Friday, July 31, 2009

More Dimensions: Cinnaman's Beats from His Dimensions 2 Sampler (DWNLD)

I just love being late to the party. After asking if Cinnaman would be dropping a mix inspired by Beat Dimensions 2 in my post just days go, I was conveniently pointed to the location his mix. Shout to my man Feux who so gracefully shined the light. ;)

Cinnaman, the other baron of Beat Dimensions & Viral Radio patrician, puts the needle to the groove as well, providing a Beat Dimensions 2 mix for all to hold during those subway rides, rides around town - whether you be on your bike in AMS/YYZ or you Audi A4 Avant (that's my sh*t!). Regardless, this mix (along with Jay Scarlett's) should keep you steady @ least until EP3 drops (more on that in a hot one) or the full length in the not so distant fall (wow. I did say that).

So here you go: 2nd of 2. Beatsfromourdimension sampler, by Cinnaman.

Get it!


Wildest Angel: Mary Anne Hobbs Compilation Promo Surfaces

News to not so many I'm certain, Mary Anne Hobbs' next compilation Wild Angels is due to drop in the not so distant future on Planet μ.

Of course it will be stacked with bangers, some known and others adduredly exclusive to her mix. But as a teaser, a brilliant trailer was shot, cut and pieced together by Lucky Me official Dom Sum, master visualizer and friend of the dub step deity.

Beyond question, you heard some very recent classics, like the opening riddim from Harmonic 313 (which I still rate as LP of the year so far) and Rustie somewhere in there with the brilliant Zig Zag, but also some other ones that I have yet to finger. All good. I'm here waiting MAH. Don't forget to catch her show when you have the op on BBC Radio 1.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Massive Dimensions: Jay Scarlett Drops a Mix in Anticipation of Beat Dimension 2 (DWNLD)

What a day. With a rare sunny (might I say blazing) day out in Toronto, I need to head out and ride these streets. Best, I'll be listening to a new mix courtesy of thy Lord and Savior Jay Scarlett, of Ampsoul Generation, U Beat and Beat Dimentions fame.

With the 2nd installment of the ground zero of beat music coming, Jay Scarlett drops a nice mix, previewing much of what will be dropping on Beat Dimensions 2. With a release date of the LP set for fall, one can still go out an grab both EP1 and EP2, which are currently available.

Anyhow, enough.

Presenting, Another Perspective. A BD2 mix by Jay Scarlett. Add Beat Dimensions on twitter.

Download it here.

Shouts to Cinnaman. Will he do the next mix??

Say wrd.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

French Fulgeance Fires Up Floors by Delivering Smart Banging EP (DWNLD)

I used to hit Fulgeance's myspace and just go trip out. Dude, would have the most colorful and well designed work up. Animated GIFs that should even carry warnings. But past all that, dude would always have some bangers up.
One thing I noticed early from Fulgeance, his riddims were def cut @ higher tempos and thus much more dance floor friendly than many of the beatsmiths that are out. But, don't get it twisted. His background and inspirations lie almost solely in the hip hop and funk side of town. The funk def comes out in his performances, and I believe he cuts his music as such: fit for a great live performance. Enter his new endeavor: Smart Bangin EP.

To tell you the truth, as much as I love slow tempos, they do make for an odd dance floor fellow. So my appreciation of the 100bpm species has def grown. Having added that much, Smart Bangin EP is said animal. This 5 track EP is the child of a funk father with an electro ancestor, but yet still with that hip hop gene somewhere.
I hear Smart Bangin EP and can see him out the gate performing this live, rebuilding the beats as he has during his many performances.

With Smart Bangin EP expect that uptempo bump and grind, that will def have blondie swing that hair wildly, but also those beats that will still make cats hold their nuts (no homo).

Really? No Doubt.

And to reinforce my call, here's Ann Arbor, a certain banger for that dance floor demon in you. But yet with that bottom end synth that stabs and swings, you can still appreciate just posted up @ the bar. Say wrd.

Fulgeance's Ann Arbor, from the Smart Bangin EP. Out NOW.

Feeling that joint?? Nice. Cuz you can grab it for free here. Show love.


