Tuesday, October 20, 2009

VR9: Viral Radio show 9, Out Now (DWNLD) *UPDATED*

Viral Radio massive has the usual goodness with track listing and all (thank you Yuri and Juha).

This time around we have bangers that look and sound something like this:

The Gaslamp Killer - Anything Worse
Lando Kal - Ass n' Tities
Robert Koch - Death Star Droid
Brain Bennet - Solstice
Quartra - Bleeps From Outer Space
Mount Kimbie - Sketch On Glass
Africa Hi-Tech - Blen
Zomby - Digital Fauna
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix)
Eprom - Humanoid
Dizz1 - Here We Go Again
00Genesis - No Shoes Trampoline
Spacek - Eve (Attica Blues remix)
Bretzel Zoo - The Dunk
Mark Pritchard - 3/4 Heart


You know the deal.


The link was eventually updated @ SoundCloud link. This show was uploaded a little later than expected. All smooth sailing now.

3voor12 Viral Radio 15 October by Viral Radio

Stream it here (say if you're @ work), or click on the arrow on the right side.




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