Friday, November 13, 2009

Follow Friday x Thank Yous LA

As some of you knew/know, I spent a hot min in LA simply to decompress, but to also catch up w/ some pals. I had not been there since... since Lucky Me invaded Low End Theory one yr ago. Nuts.
Had a blast, and was inspired as always, not only putting some wind in my sales but also confirming the wind's direction as well. My compass wasn't off after all. ;)

So, consider this my Twitter Follow Friday x Thank yous collabo, a quasi refutation of the Friday the 13th.

In alphabetical order:

Afta-1: Finally, after rapping on the phone and kicking ideas, the pleasure was mine. We build again soon.
BLU: WTF. That was quick. Man, we sit and rap next time fer sure. Aiiiight.
Brainfeeder: Yesssssir. Adam, Finally. Haha. We in this together man. Let's keep rapping and figure out this bigger picture. The cnavas is there and we got the brushes and paint.
Brooke: Man, dood! Had not seen you in a hot min man. You a good eye. Never thought I would catch you @ Low End of all spots. Sorry, but I had not time to hit the veggie spot.
Chris @ Union: Good Look man. Gryphons connect. Didn't make it over, but I'll def catch up. Wrd.

Computer J: Pfff... Always a pleasure dude. We'll finish that convo and get you on that plane soon. BTW, cool jam @ GLK's
Coultrain: Man, what a week dude. Let's keep rapping, keep building. Lemme know.

Daddy Kev: The pleasure was mine. Hope all is well in JPN and i'll take you up on that offer for Low End in 2010. THX AGAIN!
Devonwho: Don't even know where to start. THAT FRONT LAWN! lol. But for real, we fam now. So let's get this. Say wrd.
Flying Lotus: 1nce again, I owe you. Glad we got to sit and listen to this impending nightmare for the suit and ties. Out with the old dead. It's about to get ugly. Sign me up. Let's do this.
Gaslamp Killer: Man, thanks so much for having me over. That road to the mountain is BANANAS! The cake was amazing, but the Jam session was crazier. Good look and 1nce again, happy bday.
House Shoes: Surprise. Yea man. It was hella good rapping. Been a hot min. Not since... Toronto? Indeed. Anyhow. let's get this thing rolling. I'll get @ you this weekend. Wrd.
Jack Davey: love the hair. Sadly no time for dinner. Proxima vez. Dice palabra.
Jamie Strong: Way too long man. Sh*t... no PBR but we'll stay connected. It was written. Hope you enjoyed that Sunday off finally. Man... Grind!
Jneiro Jarel: Fa sho. Hope all is well with you and looking fwd to chatting some more about the goodness coming thru. It's been a min since that day in PHI. (you mean Sun Walkers?!?! LOL) All love man.
Kutmah: Finally. Haha. Man, i'll get you that French sample soon man. Let's def stay up.
Max @ SSLA: What can I say. GREAT PHOTOS, and your friend is kinda cute. ;) But for real, always good. Let's see what we can get done in 2010.
Proh Mic: Dood, i need more time! It was good seeing you though. If you're still around, let's def pen that piece.
samiyam: Pffff... Ridge or no Ridge, we stay in touch dude. Good hanging out and that the new sh*t is nuts. Bout to get you on a plane hella soon man.
Snowman Jack: Awesome. That was a good look catching up finally. Say wrd. Always best in person man. We all dialed in now, so it's official. Let's get this cracking.
Take: Always good to rap. Glad you're better too. But that was a dope set regardless. See you soon man. Maybe NY/PHI?? Hope so. wrd.
TOKiMONSTA: Wasn't fast enough to catch you on Sat night. Sunday was calmer anyhow. Good look and man, have a safe trip and hella successful tour!
Ty G: LAST BUT HELLA NOT LEAST. Good look on the hospitality. Mi casa es su casa dude. Anytime. You're a true HVW8. Great show btw.

Look for an LA special coming very soon....

Hasta la proxima vez.


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