Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gonja Man: Gonja Sufi's Ancestry, Warp's Heirs. (DWNLD)

Shortly after WARP20 LONDON, I put out the call for anyone who had the Warp Sampler than was given to all ticket hoders (ARGH - none of this took place @ WARP20 NY!).
Featured on this CD were come 2010 goodies. Among them was San Diego's Gonjasufi.

You may recall dudes haunting and indelible baritone voice from Flying Lotus' Los Angeles, and before that, a Gaslamp Killer joint called Kobwebs off the From LA w/ Love compilation.
He recently dropped a wax exclusive this past summer, and I found myself desperately looking for the digital file (to buy). Well, prayers have been answered.

And best part, you can take the track along with you...

Thank you Warp. (just look along the right hand side). Warp scored a hot here. Totally looking fwd to future projects.


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