Fantastic Fall: Toronto

The oddest thing has been happening: shows/nights are getting inline North Korean Army cadets. The calls and emails have been pouring in. WTF? Well Toronto, 1nce again the work of many around you is translating in touring ops small shows. I hope you guy see and seize the opportunities before you, and come out.
The RBMA Flying Lotus tour was certainly a great litmus test. Let's see about now... Stay tuned.


Friday, July 24, 2009

A Perfect Arrangement: Mayer Hawthorne Live in Toronto, Sept 27th

Just announced today.

As an addition just moments ago, mymanhenri will be supplying some goodies that night as maestro. 92bpm will be in the building.

Mayer's show has been money. Saw him a few times already among the shows @ SXSW and Toronto. He's joined by Buff1der who I saw tear it up @ SXSW. I was sold on the spot still. Dude is solid in the mic. I've been meaning to actually post video of it. This might get me to run it.

Regardless, mark your calendars:

REMG Presents:

w/ special guest Buff1
+ mymanhenri

September 27th 2009
The Drake Hotel - 1150 Queen Street West
Tickets are $12.00 in advance and available at Rotate This, Soundscapes & Play De Record
19+, Doors at 8pm

it's an early show. So come out in time to catch it all.


The Gaslamp Killer Gives Us A Piece of his Troubled Mind (DWNLD)

With this record due to drop in just over one week from BRAINFEEDER, our fave mass murderer The Gaslamp Killer has leaked a track via the good ppl @ XLR8R. Be sure to pack your passport as My Troubled Mind EP is bound to take you on a trip that Dr Albert Hoffman would wholly endorse and affirm.

Get the track, Anything Worse here @ XLR8R


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Viral Radio CHOOSES DEATH! The Gaslamp Killer x Viral Radio Special (DWNLD)

On a Jack Kevorkian type tour, our good friend, Low End Theory General and Brainfeeder soul-dier The Gaslamp Killer has been flying through EU with the impact of a quasi D-Day, or G-Day really. With a collection of barbarous beats, a corybantic coiffure and an unspecified amount of sodium thiopental, GLK dropped into the Viral Radio studios to join both Juha & Cinnaman for what was certain to be a memorable show. Unfamiliar with The Gaslamp Killer? Here.

The show is up for grabs. You can catch it here, or even get fed here. (right click)

Shouts to Juha & Cinnaman for a great program as always.

Enjoy, and.... CHOOSE DEATH! ;)


tRUE Radio Got That Dynamite Seoul! tRUE x !NSIDE (DWNLD)

The good ppl @ tRUE Radio and Seoul Korea's Inside connect on the newest podcast from SoCal.

As usual, this is a no brainer for the listeners. Take it in. Be sure to follow my man Jon @ tRUE Radio as well as the good ppl @ Inside.

You can download the new episode here. Most important is to stay up on the tRUE Radio podcast and subscribe one time. I know I do.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Creative Partners Get Up In Ya Butt! Mark Pritchard & Om'Mas Keith Wind it Up!

Harmonic 313 has been on fire.

After releasing what I believe will be a contender for LP of year, if not a certain podium finish, he's not slowed down one bit.
Then came the Battlestar rmx that went from on the precipice of being shelved, to selling nearly 3000 12"s (well and over the forecast, a colossal # in today's economy) - all after execs @ Warp heard the rmx blasting on a proper system and were prolly shaken to the core as we were.
Enter Om"mas Keith of Sa-Ra fame, and fellow team mate on the team of Red Bull Music Academy studio engineers.

In AUG 2007 (yep), Mark Pritchard and Mr. Keith were both in Koln, and after Mark laid our a simple but banger of a beat, Om'mas heard it and proceeded to jump on and... freak it.

What has resulted is WIND IT UP.

Probably a pre H313 LP track that simply never made it to the album, but subsequently found it self tearing through cones and voice coils the past few months after Mark P started to tour for his record release.
A slow tempo and almost empty sounding banger featuring a bassline containing elements of your favorite Colecovision game, with a 80s reggae riddim feel. WTF?? Add Sa-Ra's Om'Mas, and his almost silly, near childish but contagious vocal "Wi-Wind it up... " and boom. Hey songwriters, K.I.S.S.
Finish it all with some classic artwork (I now know how Captain Kirk felt), and you have a complete 12".

