Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thumbs Up! Devonwho releases long awaited LP Funraiser v1: Thumbtracks

Not even sure where to start but my man DevonWho has been blazing through these skies like a shuttle on re-entry, missing a few tiles. From the day that I caught his 1st EP of his off his myspace, I fed kept an eye (and ear on dude).
One of my fave back then was one called Dungeonraps I do believe. Slow ass tempo that I was always use to set it off. Say wrd.
Dude kept banging away @ the beats, eventually joining forces with the Klipm0de camp, and leaving his native PDX for LAX. Wrd.
He's only gained momentum with his move, rawking shows left and right, working on collabos with the likes of PUDGE and Dibia$e, and still diligently finishing his record.

Now Funraiser v1: Thumbtracks is now here:

Anyone familiar with this man's sound already know: dude is nice. And for those not, welcome. The beats off Thumbtracks have matured with more swing, and the synths have flourished, sprouting marvelous melodies pollenating all open ears. I still recall playing actriz for the 1st time @ this spot, and this dude came over like... "WTF IS THIS!?!?" Devon. "[chuckling] OMGoodness. This is bananas". Yep. I would even say plantain. There are several other joints that have been absolute faves of mine, like fourthrees which is a great off beat banger.
But regardless, this is no doubt a hot record, and one to absolutely cop.
You can grab the record here:
The entire opus was orchestrated by Dev, but also features members of his extended fam, Klipm0de: Knxwledge, Suzi Analogue & Mndsgn

So do yourself a solid, catch DevonWho on his way up. It's about to get really silly. He's also got a joint coming on the highly anticipated Beat Dimenions 2 record. Sh*t is cracking for real. PDX stand up.

With that, here are a few joints I love off DevonWho's Funraiser v1: Thumbtracks LP




Do the do. Show some love and go get it


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