Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Koushik releases his own Beep Tape (DWNLD)

Say wrd.
Got the email last night shortly before 6.
Word was that Koushik's new Beep Tape had just been released. Great news (great title - great artwork).
Greater news: For a limited time, it's avail as a free download. Oh wrd? Cool.
I hadn't heard any rumblings from Koushik inna min, and had not had a chance to rap with him, even after rawking with him this summer.

This 30 track oeuvre which features sampled beat breaks, chirps, tweets and other electronic peeps à la Koushik, sits right inline with his body of work @ Stones Throw. And for 1 week only (starting yesterday), is available as a free download. Wow.
PS - I get the feeling that this might be the 1st of a series: does that say beep tape 1? Regardless, stayed tuned.

But in the mean time, hurry up and go nuts.


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