Friday, November 13, 2009

Lucky Charms! Mike Slott prepares for Lucky 9teen (DWNLD)

As I told my pals... Hace mucho tiempo! it's been very long (in beat music years) since we've last heard of a Mike Slott release. Too long in fact. To his credit, he has been busy settling into his New York state of grind, having relocated there in recent times from Glasgow, and gigging left and right, skipping across the globe between points in North America and EU.
He who had left us hankering for more after that sensational rmx for Flying Lotus from the LA 2x3 EP, (a rmx so sweet, I considered it as my wedding song), has finally answered many of the loud cries for more from this star striker of the Lucky Me team.

Lucky 9teen: such will be the titled the long awaited release (and overdue in my eyes and ears) due late this month. What will be closer to an EP than an album - or a mini album in fact, we should expect much of what has made Mike Slott accumulate followers beyond the Heralds Of Change fame. Clouds of electronic syncopation, enchanting melodies with dramatic arpeggios will certainly dominate this mini album release.

Mark your calendars for late November - 30th as I heard rumored. We should have more updates in the dates to come. Big Shouts to Mike for this one. Big shouts to Alex as well. Brap.

In the interim, how about some riddims??

Amanallah by Mike Slott from forthcoming Lucky 9teen release.

40 winx by Mike Slott from forthcoming Lucky 9teen release.

F*ck it, just go get 40 winx, courtesy of the good ppl @ XLR8.



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