Friday, September 25, 2009

PSYCHE!! You Heard That Right: SOLD OUT! Mayer Hawthorne Swings To Town This Sunday @ Drake

THERE ARE NO TCKTS LEFT! Yes, a cruel and unusual pleasantry.


That's it. This is VERY sold out. That's what happens when you throw female fans in the mix. They don't play OR wait. Which means, I'll have to tweak my set. Oh well. Shouts to Niels & Moovmnt who are gonna unofficially sponsor my sound Sunday. LOL. Might even wear a collared shirt....


See you then.


Far From Faux Pas Friday: More HudMo Freebies Courtesy of Lucky Me.

This is something nice to wake too... other than a thick chick with candy apple red lips and matching heels standing over your with your fave LuckyMe mix playing in the background on AirTunes (where the fuck did that come from?!?!) LOL.
The Genius from Glasgow, his highest Hudson Mohawke dropped a few certified classics out the statin bag for the fellas, and hell, the ladies too damn it! (I hear you Jay!)
These gems will have the toughest girl parading with panache through the grimiest of clubs. What?!?!

This classic white label. Haha. Get it whilst you still can.

Ooops!! Click.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That: Gaslamp Killer Show Recap - Sept 13 2009 (VIDEO) (DWNLD)

As a few of you know, we were pleased to host a night with The Gaslamp Killer, live in his physical being @ The Drake Underground. Part of a late night series of soirées during TIFF, this was in part a return to Toronto as well as a reintroduction, to a raucous crowd.
All good.
After brilliant sets by Ultragamma and yours truly, your man GLK took the stage - to the stupefaction and jubilation to the few hundreds who braved through a Sunday night until the wee hrs.
Rolling an old silent film as a back drop, The Gaslamp Killer displayed the exothermic performance that has made him one of the stalwarts of the LA scene, and the darling of EU as well.
Without getting into the nitty of gritty of the night, watching and hearing him rawk was hella entertaining, as he showed love. And the fans showed it right back. Cats bought merch and thanked him post show, and be assured we will have him back.
Anyhow, for those who were there - glad you came. For those who missed out, i'll see you on the rebound - and we'll do our best to have it on a true weekend night. You'll need the time to recoup.
So in a recap. here are some a/v goodies.

Pics, courtesy of my man mikedin. Good Look for this one.

Here's a short vid of the night, to give you a vibe of the event.

To boot, for all you iPhone/iPod Touch users, i've made the above file downloadable so you can take it witcha - in full stereo. Say wrd. You can now watch it on the subway, in class, show your friends who he is, and remember to make it out on the next run.
You can get that here.

And for those who missed out, you need to get to the next show.... and now you know. You'll get to hear the madness for yourself.

Don't say I didn't love you.

Shouts to The Gaslamp Killer for coming down and good look on the 10" (pause), shouts to DMoney, Ultragamma, Andre and the good ppl @ The Drake and all the folks who came thru.

Catch us on the rebound.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Montréal Megahurtz: RedBull Lights Up POP MTL w/ NOSAJ THING OCT 01 2009

Say wrd.

This should be epic.

What was scheduled as a gig feat Nosaj Thing during the POP MTL festival, has now flourished into a scintillating audio visual spectacle of lavish lights that would give Jerry Jones' new Texas Stadium's Jumbotron pixel envy.

Presenting the The RedBull Megahurtz

How this brainstorm came along was a beta of an a/v show that Team Nosaj Thing were working on, and the online teaser made it's rounds through the expansive internet.

What was initially some R&D in audio and video, is now going live to stage and is rolling out to become The RedBull Megahurtz. Headliner will be Nosaj Thing, with support from Megasoid, Grahmzilla, Neighbour, Jelo, Barletta, Hovatron, Lunice and Greenmachine. Essential to this extravaganza will the free spirited element, that anything goes, je ne sais quoi type of creativity that is the center piece of the new performance.

if you're in MTL 01 OCT 2009, make sure to come check out The RedBull Megahurtz as part of the POP Montréal festivities. Should be pretty nuts. Giant screens and hella sound. Tickets will be on sale @ MOOG and Off The Hook as well as @ the door. 92bpm will be in the building, and may even rock it some time during the festival.

