Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swiss AEED Sparkles With Synesthesia (DWNLD)

A few months bag, I was gleefully chatting about this record that just dropped, and great comp called Bag Of Nothingness. One of the many tracks off that standout release was from Swiss producer AEED, né Aid Copelj.
The good ppl @ Error Broadcast now follow up that comp with an EP from AEED, Synesthesia.

In what Error Broadcast like to call contemporary hip hop, or in this case an amalgam of hip hop, IDM and candy pop music, AEED delivers what I joking call electro-nice or hoodtronica. The electronic fused with hip hop as a foundation is something that I can almost never get bored of as it paints an entirely different landscape than what most are accustomed too. Electron clouds, and scintillating synths riding classic boom and bap kicks. The EP even opens up with what I would paint as a G Funk track that Chuck lacing, C-Walking, pleated kaki wearing kats might rock too. Say wrd.
But among the many bangers on Synesthesia, AEED's stand out riddim in my books has to be a joint called Cry Now. Bananas from start to finish.

With that said, here's Cry Now, by AEED, off the Synesthesia EP.

But why settle with one banger when you can get them all? Get Synesthesia as it's been posted as a FREE DOWNLOAD. For how long, we're not sure. So... no better time than the present! Make sure to show some love and leave a comment. Wrd.



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