - Ann Arbor
Lando Kal - Exotic Jesus
fLako - 514 (Rough Take) feat. Cerebral Vortex
Milton Wright - Keep It Up

Now go ahead and download your own copy here. Wrd.


Mindesign's Mellifluous Ride Through the Milky Ways: Lights & Tunnels

Man... I was graciously fwd'd an advance from the good ppl (person) over @ Philly's own Record Breakin' some months ago by my man Junior. In early June, he hit me with Lights & Tunnel by Mindesign, and it instantly became iPod rotation during my EU invasion. I was then submerged with work and music and never got back around to posting about this one.
Well, sh*t... a few months later, this record has now dropped.

What you can expect from Cali native Mindesign's Light & Tunnel, is a mellifluous ride over his musical milky way, a calm cosmic canter through constellations of claps, kicks and keys (oh stop it). Still, eyes closed or not, this EP is one to take in and space out to, as the keys oscillate beautifully, hovering over the riddim whilst the beats swing, though still bang with out being too aggro. Might even want to make you wanna hold your girl's hand? LOL. (oh stop it Hza)
Bottom line, Mindesign's Light & Tunnel off Record Breakin' is indisputably an EP to own, if you care for this beat music.

Son (instrumental) by Mindesign.

Light & Tunnel is available now from iTunes. Click.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cinematic Soul: Amede & The Soundsmith Take You To Flat 17

What a cast. Synths from Cologne, Beats with roots in Detroit and Crates from Camdem - an ensemble that could rival any DeNiro, Pacino and DiCaprio flic. Wait. They don't do riddims, do they?? Well, if they did they might just put some out some of this Cinematic Soul that Amede & The Soundsmith have released, in the form of this FLAT 17 EP.

The release party was just last night across the pond, and I only wish I could have been there. Still recall when I 1st got a teaser on my FB page, and was patiently waiting for the release. The university dorm produced EP features some nice & smooth vocals along with a few certified beat bangers. Sh*t... you know how I get around some sloppy drums. Say wrd.

Make sure you give Amede & The Soundsmith a look and peep this smooth EP, FLAT 17 among the other's he's put it out previously.

You can get all your deets here, for all the releases.

But in the mean time, peep one of my fave joints.

Vast! by Amede & The Soundsmith, off the FLAT 17 EP.

Say wrd!


Thumbs Up! Devonwho releases long awaited LP Funraiser v1: Thumbtracks

Not even sure where to start but my man DevonWho has been blazing through these skies like a shuttle on re-entry, missing a few tiles. From the day that I caught his 1st EP of his off his myspace, I fed kept an eye (and ear on dude).
One of my fave back then was one called Dungeonraps I do believe. Slow ass tempo that I was always use to set it off. Say wrd.
Dude kept banging away @ the beats, eventually joining forces with the Klipm0de camp, and leaving his native PDX for LAX. Wrd.
He's only gained momentum with his move, rawking shows left and right, working on collabos with the likes of PUDGE and Dibia$e, and still diligently finishing his record.

Now Funraiser v1: Thumbtracks is now here:

Anyone familiar with this man's sound already know: dude is nice. And for those not, welcome. The beats off Thumbtracks have matured with more swing, and the synths have flourished, sprouting marvelous melodies pollenating all open ears. I still recall playing actriz for the 1st time @ this spot, and this dude came over like... "WTF IS THIS!?!?" Devon. "[chuckling] OMGoodness. This is bananas". Yep. I would even say plantain. There are several other joints that have been absolute faves of mine, like fourthrees which is a great off beat banger.
But regardless, this is no doubt a hot record, and one to absolutely cop.
You can grab the record here:
The entire opus was orchestrated by Dev, but also features members of his extended fam, Klipm0de: Knxwledge, Suzi Analogue & Mndsgn

So do yourself a solid, catch DevonWho on his way up. It's about to get really silly. He's also got a joint coming on the highly anticipated Beat Dimenions 2 record. Sh*t is cracking for real. PDX stand up.

With that, here are a few joints I love off DevonWho's Funraiser v1: Thumbtracks LP




Do the do. Show some love and go get it


Mo HudMo: Mix for Future Vintage feat exclusives from BUTTA (DWNLD)

Wow. Back to back goodies. Your boy, Glasgow Gangster HudMo has been chilling in Holland this summer, finishing this highly anticipated Butta LP for Warp. Just a day past this calculated leak from the good ppl @ , we get another goodie from the man himself, in the form of a Podcast for Future Vintage along with Mamiko Motto.
To put it simply, it features some of the bangers from Butta including this much talked about collab with Killafornia Keys Krusher Dam-Funk, among other gems.

Tracklist looks something like this...

