Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That: Gaslamp Killer Show Recap - Sept 13 2009 (VIDEO) (DWNLD)

As a few of you know, we were pleased to host a night with The Gaslamp Killer, live in his physical being @ The Drake Underground. Part of a late night series of soirées during TIFF, this was in part a return to Toronto as well as a reintroduction, to a raucous crowd.
All good.
After brilliant sets by Ultragamma and yours truly, your man GLK took the stage - to the stupefaction and jubilation to the few hundreds who braved through a Sunday night until the wee hrs.
Rolling an old silent film as a back drop, The Gaslamp Killer displayed the exothermic performance that has made him one of the stalwarts of the LA scene, and the darling of EU as well.
Without getting into the nitty of gritty of the night, watching and hearing him rawk was hella entertaining, as he showed love. And the fans showed it right back. Cats bought merch and thanked him post show, and be assured we will have him back.
Anyhow, for those who were there - glad you came. For those who missed out, i'll see you on the rebound - and we'll do our best to have it on a true weekend night. You'll need the time to recoup.
So in a recap. here are some a/v goodies.

Pics, courtesy of my man mikedin. Good Look for this one.

Here's a short vid of the night, to give you a vibe of the event.

To boot, for all you iPhone/iPod Touch users, i've made the above file downloadable so you can take it witcha - in full stereo. Say wrd. You can now watch it on the subway, in class, show your friends who he is, and remember to make it out on the next run.
You can get that here.

And for those who missed out, you need to get to the next show.... and now you know. You'll get to hear the madness for yourself.

Don't say I didn't love you.

Shouts to The Gaslamp Killer for coming down and good look on the 10" (pause), shouts to DMoney, Ultragamma, Andre and the good ppl @ The Drake and all the folks who came thru.

Catch us on the rebound.



  1. dude, this is awesome. so glad u recorded this shit!!

  2. mental night, i felt the same leaving like I did at Fly lo.

    now that gaslamp came by.. when is SAMIYAM coming down for more brainfeeding!

  3. Great pictures and wonderful video footage too. GLK was all-round extremely likable in both his stage energy/presence and in the set he gave. That was possibly one of my favourite nights out locally this year [a sentiment shared with each girl I came with and there were five]. Excellent sets from everyone (which isn't something I often feel or say), the venue was quite suitable, the sound was mostly decent, there was a nice variety and a lot of sufficiently attractive and enjoyable people out (also not common enough at dubstep events) and well. Just overall a really fine evening. Thanks, thanks! pr.incest

  4. pr.incest, everything can be summed up in your name. simply put, you're rather lonely. your life is full of meaningless women and evil music--the by-product of a capitalist society, youre not even worth recycling. you should read your comments over and over. it's very scary to read what you wrote. i wish the best for you.

  5. It was a sick night basically. And thats all there is to it.

    I was going off from 11 till 4 straight like it was my job...SHOUTS TO HZA! BOOP!

  6. where's that "full audio" mentionned at the end of the vid ?

  7. e-digga, took it down as GLK was coming out with another mix himself. Another time.

  8. anyone knows track id @09:15?

  9. Hey, you wouldn't happen to still have a copy of the video to upload, would you? It seems SendSpace took it down on account of it being too old. ;_;

    Because I don't have enough "weird" music to inflict on my housemates as it is. :P


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