Was she the model for this shoot?? Haha. More paramount, this is yet another banger out of the H313 vault. Mark Pritchard can do no wrong right now.
I want to hear this @ a f*cking strip joint, like back in the day. haha. No, seriously.
So released to retail it was yesterday on Kode 9's HyderDub home. Get a hold of this now, whilst you can. That artwork alone will be worth it.
I know most if not all have heard the original, so I offer you the rmx. But the 12" will feature the original along with the instrumental accompanied by the afore mentioned refix.

Mark Pritchard & Om'Mas Keith - Wind it Up (freak mix)

You know what do to.

Here ($2.97?? A STEAL!), or if you need that 12", boom. Be sure to check you local shops as well.

Chat soon.


Expansion Team: Dublab Delivers Update To Rare EP

Nearly 2 yrs to the day, the good ppl dublab embarked on a EU tour that had them zig zaggin like Rustie, echoing the sounds on the infamous radio station for all to sample, live. The tour's success was then immortalized in a lim ed vinyl only EP release featuring members of the tour & LA loyalists like Blank Blue, DJ Nobody, The [motherf*cking] GasLamp Killer among others.
Aug 18th 2009, they present to you a sort of expanded version of the EP - a full length for those missed out on the 1st release, and a reward for those who did catch the original press.

Echo Expansion full length, emerging as a dublab x Porter Records collaboration will be yet another study of the now world famous LA environment, the laissez faire attitude that somehow has pushed all producers there to elevate the sound and the city to this quasi Midi Mecca, and has the likes of Marry Anne Hobbs offering interminable praise. I'm not even mad, cuz she's right.
Dublab's involvement has been whole in that movement's development and though we might not live there, or get to visit it enough (as myself) are able to enjoy the very fruits via such compilations.

The tracklist will read as follows, including track 6, 10-15 which were previously unreleased.

1. THE LIFE FORCE TRIO - alice! live at the natural history museum 
2. ADVENTURE TIME  - set on satellites 
3. BLANK BLUE - eyes closed (private stash version)  
5. FLYING LOTUS  - backpack caviar  
6. RAS G - stealth mode  
7. DAEDELUS - dnt fk sgr 
8. DIMLITE - jose's views 
9. DNTEL - sundial 
10. LANGUIS - million ways 
11. JAHBITAT & DANIEL GUTIERREZ - tonada del tormento 
12. KUTMAH - song song 
13. HASHIM B. - tokyo to LA steez 
14. TAKE - wonder man's flask  
15. MATTHEWDAVID - tomorrowspirit  
16. ANDREW PEKLER - new fibrillation 

To blast off, here's a anther banger from Ras G, Stealth Mode.

And to boot, you can actually download it courtesy of the good ppl @ XLR8R.



Monday, July 20, 2009

All Neurons Firing: New Floating Points 12"

I was just about 1 month removed from sitting in a park with the Eglo Records fam having a mid summer night's chat. Alex Nut, Fatima, Floating Points and I were debating how smart London cabbies were. That's when Floating Points interposed his comment about the size of their brains. Huh?
Floating Points the trained neuro scientist by day mentioned he had read journals that presented evidence of the fact. Hmmmm....
Though not ready to take on such debates, I can add with more certainty that this new 12" on Planet μ is an uptempo, frenetic banger.

Though, knowing that Floating Points has some of the deepest, most learned understanding and erudition of the human brain makes me wonder: is he taking me for a ride? Tampering with his music like big tobacco did for years with the nicotine they put in cigarettes (or what was eventually called the nicotine delivery device)?? Whatever it may be, he has assembled a string of ambient notes, bewitching vocals and sharp kicks that has resulted in my neurons and dendrites to fire wildly, sending electrochemical messages up and down the axons. Thought both sides if my brain enjoyed both sides of the record, it was 1nce again the b-side, K&G that has driven my temporal lobes in a quasi frenzy, sending and again feeding electrical charges to my brain, which then relayed those to the motor cortex which eventually instructed my head to swing @ these 129 bpms. This was the very reason I started many if not all of my sets during this past tour with this track.
Damn you Floating Points! Another addictive banger from the Eglo Records camp.
This new 12" is out now.


Here's a little something for your neurons, courtesy of Planet μ & Floating Points! K&G. Enjoy.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Road Warriors: RBMA x Flying Lotus x 92bpm Tour Picture Essay

This is an edit of a previous post that contained just a few pics. So i've expanded the post to bring much of the shots that have circulated the net already but as an official post along with some commentary.

