Thursday, September 10, 2009

Know Your Alphabeat: Error Broadcast Brings Beat Tape (DWNLD)

The almighty beat tape. How they are so sought after. We're talking about the gems before becoming bangers. The early stages, the R & D of tracks...
Always regarded as the objet d'art, simply since they were never meant to be for any public consumption. Meant as a B2B type product. So when they leaked, it was always big news, cherished and oft bragged about, displayed proudly in one's iPod screen.
The good ppl @ Error Broadcast have decided to start a beat tape collection: ABC Alphabeat will be the genesis of what will be a series of "compilations of raw and unpolished scribblings from Boom Bap to Wonky Rap, Dubstep and textural electronic music."
Sign me up.

Behind the ABC Alphabeat beat tape is a german triumvirate of producers: Swede:art, A-rec and Fuer.Step.

Rap cats @ heart who have extended their sounds to that new new that we have yet to define (as usual). That je ne sais quoi, anything goes as long as you stay on rhythm sh*t. ;) Bottom line, it's a great listen as always.

Taken from ABC Alphabeat, here's Japan Domino.

And to boot, the whole comp is FREE DWNLD. Thx to the good ppl @ Error Broadcast as always and shouts to Swift. Make sure you show some love.

And now, click away.


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