Monday, December 14, 2009

North South East West: Where Giants Meet.

Back in September 09, I made my way out to NY for WARP20 NYC and a priceless weekend. Met some old friends, and made some new ones. But more importantly, in a conversation I was having w/ some cats from Warp and, I was privy to a conceptual plan to put an art/music project together that was going to unite members of this music community, and a photographer. Nice.
Fast fwd a few months and quod erat demonstrandum:
North East South West: A musical and photographical document.

Dec 1st, this project was a shipped reality. And best was the pkg was delivered in the mail a few days back.

The project essentially united 12 prominent producers from 4 different parts of the world and adding the photography prowess of Shaun Bloodworth and the graphic design genius of Stuart Hammersley. Music was delivered by 4 clans: North: Hudson Mohawke / Rustie / Taz Buckfaster representing Glasgow, UK. South: Skream / Headhunter / Geeneus representing London/Bristol, UK. East: Mike Slott / FaltyDL / Kotchy representing N.Y.C., USA and West: Flying Lotus / Matthew David / Daedelus representing L.A., USA.

I long ago felt that the musical experience was to take a new a/v turn, and this was it's manifestation. Visuals have long been a compliment to the audio, whether stills or motion as more and more events are using these components in concert.
Warp knows that. So to launch this undertaking, they released this project in 2 editions:

Edition 1: limited to a run of 100. Includes 14 high-quality photo prints and the twelve track CD plus an A2 poster featuring unseen shots from the project. All enclosed in a custom made package, designed by Give Up Art.
Edition 2: limited to a run of 500, and includes 14 high-quality photo prints and the twelve track CD, all enclosed in a custom made package.

No GPS needed when looking on this one, as all arrows will point to Bleep who are exclusive retailers for this one.
Warp, doing it for the collectors, indeed. And the music? Always tight, feature several exclusives...

Def a comp to get your hands on. A digital only edition is due to drop this week. Massive shouts to Raj and the mandem @ Warp for this one. The bestest surprise ever.


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