Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Live w/ Beat Dimensions v2 & DevonWho

Sometime in 2008, I got down with this cat DevonWho who I met @ the corner of Myspace and AIM. We started to rap as I got down with his Mr Slowflow m-o, that 80 sumthin bpm sh*t that he was producing. Highlight for me @ the time, was this joint called Dungeonraps off this freebie entitled 2088 archives.

Dungeonraps by DevonWho (from 2088 archives)

This Portland resident was diligently working on tracks, slowly finding his niche, developing and working on his own signature swing. And what a swing indeed. He then made a strategic alliance by joining the Klipm0de Kamp, picked up and moved to the Midi Mecca that would be LA and has ever since not looked back. His hard work also landed him a slot on the prestigious Beat Dimensions v2, taking him from Portland to now a world stage.

We dungeonrapped real quick with DevonWho.

PUDGE, Dibia$e & DevonWho

When/how did you 1st find out about BD?
Thru the internet about a year and a half ago.

What got you into production
Ive been playin live music since i was maybe 12. When i found out
there was a computer program that made beats and I was starting to get
into hiphop, i jumped on it.

What has been your inspiration/bands you listened to in your come up?
I listened to a lot of Aphex Twin, Prefuse 73, and Madlib when I first
started making computer music.

Fill in the blank "_________ changed my life" (what changed yours?) Artist? Song? Something else?
Ableton Live. lol.

Up tempo or low tempo?
EIther or.

What's the 1st thing you did when you got the email that you were picked for BD2?
Bothered Jay and Cinna with countless pointless questions.

There seems to be much more interest in this beat scene with every passing day. How big can/will it get?
Time will tell!

Hardware or software? What do you use?
most of the time i use software and an old midi keyboard.

How is the beat scene where you're from?
I didn't really experience the beat scene when i was living in
portland much. I think it's growing and will get bigger. in LA, it's
pretty inspirational. lots of likeminded cats all grinding.

Aside from being selected for BD2, what has been a crowing achievement musically?
I'm proud to be a part of my musical family, Klipmode, which consists
of Knxwledge, Suzi Analogue, Mndsgn and myself. We feed heavily off
each other's creativity, and I wouldn't be where I am without em.

Where's the future taking you?
i just stared at this question for a good 15 minutes....

And 15 mins later, we only knew one thing: the future is def bright. Aside from this comp, he's got a slew of new releases, out now and on their way. I suggest you keep an eye on DevonWho and his myspace for updates about the now, and def 2010.

But in the mean time, take in some of that DevonWho heat. Don't forget that Beat Dimensions v2 is out now for immediate consumption. Don't front. I got mine. ;)

Welts by DevonWho (from Beat Dimensions v2)

Say wrd.


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