Say wrd.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Announcing: Beat Machine x 92BPM x The Main Ingredient

Deets are coming out as we speak, but he main announcement is as follows:

All the way live from NYC, The Main Ingredient x 92BPM bring you the BEAT MACHINE tour. OCTOBER 10th 2009

Some might recall the CD that dropped earlier this year, a stellar of a gem that simply slid thru and surprised all listeners. Featured some bangers form your faves, such as Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Jay Scarlett, Karriem Riggins and Dorian Concept.

The tour will features 3 of the artists who were also featured: Waajeed of Bling47 fame, Ge-Ology as well as Blu Jemz repping Turntable Lab.

2 rooms: Party room coordinated by the Main Ingredient soul-diers for you and your girl to dance the night away, featuring the sounds of our esteemed guests as well as the trusted selection of the TMI residents (Sean Sax, Agile and Mensa), and Beat Machine x 92BPM room which will feature a beat music showcase that will be curated by none other than 92BPM with our special guests playing their beat music in rotation.

So the initial info is as follows:

The Main Ingredient x 92BPM presents: The BEAT MACHINE TOUR
Waajeed, Ge-Ology & Blu Jemz
Oct 10th 2009 @ Revival - 783 College St.

More deets to come in the next day or so....


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Koushik releases his own Beep Tape (DWNLD)

Say wrd.
Got the email last night shortly before 6.
Word was that Koushik's new Beep Tape had just been released. Great news (great title - great artwork).
Greater news: For a limited time, it's avail as a free download. Oh wrd? Cool.
I hadn't heard any rumblings from Koushik inna min, and had not had a chance to rap with him, even after rawking with him this summer.

This 30 track oeuvre which features sampled beat breaks, chirps, tweets and other electronic peeps à la Koushik, sits right inline with his body of work @ Stones Throw. And for 1 week only (starting yesterday), is available as a free download. Wow.
PS - I get the feeling that this might be the 1st of a series: does that say beep tape 1? Regardless, stayed tuned.

But in the mean time, hurry up and go nuts.


Incoming Live from Hoya Hoya: Illum Sphere's Dublab Mix (DWNLD)

It gets a touch tough @ times. Vinyl is getting released before digital now, so I may be the last @ the party, since i like to buy digi releases.
So I had been patiently waiting for the illum Sphere x Mono/Poly split digi 7" that was dropped earlier on wax. It also became my introduction to illum Sphere.

This producer, DJ, co-proprietor of a hugely successful night in Manchester (Hoya:Hoya), 1/2 of Sketch City, has artistic acumen well beyond his years. illum Sphere creates a sound that draws influence from hip-hop as much as it does from psych, jazz, abstract electronics and Detroit techno.
Having been labeled as a top prospect in annum past, 2009 has turned out to be a banner year of the producer. Following the release of his Incoming EP from Fat City Records, he dropped a highly anticipated 7" with Mono/Poly.
To add to that, he and his partner in rhyme Jonny Dub were both invited to play earlier this year, the Mecca Of Midi Madness: Low End Theory. Wow.
To top it all off, we now have a mix done exclusively for Say wrd.
Def keep your eyes (and ears) on coming projects from illum Sphere. But for now, take this mix in.
Still not sure how long this mix will be up for but you can stream it.

illum Sphere Mix for Dublab.

Better yet, take it home with you.


Tracklist as follows:

illum Sphere- Kaleidoscope
Demdike Stare- Trapped Dervish
illum Sphere- Psycho
Cee-lo- Evening News
Modeselektor- Fake Emotion (Dabrye Remix)
Lukid- Veto
Flako- Footprints
Prince Jazzbo- Replay Version
Salma Agha- Come Closer
Dabrye- In Water
Africa Hi Tech- Sound Of Tomorrow
Eliphino- Don’t Try Be
Ikonika- Sahara Michael
Bobbi Humphrey- Young Warrior (Madlib Remix)
Joker & Ginz- Re:Up
Ras_G- Speaker Smash!!!
Johnny Osborne- No Soundlike We (Version)
Tiago- Babel Fish
Fulgeance- I Luv U
Os Originais Do Samba- Falador Passa Mal
Paul White- Grimy Light
illum Sphere- Hyper (Instrumental)
De La Soul- Big Mouf
KenLo- Craqnuques (Orange)
Scientist- Martin Luthur King
illum Sphere- Medusa
Baris Manço- Gönül Dagi
Lorn- Tomorrow
Africa Hi Tech- Blen
Juicy J- Gimme Head/ Martyn- Vancouver
Silkie- Purple Love
Kutmah- Fyyyah!!!
Transllusion- Do You Want To Get Down?
Dema RKGB- Chang!!XXXX
Dozen- Too Much (Illum Sphere Remix)
Daedelus- El Subidon
Fela Kuti & The Afrika 70- I.T.T (International Thief Thief)
Three 6 Mafia- Poppin’ My Collar
Zomby- Firefly Finale
Starkey- Bounce
Dabrye- Game Over (Instrumental)
Flying Lotus & Soundmurderer- Secret
Sun- Time Is Passing
Hudson Mohawke- Rising 5



