Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ghostly & Jeedo: The Eternal Mixtape || R.I.P. BAATIN (DWNLD)

I swore that I would be the last person to discuss this. Anything and everything Detroit is so sticky now. I had this convo with both House Shoes and Black Milk - The D is getting bastardized. Tributes left and right, tee shirts etc.... It became quasi-commerce, Obama style. UGH.
I had my stint messing with the D when no one cared, so I got to see this river swell before my very own eyes. But all is still love and it always will be. Shouts to F'n'D, Ronnie Ca$h.
And how could it not, having touched so many.
As we all know, the music world was victim of another passing: Titus 'Baatin' Glover of world renown Slum Village left us just over 1 month ago.

So tragic.
With that, the good ppl @ Detroit's own Ghostly International got up with our good friend @ Bling 47, Deacon of the D, Waajeed and dedicated their more recent podcast to the memory and life of Baatin.

With that, here's The Eternal Mixtape, mixed by Waajeed for Ghostly International.


But you can also download the mix for your personal pleasure.

Make sure to stay up on all things Ghostly. Shouts to Jackie O for the look. Shouts to Sam. Good call on this one. See you sooner than later. Drinks on me next time. ;)


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