Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White Sounds From Skylight: Paul White Drops (Side A) (DWNLD)

Though this is his 5th release this year, and his 4th since June, I felt like I hadn't heard from Paul White in a beat music minute (which is a 1/32nd note FYI LOL). But aren't I glad about this recent news.
As his 7th release, Paul White treats us to a 9 cut EP entitled: Sound From The Skylight (Side A)

1stly, I love banging artwork. So Paul gets daps for that, and a great shot indeed. But getting down to the meat of this ep, which flows more like a seamless mix in fact, Paul once again chops up samples adroitly, skillfully throwing in the sampled ingredients in his Akai wok and cooking up savory tempura tracks like Trying To Tell You and Dream State (Dam Tales). But as this is entitled (Side A), might there be a (Side B) on the horizon?? Let's hope so.

As usual, a nice EP to hold on to, and more so @ a more than reasonable price: Just a few moments of your time.
As a free download, you can enjoy this entire EP on Paul White's dime until sometime in December. You can also buy the 12" from his site for those wanting to hold on to some wax.

Trying To Tell You by Paul White, off Sound From The Skylight (Side A)

So, you know the drill...

GO, and show love. Shouts to One Handed Music all day.



  1. this is great, and if i heard correctly side b should be dropping sometime next week


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