Friday, September 11, 2009


Sunday Sept 13th @ Drake. Period.
GLK, Ultragamma & yours truly. Period.
Serving til 4a. Period.


Ultragamma Is Down With Us (DWNLD)

Say wrd.
Always nice to meet new cats that are down with the same cause.
Enter Ultragamma, a cat that I met during @ the Nosaj show we both rocked. We really kicked it for like 10 mins before we knew that we were on the same f*cking page. Say wrd.
So during his set, when i heard this one banger, I was like dude, WTF is this?? Oh, that's that Ultragamma sh*t. Say wrd?!?! Tight.

He's been busy banging out some joints left and right, polishing his production in anticipation of some releases. Count me in.
So he and I are rawking it this weekend with Gaslamp Killer in Toronto. Totally pumped.

Here's a little sample of Ultragamma's bangers....

... and now here's a mix he made for The Curb Crawlers. For you all to take witcha.

Tracklisting is as follows:

Fulgeance - Chico (Dorian Concept Rmx)
Tableek and G Frequency - No Control (Heralds of Change Rmx)
Dak - Burns
Bullion - Get Familiar
Ultragamma - Stars Collapse
Fulgeance - Absolute Belta
” - Morning Revival
Thriller - Freak For You
Danny Breaks And DJ Adlib - The Sound
Nosaj Thing - FWD
Mux Mool - Death 9000
Elequent - Ronin Code
Dorian Concept - We Smell Plastic
Nosaj Thing - Coat Of Arms
Elequent - Pixelated Mess
Heralds Of Change - Show You (inst.)
Ultragamma - Exhibition
Dalt Wisney - r2fux
Hudson Mohawke - Maybe It Dawn
Mono/Poly - Distant From
Ultragamma - Freezie Ray
Mono/Poly - Red and Yellow Toys
Kenlo Craqnuques - Zoid
Hudson Mohawke - Still On It
Dorian Concept - Thank Capital Letters
Dizz1 - Konotakosuke Yaro
Mark Pritchard - Wind It Up
Msk - Cookies For Breakfast
Joker and Ginz - Purple City
Dorian Concept - You used to sing or are you used to singing
Fantastic Mr Fox and Rich Reason - Bleep Show
FaltyDL - Bravery
Me&John - Tell Me
Team Sleep - Apollonia

You can grab it here. Shouts to Ultragamma for this one, and B. Sek! And if you're in Toronto this weekend, you know the drill.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Know Your Alphabeat: Error Broadcast Brings Beat Tape (DWNLD)

The almighty beat tape. How they are so sought after. We're talking about the gems before becoming bangers. The early stages, the R & D of tracks...
Always regarded as the objet d'art, simply since they were never meant to be for any public consumption. Meant as a B2B type product. So when they leaked, it was always big news, cherished and oft bragged about, displayed proudly in one's iPod screen.
The good ppl @ Error Broadcast have decided to start a beat tape collection: ABC Alphabeat will be the genesis of what will be a series of "compilations of raw and unpolished scribblings from Boom Bap to Wonky Rap, Dubstep and textural electronic music."
Sign me up.

Behind the ABC Alphabeat beat tape is a german triumvirate of producers: Swede:art, A-rec and Fuer.Step.

Rap cats @ heart who have extended their sounds to that new new that we have yet to define (as usual). That je ne sais quoi, anything goes as long as you stay on rhythm sh*t. ;) Bottom line, it's a great listen as always.

Taken from ABC Alphabeat, here's Japan Domino.

And to boot, the whole comp is FREE DWNLD. Thx to the good ppl @ Error Broadcast as always and shouts to Swift. Make sure you show some love.