We zig zagged across the great Canadian landscape a few times, taking this Red Bull Music Academy road show featuring Flying Lotus to each and everyone who had longed to see such a performance take place: Midi Madness.

Day 1ne

The 1st night in Victoria BC was amazing. Info Session went very well, the night rawked and the speakers sang. The night started with the allegro opening set I hit cats with followed by the concerto con brio by the Maestro of the MPD himself, Flying Lotus. The ppl came, saw and we're blown away. Thk you Victoria. Whistler, here we come.

The night closed out with a gift from the local medicinal practitioner and supplier. WTF?!?

I don't even smoke and I know this is a fair bit of therapy. Wow. Luckily, we were in the BC where medicine is as common place as it can get in Canada. Some of it was dutifully consumed during the beautiful ferry ride back from Victoria to Vancouver.

Shouts to Murge and Degree One. Good look on the hospitality.

Day 2wo.

We had a day off in Vancouver, which I spent relaxing and staring out my window. Pretty calming I must say...

The day after made our way up some winding roads to Whistler, BC - site of what will be much of the 2010 Winter Games. Small resort town full of cats that likely spend the day staring @ the mountainous terrain and mountain biking through all the trails. The infosession was simple and the night was spent watching some ladies (and one dude??!?!) pole dancing. LOL. None of it was caught, luckily.

Shouts to Mat The Alien who rawked it with us and simply murdered it @ the end. We need to do that one again. Say wrd.

Day Thr33.

Now was the start of what was going to be a grueling little stretch. I was pretty much accustomed to traveling, and being up early. But the night time component was the new variable. Was being up late every night and out early every morning going to take it's course and erode my stamina?? Already, dieting was taking a hit, esp my famed brkfst (and the tweets for those who care to follow) had already vanished.

Regardless, we landed in Calgary during the renown Calgary Stampede. Oh wow. We had bails of hay in our hotel lobby, amongst a sea of cowboy hats and tight ass jeans. Nuts. But the biggest surprise was to come soon.

Our info session took place @ the famed Giant 45 and more importantly, the newly redesigned G45. This was possibly one of our best (if not the best) info sessions. The environment was awesome, the crowd was responsive which made for a perfect vibe.

We had a special guest creep out of no where.... lol.

Shouts to Kim & Ty G of HVW8 who snuck up to his home town on the low low. ;) That was such a dope surprise.

The night that followed was @ the glorious Hi-Fi Club in Calgary. Sh*t. Cats know bottom end. Had a blast.

Shouts to Keys n Krates who were also in the building that night. Shouts the cats from Giant 45 and Small Town for all the love. Wrd.

Nest stop.... YYZ.

An early ass flight made this day kinda hard to start, but we did it. Made out way out to the most anticipated night of all: Toronto. So much anticipations, so many expectations. From me, from promoters REMG, from the learned fans. My phone had been blowing up about show times, and the op for love @ the door. It was a hectic day.
I @ least had an opportunity to sleep @ home. That was AMAZING! But the day turned out to be more hectic than expected. It was sunny, and it was hot and the vibe was idea. The info session took place @ the Red Bull offices and the attendance was outstanding!

We then proceeded to what became a zoo over @ Tattoo Rock Parlor. A packed house greeted The Flying Lotus Tour and they got a taste of what became to be that Midi Madness on the MP.

And yes, we had some crowd surfing @ the show. Look closely next to the disco ball....

Shouts to The Red Bull office in Toronto, esp POW for all the hard work. Francis @ Moog as well as Warren @ Erikson.

We smashed Toronto. Glad that i was a part of it. Next up... Ottawa.

Day 5.

Being that we were doing Ottawa and then MTL back to back, we decided on a rental to make the trek down. On the way, we decided to listen to some demos that Steve had been flooded with during the post info session mixer in Toronto. Holy episode of Music Idol. It was fun. But the ride was a touch long @ times... Ask our boy D. Lang:

The info session took place @ another great retail store: Norml Clothing in downtown Ottawa. Shouts to the Yann, who I sadly was not able to buck up with. Sh*t. Next time dude.

But this was a quick affair. Info session was to the point, but again in a great environment. Art was abound on all walls. Shouts to Marie-Ève and co. Great job as always.

