Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Do You Like Your Tea? Introducing RBMA 2010 Participant: SWEDE:ART (DWNLD)

In the maintaining the RBMA buzz this week, we look @ some more Red Bull Music Academy participants for 2010.
I 1st came across SWEDE:ART when my man Swift from Error-Broadcast put me on to this new Alphabeat comp they were making available. He was part of this trio of producers who had come together to drop a beat compilation to highlight new music they had all been working on.
But this 19 yr old multi instrumentalist, Bavaria born 90s boom bap fanatic had also applied to the Academy and, to his obvious delight was one of the 60 to receive the almighty email with the good news. We got in touch with him shortly after the announcement to have a quick chat.

(illustration by Alice Dufray)

92: So tell me about your 1st reaction when you saw the email?!?!

S:A: It was just... Fuck… How could that be... Pretty unreal cause it’s my first time applying. I was just confused, but with such a amount of heartfelt luck. Crazy.

92: is this your 1st time applying??

S:A: Yea, and that’s another reason to flip out and do the moonwalk like TOKiMONSTA

92: This is a long shot, but what do you think might have helped you make it into the academy?? music?? some of your answers ??

S:A: that’s a very interesting question, which actually I can’t answer lol. I don’t think that it was my answers, but music?
There are so many other applicants with such a quality of music, so my beats were not too crucial I think.
But one thing’s all about honesty. Be yourself. That sounds easy but it’s a very important point I think..

92: What are you most excited about being in London?

S:A: London is cool in some points, but mainly it’s the home of bassmusic and all its subgenres. If u take the new developments in broken styles, which are nearly all from London and their suburbs, this is a good index of London being the capital of electronic music... Consequently Lndn got the most quality clubscene.

92: What are you most looking fwd to during the academy??

S:A:’s just meeting other people from different countries and knowing that you got a similar view of life and especially music. That’s a great feeling!! Workin on some tracks and djing, do the dance together & QUALITY MUSIC is the icing on the cake. Word.

92: Now that you're on your way to the academy, are you going to work on any special personal projects ? Feeling inspired??

S:A: The commitment gives you very much inspiration, that’s very cool, so I hope I can gather this for my upcoming album with duktus from soulbasta, which is in the line. Mainly working on this @ the moment..

92: What song 1st came to your head when you got in/was accepted?

S:A: Mm..think it was the anthem of RBMA 2008 in Barcelona, this one track with om mas, cornelia and robin hannibal..I’m so over you.

92: if you had a choice of someone to listen to lecture, who would it be??

S:A: Too much to mention, on the one hand it’s very interesting to listen to warhorses like mulatu astatke, or other jazz legends, on the other hand it’s very interesting to listen to producers and singers, which are currently running the biz like hudmo, flylo, and others…
It would be very interesting to talk to FlyLo and his way of making tracks..i think this would be my fav..

92: what skills are you looking to acquire or improve when you're @ the RBMA??

S:A: Mixing, technical possibilities, using the gear the right way…..i think most points are technical improvements.

92: what are some of your fave songs out right now?? Top 3??

S:A: I could tell you my top 300, but top 3..puuh..@ the moment perhaps satellllliiiiitteeeeeee from flylo,
Perhaps the damfunk rmx of red the man without the machine and wolf from blue daisy on loud speakers!! or shlomo “ghosts pt2”..don’t know exactly

92: Are you gonna bring a good luck charm??

mm…no. I don’t have one. Except my monitor speakers. But I will leave them @ home. lol

Well, monitors or not, I know that SWEDE:ART's riddims will sound extra crispy during many of the days and nights during RBMA 2010. And of the many riddims he's got in the chamber, we have one for you here.

SWEDE:ART's Don't Leave Me Alone

And for more, make sure you grab the Alphabeat compilation from Error-Broadcast. Say wrd.


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