And now, click away.


Overture To Low End: HudMo, Dorian, Cinnaman & Mamiko do Dublab (DWNLD)

Low End Theory must have been a zoo last night. Still waiting for the field reports to trickle in... so footage SOMETHING.
How oft do you get such a distinguished EU lineup in one night??
But the ones who could not make it to downtown LA, I shot out a tweet, that was promptly re:tweeted about a live session taking place @ world famous Dublab.
For that who got to hear it, it was niceness indeed:
Mamiko Motto from Hep Cat Radio/Kindred Spirits, Dorian Concept, Cinnaman of Beat Dimensions/Viral Radio, Hudson Mohawke and Gaslamp Killer of course. Tons of exclusives from all who played.

Don't ever say I didn't love you. Enjoy the mix, in it's entirety.

Mamiko Motto, Dorian Concept, Cinnaman, Hudson Mohawke & Gaslamp Killer, Live @

Or better yet, download it for your listening pleasure.


Show love. ;)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 More Words: SO SICK. (VIDEO)

Man... to think that I was on the fence about making it out to NY. WOW. I would not have been able to live with myself. @ ALL.
1st of all, I need to shout the good ppl @ JetBlue who held me down not 1nce but even on the way back. Wow. I'm so flying with you cats again. No question.

Anyhow, a few of you knew that I made my down to to NYC for the WARP20 affair. Originally down to peep HudMo on the Saturday night, but FlyLo was added to the bill, so on Friday night, I made my way down.
What a sick show. Place was packed, FlyLo killed it and Battles MURDED the set.
Sat night, got to see my man Hudson Mohawke drop goodies from Butter along side the classics @ this venue near WTC. Nuts.
Got to kick it with the Bleep massive (shouts to Raj) and chat more music.
We then hit this after party with Jamie Lidell, who put on another fantastic one man show. Amazing.
Anyhow, before I get into the few pics that I have, need to shout some ppl out for a great weekend:
FlyLo, Dom, HudMo, Mamiko, Slott, Diane, Triniburg, Dara (as always), Sam, Carter (pleasure, let's chat some more). Waddup Astro Nautico! Say wrd. Shouts to Jinesis as well.
Ok. Just a few pics and a video of Flying Lotus rawking it on stage. Would have taken so much more footage but my digi died! So sad. Ugh... regardless, here's the little but I grabbed. Enjoy.

A rare photo. Hza, Steve Beckett and Dom chopping up biz backstage...

Did I say that it was packed?

Finally, here's a clip of Fly Lo's set. Pretty much from the very start. Love that f*cking intro beat. Apologies as video was shot on an antiquated Sony P100 that's now gone senile. :(. You get it regardless.

Free free to download the source file for your iPhone et al...




Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v7 (DWNLD)

Yep yep. It's about that time.
Low End Theory podcast Episode 7 is here. And this time, we're given such a timely treat....

Low End Lieutenant Gaslamp Killer connects w/ BBC Radio1's Experimentalist Mary Anne Hobbs. Essentially a podcast featuring Mickey and Mallory Knox with a psychopathic blend of that psychedelic and the psycho. Could it get any nuttier?? Some of you probably got a taste of it during Sonar this summer @ the MAH presents stage that also featured Joker and Martyn.
But regardless as usual, enjoy:

CLICK (or right click)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 Words

Warp 20

Hold me down JFK.


92bpm Presents: GSTMX v2 feat. FITZ AMBRO$E (DWNLD)

I still recall dude handing me a CD when he came to Toronto. For some reason I was running around and never got to really sit and chat. But seeing that we do almost err-other day now, sh*t, it's only right that i reached out.
FITZ AMBRO$E, a Canadian expatriate working in Sendai, JPN teaching the yoots has been bangin'em out for more than a min now. Hailing from the famous Canadian East Coast of Nova Scotia, he's been diligently working on music when he's not riding his single speed up and down these streets.

