Friday, October 30, 2009

So Sirius. Portformat Set To Shine Bright w/ The Repeat Factor

Sometime in the late 90s, I was able to sit back and watch with glee the comet Hale-Bopp as it sat in the night sky, seemingly inanimate. A wonderful site indeed. In a parallel conversation in Germany, Portformat might have been saying the exact same thing. LOL.
Portformat is set to release a full length entitled The Repeat Factor. Described as a soundtrack compatible for NASA, this intergalactic slowmotion opus from Portformat is quite impressive.

I 1st came across German based Portformat via an Error Broadcast release, then again via Comfort Fit's great Polyshuffle LP (that I still need to pen about), and i've now been privy to his own LP.

The Repeat Factor has been arranged as a great blend of vocal and beat bizness. As some of you know, I tend to lean on the instrumentals, though I will not deny a nice vocal version. By assembling a great cast of MCs and songstresses of the likes of Georgia Anne Muldrow, Shuanise and Suzi Analogue, he's able to break the possible monotony of a deep instrumental record. Added the lyrics from rappers such as the space cadet Dudley Perkins (how fitting), Blaktroniks, Obey The Altar Native, Bless1, Gajah and Thesaurus Rex, he's got a well rounded LP to offer.

Track list reads as follows:

1. Knock Knock (feat. Bless1)
2. U Gotta Find (feat. Shuanise)
3. Purple Planet
4. Mothership (feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow)
5. Provide Everything (feat. Obey The Altar Native & Denone)
6. Thunder and Lightning
7. Fairy Child (feat. Shuanise)
8. Bionic Arms 3.42 min
9. The Myth (feat. Caits Meissner & Yarrow Lutz)
10. Everything U Change (feat. Obey The Altar Native)
11. 37 Degrees
12. It's On (feat. Blaktroniks)
13. Put Your Love To The Test (feat. Joe Kickass)
14. Life Water (feat. Thesaurus Rex)
15. For The Hungry Cats 3.38 min
16. U$ (feat. Suzi Analogue)
17. So Thankful (feat. Gajah & Olmeca)

The Repeat Factor: 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night. 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night. 17 bright stars that are best played during a clear night.... Ok. Right. LOL.
It's due in stores Dec 3rd, @ your finest music purveyor and thanks to the good ppl @ Tokyo Dawn. Make sure you have a comfy couch, and a hot iTunes visualizer.
Let me get into 2 of my fave joints. An instrumental of course as well as a vocal track which features chanteuse du jour Shuanise.

Purple Planet by Portformat

Fairy Child featuring Shuanise By Portformat



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