Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Brightest Side: 00Genesis Returns With Newness (DWNLD)

It had been a min since I had heard a peep from 00Genesis. Dude came out with what i thought was incredible tracks, with his very own footprint. And to boot, dude would keep his identity under a shroud of secrecy. Nuts. But there was no mistaking this Silver Spring resident's music.
In a convo, i had asked him why he had not applied to the Red Bull Music Academy a few years. He simply added, he was yet of age to do so.
Wow. I was getting the same feeling I got in the course of a RBMA interview w/ Black Milk in the Toronto office, and he mentioned having done some banging work @ 17yrs of age. Nuts.
Regardless, 00Genesis' early work def warranted some attention. Witness:

No Shoes On Trampoline by 00Genesis

I f*cking love that joint.
Fast fwd 1yr+ and we have new announcements. Not only is there new music from 00Genesis, he's also been admitted to the hallowed hallways of the Red Bull Music Academy from London 2010. The Maryland maestro will take his razor sharp snares, golden glitch and melodic wah wah for the world to hear.
I caught up w/ 00Genesis in October, moments after the announcement.

1. So tell me about your 1st reaction when you saw the email?!?!
When I saw the email I quietly smiled, then deleted the message... you know, Red Bull really isn't my thing. NOT! (ala Borat).
But really, at the time, I was in my graphic design class, and I had to walk out of the room so I could explode.. i was buggin out. Later, I called some fam and friends to spread the news!

2. How did you 1st find about the Academy ??
I first found out through [Flying] Lotus. I hit him up in '06, I think on myspace, and asked him what it was about, and the rest is history.

2b. is this your 1st time applying??
Nope, this is the second time for me. My style has really matured nicely since last year...

3. This is a long shot, but what do you think might have helped you make it into the academy?? music?? some of your answers ??
Hopefully my music ...

4. Have you ever been to London??

4b. What are you most excited about being in London?
Red Bull should be pretty dope.

5. What are you most looking fwd to during the Academy??
Getting work done, making "moves", lol. Hopefully a "full" London experience is impossible in just two weeks.

6. Now that you're on your way to the academy, are you going to work on any special personal projects ? Feeling inspired??
I'm already working on a lot at the moment, but when I get to London, and if I connect with anyone, I'll probably start something new... why not?

7. what song 1st came to your head when you got in/was accepted?
A beat that I had just made during the prior weekend... I'll give you a lil sneak peak exclusive for this interview...

8. Is their someone you look fwd to meeting @ the RBMA that might have been there in the past??
I don't even know any of the names that got accepted, but we'll see ... maybe this is a good thing.

9. if you had a choice of someone to listen to lecture, who would it be??
Probably, Jneiro Jarel.

10. what skills are you looking to acquire or improve when you're @ the RBMA??
Engineering; that's what I've really been into as of late. The way sound hits the brain is really intriguing to me. It's all sound, and the way it's implemented makes a world of difference. Also I want to work with more vocalists. I can make music for myself all day, but I need to get "better" at making tracks for other people too.

11. what are some of your fave songs out right now?? Top 3??
Dayyyum a top 3? hmmm? Okay, some tracks that really put a smile on my face.

1. Clipse- I'm Good
2. Teebs, "Untitled 4"
3. 00Genesis - Oh Lucky Me


12. Are you gonna bring a good luck charm??
A pot of my mom's cooking... Yeah I'll probably bring something, but I can't reveal that yet-- it'll spoil the luck.

Well, one thing that's certain not to be luck is the catalog he's assembled over time. I have a massive folder of joints that I play on the reg in my iTunes library, and just added some more.
He's now released a free EP that can be downloaded @ his website.

Here's a goodie...

My Sunshine by 00Genesis from Re:Runs of Re:Runs EP

All the best to 00Genesis in London.

Now, GO!


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  1. good lookin' out for new beatsmiths (to my ear at least). big ups 00genesis.


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