A recent addition to the young ∆ICASEA roster, look for some goodies to finally drop from the steady and skilled hands of FITZ AMBRO$E, accompanied by his trustworthy and unwavering MPC.
But in the interim, we have a little mix for all to enjoy.
Presenting the 2nd installment of the new GSTMX series, featuring FITZ AMBRO$E aka the SENDAI SAMURAI. ;)

The tracklist taste something like this:

Abdul-Aliim - sekong time
Mindesign - roundnround
devonwho -
Annu - strawberry surf
Shlomo - antigravity
John Mo - easy ways
K1enra - gonekarmagone
KenLo Craqnuques - grasmaigre
RLP - 0003
Benny B.Blonco - pray
Jellphonic - the only one
Delta Studio - cidi freaks

Take it all in, and it's all for you. You know the drill right??


Man. Enjoy. Show love. Make sure to peep my man's myspace to peep new riddims. Wrd.


Ghostly & Jeedo: The Eternal Mixtape || R.I.P. BAATIN (DWNLD)

I swore that I would be the last person to discuss this. Anything and everything Detroit is so sticky now. I had this convo with both House Shoes and Black Milk - The D is getting bastardized. Tributes left and right, tee shirts etc.... It became quasi-commerce, Obama style. UGH.
I had my stint messing with the D when no one cared, so I got to see this river swell before my very own eyes. But all is still love and it always will be. Shouts to F'n'D, Ronnie Ca$h.
And how could it not, having touched so many.
As we all know, the music world was victim of another passing: Titus 'Baatin' Glover of world renown Slum Village left us just over 1 month ago.

So tragic.
With that, the good ppl @ Detroit's own Ghostly International got up with our good friend @ Bling 47, Deacon of the D, Waajeed and dedicated their more recent podcast to the memory and life of Baatin.

With that, here's The Eternal Mixtape, mixed by Waajeed for Ghostly International.


But you can also download the mix for your personal pleasure.

Make sure to stay up on all things Ghostly. Shouts to Jackie O for the look. Shouts to Sam. Good call on this one. See you sooner than later. Drinks on me next time. ;)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strong Armin Suckers: Strong Arm Steady Drop Newness, prod. by Madlib (DWNLD)

We had seen and heard apparitions of this crew left and right, on various tracks but all wondered when there would be something official to hold on to. Well sh*t, the time has arrived.
Strong Arm Steady will officially be sticking up weak MCs up and down the PCH with their soon to be released Stoney Jackson LP, with the production work falling solely on Atlas' shoulders aka the witchdoctor bka the indefatigable Madlib The Badkid. Wow. Another full album under his belt.

Look for the LP to feature the likes of Talib Kweli, Phonte, Planet Asia, and Oh No among others. Should be nice, esp in light that ST fans have been heard shouting for some more straight up and down hip hop, that boom and bap that's not been seen or heard from them in a hot minute.
So as per usual, we're treated to a nice seeding of a track, courtesy of Stones Throw (shouts to J. Strong).

Strong Arm Steady - Get Ya Money Right feat Defari (I do believe)

I'm pretty sure that's everyone's fave teacher who sparks this, though there's no mention of him officially. And this IS a freebie. Did I say that??



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Paul White vs BBC: WHTLBL (DWNLD)

I was just about to go for a ride when... I just read this:

Tight! A Paul White banger?? No doubt. Been a min since I caught some PW. You bet I'm down. And you can be as well. Just click here and grab your own copy of this likkle whtlbl. Show love.
Shouts to Mr Beatnick (we link again on my next run out there still). Seen.


ENDtroducing: The GasLamp Killer - Live in Toronto Sept 13th 2009 (DWNLD)

The Mother F*cking End in near. Period.

All the way from Los Angeles Killa-fornia, we will be hosting none other than the Low End Theory Lieutenant, Brainfeeder Baron, The Gaslamp Killer. This will be @ the start of TIFF, so it's going to be a zoo and we're going pretty late folks. 4am - serving til 4 that is. We recommend that you take the Monday off, if not that morning. Or, you can even go straight to work afterwards. Could be a good look. ;)
Be regardless, you're been warned - the 1st warning shot.

w/ mymanhenri + Ultragamma.
SEPT 13th 2009
Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
Here's the FB event page for those who get down like that.

92BPM will be in the building! Say Wrd. Shouts to Dmoney. Let's do this.

And what would this ENDtroduction be w/o some music??? Being that this will be GLK's 1st time in Toronto, here's a little snack for those who may not know the real deal. Sh*t.

Low End Theory Podcast 3 featuring none other than The Gaslamp Killer + LA's own Ras G.

Click (or right click to save).


More deets coming...

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