Thursday, November 26, 2009

Behind Closed Doors v2: Sir OJ Got That Juice (DWNLD) (VIDEO)

After waking for the oddest dream, I went down to my peep some emails only to catch my man Ab on MSN. Dude was the one behind this Beat/Producers DVD entitled Behind Closed Doors that flew off the shelves in it's 1st edition sometime earlier this year. So he mentioned coming close to concluding v2, and it was going to feature none other than FS Green and Sir Oj.
In the same breath, I saw a twitter link for some OJ goodness and noticed a clip of a recent beat cypher they were both in...

Pretty nasty. So with that being said, be sure to look for this DVD when it drops in December. I'll be certain to chat it up out here. But for some certainty, subscribe to Ab's channel on YouTube.
And here's a preview on BCD v2...

And how could we not have some goodness after that? That Sir Oj burner you heard in the cypher? Well it sounded a little like this..

... and if you want to take that one along, you can hit up Sir Oj yourself. He has it posted up for a free dwnld aka freeload (Brumbeat#1).

GO, and show love.

ANDY! I got you! LOL.


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