Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 More Words: SO SICK. (VIDEO)

Man... to think that I was on the fence about making it out to NY. WOW. I would not have been able to live with myself. @ ALL.
1st of all, I need to shout the good ppl @ JetBlue who held me down not 1nce but even on the way back. Wow. I'm so flying with you cats again. No question.

Anyhow, a few of you knew that I made my down to to NYC for the WARP20 affair. Originally down to peep HudMo on the Saturday night, but FlyLo was added to the bill, so on Friday night, I made my way down.
What a sick show. Place was packed, FlyLo killed it and Battles MURDED the set.
Sat night, got to see my man Hudson Mohawke drop goodies from Butter along side the classics @ this venue near WTC. Nuts.
Got to kick it with the Bleep massive (shouts to Raj) and chat more music.
We then hit this after party with Jamie Lidell, who put on another fantastic one man show. Amazing.
Anyhow, before I get into the few pics that I have, need to shout some ppl out for a great weekend:
FlyLo, Dom, HudMo, Mamiko, Slott, Diane, Triniburg, Dara (as always), Sam, Carter (pleasure, let's chat some more). Waddup Astro Nautico! Say wrd. Shouts to Jinesis as well.
Ok. Just a few pics and a video of Flying Lotus rawking it on stage. Would have taken so much more footage but my digi died! So sad. Ugh... regardless, here's the little but I grabbed. Enjoy.

A rare photo. Hza, Steve Beckett and Dom chopping up biz backstage...

Did I say that it was packed?

Finally, here's a clip of Fly Lo's set. Pretty much from the very start. Love that f*cking intro beat. Apologies as video was shot on an antiquated Sony P100 that's now gone senile. :(. You get it regardless.

Free free to download the source file for your iPhone et al...




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  1. Wwoooooaaahhh I was looking up FlyLo footage from this show and lo and behold this is YOUR blog, it's Aishi ! The one who was just dying for a photo with FlyLo himself, was also looking for you later on to say goodbye, but I couldn't see you anywhere!


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