Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Straight BEAT-ing: Introducing Beat Dimensions v2 & P.U.D.G.E.

The last few years, has signaled some considerable change. The beats landscape has grown tremendously, and though still under the radar, releases are surfacing left and right. Producers have more and more opportunities @ securing a releases under their belts as the boutique labels have acknowledged the small but growing following. But this had to have started somewhere.
Insert Beat Dimensions.
In 2007, I was introduced to this compilation that I will w/o question list as life altering. Beat Dimension had pretty much delivered what I felt had been missing in the field. Beats. Not just beats however, instrumental songs, arrangements. A king of evolution of the beat tape.

It featured the likes of names that were to become common place within this environment: Hudson Mohawke, Flyamsam (Flying Lotus & Samiyam), Mike Slott, Onra, Slumgullion, Pursuit Groove and last but far from least: Cinnaman and Jay Scarlett, the bricks and mortar of this wonder endeavor.
In the 2 years since the comp made it's worldwide debut, it has grown both in following and fame. And when the word go out of open submissions for Beat Dimensions 2, the inbox was flooded.
But the time has now arrived and the wait is nearly over, and in less than 1 week, Beat Dimensions 2 will hit store shelves, and eShops worldwide.

The 20 track opus will drop Oct 12th, and the list of brilliant beatsmiths looks like this:

01. Dorian Concept – Be Tween
02. Nosaj Thing – FWD
03. Zo aka La Chauve-Souris – The Peacock Revolution
04. Low Limit -Turf Day
05. Danny Breaks & DJ Adlib – The Sound
06. P.U.D.G.E. - Reign Dancing With…
07. Dizz1 – Konotakosuke Yaro
08. Samiyam – Swamp Tarts
09. Mike Slott – Cadeting
10. Mono/Poly – Distant Form
11. Ras G – Crazy Alien
12. Dimlite – Ravemond’s Young Problems
13. Devonwho – Welts
14. Erik L – Soularp Suite Pt. 2
15. Kenlo Craqnuques – ZoÏd
16. Tiago – Babel Fish
17. Dalt Wisney – R2FUX
18. Fulgaence – Haggis
19. Exile – Super Robot
20. Busy – Ecliptic Armilla

We are def being introduced to another crop of stellar musicians, some well known to the versed and advanced listeners of this genre, others not so much. But such is the beauty of this game.

Introducing P.U.D.G.E.

The few early adopters and readers of 92bpm (or will recall the name. I once exulted about dude's style and abilities on the MP, and I still do. He was offered a final roster spot on BD2, and has made the best of it.
I discovered P.U.D.G.E. via Jay Scarlett's network of radio shows and events, and have been enamored ever since.

Here's a little Q&A conducted by myself and P.U.D.G.E.

1. When/how did you 1st find out about BD?
Found out round early 07" from Ampsoul Generation & BTS radio , following the burgeoining beat scene

2. What got you into production?
bass playing, singing, rapping Pops, & a music loving dance teaching mom & a need for more "swing" for what I used to rap to
(way bak when i was a rapper)

3. What has been your inspiration/bands you listened to in your come up?
1st off all of my musical "uncles" & cats that pops gigged with then...Dilla, Dilla , beats beats , beats(of course),Thelonious Monk, Madlib, Pete Rock(the godfather) , Primo, Diamond D, Quik, Battlecat, Hit-Tek , Shawn J. period, Easy Mo Bee, Marvin Gaye, RadioHead, Micheal Franks, Sizzla, to name a few...Lol

4. Fill in the blank “_________ changed my life” (what changed yours?) Artist? Song? Something else?
Fantastic Vol. 2 was about 98' or 99, a homie passed me a instrumental tape with "get dis money" instro on it.
I looped it to play for 30 min str8. Then i came across the song. Copped the album, I already had an idea of who Jay-dee
was on the beats (stakes is high & runnin were/are two of my favs). And My faith in Hip-Hop was resuscitated.

5. Up tempo or low tempo?
Mid. (im all over the place, so that where it ends up)

6. What’s the 1st thing you did when you got the email that you were picked for BD2?
"medi*tate" & Give Thanx

7. There seems to be much more interest in this beat scene with every passing day. How big can/will it get?
Its the new Jazz. There are no limits. especially with how fast technology evolves.

8. Hardware or software? What do you use?
Whatever i can get ,my hands on,I started on a gemini sampler(24 sec. joint built in the mixer) & breakbeats
Moved on to a homie & crew members MPC200xl & Records. Right now i use Reason 4/recycle 2.0 with a 48 key midi keyboard (the MPD16 conked out, it took a serious BEATing)

9. How is the beat scene where you’re from?
Sad to say Im not hip. Im originally from Jamaica, Queens & the Beats back home are sounding pretty Dirty (South)
From what I can gauge , the beat scene in NY is growing slowly. I would like to be a part of its growth.
Its only right, its home...& LA has showe me some beautiful things, that i feel i could share.

10. Aside from being selected for BD2, what has been a crowing achievement musically?
Receiving an ASCAP check( for songs I've written for TV /Movies , etc)
Meeting & gaining the respect of some of my Musical peers & artists that i have looked up to.
The validation.

11. Where’s the future taking you?
(in auto tune)
Around the worrrld, around the worllld.
I want to travel, Expand my knowledge & share it thru sound.

Say wrd.

And here's a little sample for all to enjoy... P.U.D.G.E.'s Rain Dancing With... off Beat Dimensions 2 on stores Oct 12th, @ your finer musique boutiques and eShops all over. Wrd.

As they mentioned on their myspace, "More than just a compilation its a movement bitch!".

Say wrd.


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