Hermeto Pascoal – Cannon
Weather Report – Morning Lake
Build An Ark – In Her Smile (Daedelus remix)
Aardvarck – No. 2 (Pigstyle)
Riuchi Sakamoto – (Something Japanese we couldn’t read)
The Crookers – Put Your Hands On Me (Mohawke instrumental mix)
Vacuum – Gang Gang Dance
Misel Quinto – Neanderfal Complex
MED – Dollars (instrumental)
Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5
Hudson Mohawke feat. Dam Funk – Tell Me What You Want From Me
Hudson Mohawke – Trykk
Hudson Mohawke – M5000
Dan Deacon – Woof Woof (Mohawke mix)
Sieglizer – Apple
Terror Danja – Swindle (Zumpi Hunter mix)
Daniel Sanio – Tough Guy Music
Lorn – Until There Is No End
Hudson Mohawke feat. Wednesday Nite – Paint The Stars

Anyhow, you know the drill. Holla @ Future Vintage to get this now.

Shouts to Radna, and Mamiko. Had fun this summer! Add them both if you know the time.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BUTTA! Hudmo Leak from Forthcoming Fall LP (DWNLD)

It was written. After a few posts today, I was due for a good ride then Mother Nature turned angry. So I stayed home. As such, I was able to see this from Warp:



With the most anticipated Butter due to drop in October, Hudson Mohawke has all eyes and ears locked on his sights. I still recall a convo he and I had, telling me he was ready to take things in a new direction. Said he describing Butter (as per Warp):

" attempt at a sort of prog rock meets vintage soul meets sleazy R’n’B aesthetic - Isaac Hayes ‘hot buttered soul’. " - Hudson Mohawke

Well, to keep us all @ bay, HudMo delivers a square of the creamiest butter and leaves none disenchanted.

Fresh off Butter, the album cut RISING 5, has been leaked by Warp and if this drummer/DJ turned magnificent Maestro has more of this to come.... Jesus.

RISING 5. by Hudson Mohawke:

now get it!


Suff Lives The High Life w/ Hi Hats v2

92bpm is a friend of Suff Daddy (and vice versa we hope. GULP). No doubt. In our many conversation, Suff had slipped us advance music of what eventually became the EFIL4FFUS EP, which we rated as a banger when it dropped.
A few more releases later, his next major endeavor is upon us 1nce again, Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2.

No need for a a 3-D Nintendo Virtual Boy console to see what Suff Daddy's all about. He proved that long before, and maintains his position as a true Pilsetten quaffing, Tanqueray sipping bboy. Incontestably, Suff Daddy picks up where he left off on EFIL4FFUS on Hi Hat Club v2, with beats and rhymes in the most traditional sense. Take, Vices - one of my fave tracks - and how he deftly chops classic cuts and samples, mixing and serving it all up on the rocks with a side of backwoods to assuage the staunchest fanatics.
But Suff Deezy can certainly smooth it out as well, as he does on several of the tracks including one I love called High Life. You might even take your girl on a long drive with this one running on deck. LOL. (chicks hate it when I say that. But it's so funny... and so true. Shouts to Afta-1).
But regardless, look out for Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 which drops in less than a month from the good ppl @ Melting Pot Music.

Let me leave you with some tasty samples from Suff Daddy's Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2, which will be in stores September 4th 2009. Hit up the good ppl @ MPM for more deets.


High Life

Lottahydro (as it appeared on MPCs & BeatBreaks v1)

And you can sample more goodies from Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 on line @ MPM.

Say wrd.


Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v6 (DWNLD)

No sooner did I post about v5 than I noticed Low End Theory v6 was up a ready to be taken in. On deck this time is LET stalwart Nobody along with SoCal's shooting star, young Einstein, Mono/Poly.

Make sure to peep it as you might even hear that banger Mono/Poly just dropped on Fat City. It might just be there... ;)
Anyhow, you know the drill.

DWNLD. Even better yet, subscribe.


Swiss AEED Sparkles With Synesthesia (DWNLD)

A few months bag, I was gleefully chatting about this record that just dropped, and great comp called Bag Of Nothingness. One of the many tracks off that standout release was from Swiss producer AEED, né Aid Copelj.
The good ppl @ Error Broadcast now follow up that comp with an EP from AEED, Synesthesia.

In what Error Broadcast like to call contemporary hip hop, or in this case an amalgam of hip hop, IDM and candy pop music, AEED delivers what I joking call electro-nice or hoodtronica. The electronic fused with hip hop as a foundation is something that I can almost never get bored of as it paints an entirely different landscape than what most are accustomed too. Electron clouds, and scintillating synths riding classic boom and bap kicks. The EP even opens up with what I would paint as a G Funk track that Chuck lacing, C-Walking, pleated kaki wearing kats might rock too. Say wrd.
But among the many bangers on Synesthesia, AEED's stand out riddim in my books has to be a joint called Cry Now. Bananas from start to finish.

