Monday, October 5, 2009

Lights, Camera, MEGAHURTZ: RedBull Illuminates the POP MTL Night w/ Dazzling A/V (Photo Essay)

I had the feeling that this was going to spectacular.
The concept was simple. Sound and vision. But specifically, a new sound, a new performance and a new vision. The ultimate goal was the following: marry sound from the new wave of stage performers and producers with large scale visuals, and in one case tuned and tailored to the taste of the performer and his tones, to sync along with the digital displays.
The custom made computer animation canvas stretched across the width of the stage and approximately 16 ft above the performer's head.

Speaking of performers, they all flew into a cool city of Montréal from different corners of the continent, accompanied by an array of gear and gadgetry, all set to galvanize the crowd. From Macbooks, to Micro Korgs to MPC to mallets, all was welcomed.
The result?? A spectacular show of pure lights, sound and heavy visuals. But why take my word for it? I'll let David Lang tell the story. A phenomenal photo essay as always. This fave photog of the RedBull Canada office has once again showed us why his work is not to be f*cked wit! Good Look D Lang.

Shouts to Kenny Mac, Jamieson, Ramos as well as all the performers who played their part. Big shouts to Tash, Moonstarr (Bday Boy), David Ryshpan, Sarah, Scott C. A great show indeed!



  1. Oh my god ! The pictures are beautiful !

    Thanks for it :)


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