Saturday, November 28, 2009

2 Words (Again) (DWNLD)

Essential Mix. 11-28-2009

Almost 1 yr to the day after Flying Lotus dropped his essential mix (11-29-2008), Warp's other Heir to the Throne, Hudson Mohawke dropped a much anticipated 120 min mix. This is going to circulate like H1N1, but a welcomed kind of influenza.
I stayed up to listen to it live last night, and it seemed like a perfect accompaniment, a soundtrack to the interview (and mix) he did w/ Benji B @ the top of the month. He lets the music fluently articulate the influences he spoke of. I found myself simply saying... SEEN. It was only right that I followed that interview up with this mix. HudMo shines indeed.
In any case, what an amazing listen. Lots to take in. BTW, I've tucked the playlist in the lyrics tab for the iTunes users.
OK. It's time.

GO! (right click)



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