With that said, here's Cry Now, by AEED, off the Synesthesia EP.

But why settle with one banger when you can get them all? Get Synesthesia as it's been posted as a FREE DOWNLOAD. For how long, we're not sure. So... no better time than the present! Make sure to show some love and leave a comment. Wrd.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Toeachurown: Dam-Funk Freebie (DWNLD)

Just hot off the ST twitter:

Celebrating Toeachizown v2: Fly release, Stones Throw and Dam-Funk send out a freebie for all to start the weekend with.

10 West, which is off the Toeachizown v2: Fly EP, is avail for download and the EP can also be copped (and should). Make sure to peep what DF has been cooking in the lab. Dude's been one of the busiest cats ever, gigging and releasing what will be an epic set of EPs for all to enjoy, and of course boogie too. Can't be mad @ beats that make women swing their hair wildly. ;)

Anyhow, you know the drill. To Each Ur Own, and enjoy.


92bpm Presents: GSTMX v1 feat. Front2Blaq (DWNLD)

I had been meaning to start this sometime ago. Just reaching out to cats I know and kick it with, and get them to submit a mix if they had the time/were down.
Front2Blaq was one of the 1st cats I met in my travels thru this labyrinth that is this beat music. He had done this collab with PUDGE, and I was like - yo, this is ill. So my man from Dessau, Germany and I got to kick ever since then and always stayed up. Dude, knows his beat music. Had a release on a comp, and is still cranking out bangers.

So I holla'd @ him about the guest mix series and BOOM. Dude hit me like 2 days later. Sh*t. Good f*cking look.
So with that, I present to you the 1st installment of what I hope will be many:
GSTMX v1 (guest mix) featuring Front2Blaq.

The tracklist look as follows (but should also be in the file - if you use iTunes, go look in the lyrics tab)

01 - Frank n Dank & Erik L - Push It Up - CDR
02 - Planet Mohawk - Christmasbeat - CDR
03 - Stevie E - Dreamin In Reality (produced by Monopoly) - CDR
04 - Debruit - I'm Goin Wit You Feat Om'Mas Keith (Sa-Ra Creative Partners) & Jamie Woon - Civil Music
05 - RLP - unplugged you - CDR
06 - Duktus - ensemble fatal - CDR
07 - Favorite Flava - Everyday Escape (Ft Paul Mac Innes) - UBeat
08 - Hi-Res - earnobs - CDR
09 - Knoxledge aka Abdul-Aliim - NeetFeet - CDR
10 - Elan's Beats - feb6 - CDR
11 - AEED - Interstellar Travel - CDR
12 - Infinite Potentials Beats - Fever - CDR
13 - PortFormat - Everything you change - CDR
14 - Pudge - pudgnisher - CDR
15 - Mokke - What Is Lost Will Be Found - CDR
16 - Pursuit Grooves - Love Dub Motion - CDR
17 - Suzi Analog - PureJuice - CDR
18 - Morpheground - The most high - CDR
19 - Robin Thicke - Lost Without U (Harrison Blakoldman Remix) - CDR
20 - Devonwho - stickpeoples - CDR
21 - Brittany Bosco - City of Nowhere (produced by ECDC) - CDR
22 - C.O.N.E & COLONEL RED - spaceface - CDR
23 - Dizz1 - DILLA BOUNCE n stupid Interlude - CDR
24 - Harrison Blakoldman - Full Step - UBeat
25 - Dj RidE - APRIL Best Donut - CDR

You know the rest.

Get it here (finally using my Soundcloud acct), click download and just drop it in iTunes. All the artwork etc... should be there.

And show my man some love here or @ his Front2Blaq. It's on you.

Have a good weekend, and bang it out.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v5 (DWNLD)

The newest in the monthly installment of Low End Theory podcasts is v5 feat Daddy Kev + Daedelus.

You know the drill.

Get it


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Five Stars for Sixty40 and H313: Vote For Battlestar rmx video

A few months back, we chatted about Harmonic 313's Battlestar Rmx 12" dropping. Would you believe that there was actual talk of not releasing this single?? Looks as though the upper brass @ Warp were not that moved by the rmx... until they heard it played on a real system. The range on that song is undeniable!
The came the stunning video, shot by the good ppl @ Sixty40.
Now, the actual clip in up for an award @ The Portable Film Festival. Say wrd.
Congrats to both Harmonic 313 and Sixty40 for some great work.
Show them some love and vote for a great track, and a marvelous video. Vote for Battlestar rmx.

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