We def got relax after the info session on the roof top of Norml, which offers a great look of the downtown Ottawa landscape. Nuts.

We then made our way to Babylon night club. Shouts to Disorganized, esp Linus. Been a hot min since I seen a cat. Wow. Great hospitality mang. Babylon was fun, and some of David's best shots were taken this night.


Whilst packing the very next morning after oddly getting a decent night's sleep, I notice that my backpack was pretty light. No big deal, as I see that my gear was already in my Burton roller. On closer inspection...


I stop, look up and look again. Nope. Not there. So I start frantically looking around. Did I take it bed to work on some files? Nope. What about in my other bag? Nope. WTF?!? Well... I left in the club. Yep. After I closed the screen the room was so dark that i hadn't realized I had left it on top of the Red Bull booth. So I made my way back to the club expecting the worst. I ran in and just reached over the counter where I knew I left it last and....


Shouts to Adam @ Babylon, Illo and all who helped out. What a nightmare. I think that I moon-walked all the way to the coffee shop, in the muddy streets I was so happy!

Day 6

Montréal was a quick drive away. We got there so late though that we had to b-line right to the info session. Again, we were able to use the great artist space @ Off The Hook.

During the info session, we were also joint by 2 Red Bull Music Academy grads, notably Sarah L. from the 2007 Toronto session. Thx for coming out SL!

Now the night...

It was a fullly stacked lineup.

SPKRBRUZR of the Megasoid camp, as well as young lazer gun Lunice (pleasure meeting dude), was in e-f-f-e-c-t.

A massive shout to Sia and Jon who came from MF ATL to peep this show. Say wrd?? SOUL-DIERS!

And another massive shout Scott C. Ha. You know the time man. All is love. Great work. Let's do it again!. 1 to Astro Nautico, who was in absentia. I got your txt dude. Hope your friend told you about your shout out on the mic. And a shout to Mike Hawk who came through on the love. $8 CDN on a return flight is not bad @ all. Say wrd. Another shout to Seb. Pleasure was mine. Let's do it. ;)

Yo, that place (Lambi??) was hot as hell. I've never left a venue wet like I was that night. My whole t-shirt, my pants right down to my knees and my undies. NUTS.

Thk you MTL. That night rawked.

Day 7

830am. We leave for Vancouver from MTL. UGH.

Was wiped from the previous night, but this is a bit of a milestone. The last day/night. So all were pretty pumped. More importantly, the night had been sold out for @ least a few days, so we knew we had a packed house awaiting.

We jumped right to the info session. Again, love the informal environment. We again, shared our stories, and got ppl ready of the night that was to take place.

We then had what I would dub "The Last Supper", and it was immortalized like this...

But we then made our way down to the Shine Nightclub which had been purported to have a serious system. Cats were not lying. But yes, the house was packed. Yes, we had a blast and yes, we look fwd to coming back.

What a night. Shouts to Astrx who rawked it hard. We gotta do it again. Shouts to Nat! Oh boy... Not even sure where to start. Was way too long man... like hello?? From the beach to Shine. I should have stayed that extra day/night. Toronto it is! ;)
Sat! Good seeing you man. Good look on the drank! Ha.

And just like that, it was all over. After 10,389 kms, I started my final trek home. Wow.


1st and foremost, Flying Lotus was taking time to rawk it out on a grueling set of dates.
Kennymacktruck @ Red Bull. This couldn't have happened with you and the vision for bigger sounds. Man, this was the sh*t.
Cody @ Red Bull. You did it nice man. Thx a million for everything, even the treacherous pursuit up to Whistler.
David Lang for priceless shots.
Miss Mendoza. You rode shot-gun, with a shot gun on 3 of the dates. Sick. You got stripes.
All the Red Bull ppls (Pow, Marie Ève, all the wiiings etc...). That was awesome work.
All the Mr and Mrs. X. Awesome grind.
All the ppl who came out to witness a groundbreaking tour. Thk you much. More to come.

After a week off, I'm back to form. Gonna get @ all the emails now. ;)

Don't forget to submit your application for the Red Bull Music Academy by July 27th (post marked). London IS calling. ;)

Lastly, Red Bull Music Academy Radio is where you can also tune in.

Updates coming.

See you cats soon.

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