Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shafiq Husayn mix for Benji B's Deviation Show (DWNLD)

Been sitting on this one for a min as well. But a hot mix indeed.
The only time seeing Sa-Ra live was in NY for their release party a few years back, where Shafiq Husayn spun, then a show @ Harborfront in Toronto where he could not make it. But dude was cool enough to show up @ Gaslamp's bday jam session in the mountains a few weeks back (haha, yes), and bang away on some keys. If you've watched the EPKs, you know that Shafiq Husayn is an OG. So much history. Nuts.

Benji B had Shafiq guest mix for his Deviation show this past week. Tight.
I've been meaning to chat some more about the great En' A-Free-Ka LP that Mr Husayn released earlier this year on Plug Reserach. And I will this month. But regardless, enjoy this mix courtesy of Deviation.

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