Monday, October 26, 2009

3rd Time's A Banger: Dizz1's 3rd Time Lucky EP (VIDEO)

Sometime shortly after RBMA08 in Barcelona, I was chatting with Harmonic 313 as he had just completed a mix for the BBC that he sent me along with the track listing. On it was this haunting, slow flow riddim called Konotakosuke Yaro by a Dizz1. That same track eventually made it's way to Beat Dimensions v2.
This was the genius of Dizz1.

Now, this Sydney citizen has got a brand new batch of bangers for us to take in. This week marks the release of the 3rd Time Lucky EP off the Nod Navigator series. Under this EP's hood, is a 5 track banger that features some crisp production in varying tempos and arrangements. The sinister swing that 1st caught our attention on Konotakosuke Yaro is def present on this EP, but he also brightens the production on other tracks as well.
But this might not have been the case. Rewind a few years. Dizz1 was caught in not one, but two near fatal accidents. Through the grace of gawd, and a skilled medical doctor, he was able to survive a broken neck and be rehabilitated. We're all grateful that he's now back in full physical form.
Ultimately, there's nothing lucky about his EP and I will go ahead and say that this release may rate as one of the best of 2009.

3rd Time Lucky EP track list will be as follows:

A1. Frazzled
A2. Walkon
A3. Somewhat?
B1. Rirrr
B2. Here We Go Again

Here's a little 3rd Time Lucky EP Trailer to give you cats a taste of what's to come...

So many bangers, it was hard to decide which one to play for you cats. But I decided on Somewhat?. So enjoy, and be sure to cop this 3rd Time Lucky EP, available in fine music retailers Oct 30th. Be sure to hit Dizz1's myspace for more deets.

Somewhat? by Dizz1 off 3rd Time Lucky EP.

Say wrd.


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  1. wrd up! Konotakosuke Yaro is my fav joint on BD vol. 2. he makes joints for the smoked out. lol!


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