Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Do You Like Your Tea? Introducing RBMA 2010 Participant: TOKiMONSTA (DWNLD)

It has finally happened. Months of praying, pleas to higher beings, appeals to the gawds have been heard and the answers were emailed. Who knew that gawds had internet??
RedBull Music Academy 60 have been selected for 2010. The announcement of the 60 chosen participants has the air of an IOC announcement, and the prestige of a Nobel award. The result?? Unconcealed jubilation, triumph for a few dozens, and melancholy for many others. The RedBull Music Academy has become, in just over 10 yrs, the Harvard of music programs.
This is one of the most coveted slots to be offered to any music aficionado, and really, there are no silver or bronze medals here.
In light that 2009 will come and go without an academy, this 2010 edition was already in the pressure cooker. Add ingredients like a London location, and growing world wide reverence, you have the recipe for what will be of on the most memorable Academies yet. So it's only logical to assume that all applicants would put their best "beat" fwd. ;)

One such winning applicant, selected among the 60 to attend was California's TOKiMONSTA, 1st lady of Brainfeeder. After amassing a collection of cuts in her catalog via collaborations overseas, this Californian from Torrance has been blazing the SoCal scene with torrid tracks. Add to that, penning a deal with Brainfeeder, the brainstorm of RBMA Melbourne grad Flying Lotus, she seemed to have caught the Academy's watchful eye and ear. We decided to look @ a few of the 2010 participant who we'll be certain to follow during the academy, starting with she. So we rang her up and to get a quick post acceptance interview.

92: So tell me about your 1st reaction when you saw the email?!?!

TM: I'm tried now. I spent all my energy dancing around the house and doing the moonwalk.

92: Is this your 1st time applying??

TM: YES! That's why i was all the more excited. (wow)

92: This is a long shot, but what do you think might have helped you make it into the academy?? music?? some of your answers ??

TM: Hmmmm.... that's a hard one. But I know that everyone's got good music, but one thing I did do is really take my time with the application. But if there was one question that kinda stood out, and I just seemed to really take my time answering was the inlaws question (what music would you play for your in laws). That and the drawing question. I did the drawing well. LOL.

92: Have you ever been to London??

TM: NO. But I'll ironically be in the UK/EU for the 1st time next month for a bunch of dates over 20 days, but none in London.

92: What are you most excited about being in London?

TM: Just getting down with EU/London culture. I've never been out there, and i've heard so much from friends so i'm pretty excited to see it for myself.

92: What are you most looking fwd to during the academy??

TM: Being able to work with ppl from different backgrounds and places on earth. We might make some similar music, but being able to hear their twist in things is what I'm really looking fwd to.

92: What song 1st came to your head when you got in/was accepted?

TM: Just this one. I was in my head a few days before the announcement, so when I read the email... it's all I could think of. LOL.

92: if you had a choice of someone to listen to lecture, who would it be??

TM: I can't imagine who they'll have a speakers... They can choose from so many. But ultimately, I just want to meet and hear from ppl who have had significant contributions to music. There have been so many ppl that have had so much influence in music of all genres so it's hard to really nail one, but as long as they have speakers that have done some ground breaking work, i'll be happy. There's still so much I need to learn . The things I don't know can fill a book, and the ppl I don't know could fill up a room. So i would love to hear from artists or individuals who have laid the roadmap for some ppl like us.

92: What skills are you looking to acquire or improve when you're @ the RBMA??

TM: I'm really looking fwd to learning how to create better mixes of my music, engineering my sound cleaner, and working with more pro audio gear. I'm also looking fwd to learning how to play and use some new gear and instruments, and how to mic and sample them in my music.

Nice. Again, Congrats from we @ 92bpm!

We're more than certain TOKiMONSTA will have a great academy, and for those who are going to be around for the 2 weeks in February during Term 1, you will certainly have an opportunity to see her live. Make sure to peep her myspace for updates, and in the meantime, here's a little treat courtesy of she - something to look out for when you hear/see her rock. Say wrd.

Tapatio by TOKiMONSTA

*** update ***

To celebrate her RBMA 2010 selection, TOKiMONSTA dropped a freebie for all to enjoy. You know the drill.

Get it!





  1. big up to Tokimonsta! she drops some contangerous tunes! and not to mention she is a fellow Korean!


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