Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Joke: Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop Lock Mix) Out This Week

A little surprised popped into my in-box. My man Om Unit hit me with this rmx he banged out of a Joker banger. So in honor of a Joker show going down tonight in Toronto, wanted to chat about this said rmx dropping this week.

As I mentioned sometime back, I was pretty pumped to see a resurgence in remixing taking place. With friendships being solidified online, and eventual business, I don't see this slowing down @ all. Bottom line, It's making for such a more interesting landscape and creating catalog. Say wrd.
So we have Digidesign, a banger that torched many a floor this year courtesy of your man Joker - no doubt.
How do you follow that up?? Well, your man Om Unit did a handy job indeed. Slight variations in the melody and an all new tempo resulted in a whole new track. Thought not being released on HyperDub - it's original home - this white label was given the benediction from both Joker and HD.

Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop Lock Mix)

For the ones trying to their hands on this gem, this where you need to make it happen. It's a banger.



  1. been waiting for this one, nice to see its finally getting a release


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