Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Karriem Riggins @ Deviation Show w/ Benji B (DWNLD)

I've been sitting on this one for a min.
I believe that I was actually in LA the day this how was aired and only wished that I has been able to listen up live. But all good.
But anyone who knows me and has bothered bring up Karriem Riggins in a convo knows my viewpoint. Dude is nuts.

So when Benji B's Deviation was featuring K. Riggins as a guest for interview and mix, I was pumped.
I know many of you if not all have seen these YTs I shot, but I need to bring them both back.

Benji B chats quickly about this DJ set, and claims that Riggins knocked everyone out. Correction: he knocked them THE F*CK out. Say wrd. The whole set was prodigious and this YouTube nor the Stones Throw podcast (#32 BTW) that resulted even came close to the magic that was played during that set.

Then the 2K8 Bounce Tour....

Who could forget this memorable solo?? Did you know I nearly missed it?? I was caught somewhere that night and somehow made it back in time. Anyhow... enough on about that. We know the drill.

And so do you. Enjoy the interview and the mix, full of gems. Shouts to Benji B as always and make sure to peep his show weekly.

Deviation show w/ Benji B and special guest Karriem Riggins

Deviation Show w/ Benji B, feat. Karriem Riggins. (right click)



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