Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Suff Lives The High Life w/ Hi Hats v2

92bpm is a friend of Suff Daddy (and vice versa we hope. GULP). No doubt. In our many conversation, Suff had slipped us advance music of what eventually became the EFIL4FFUS EP, which we rated as a banger when it dropped.
A few more releases later, his next major endeavor is upon us 1nce again, Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2.

No need for a a 3-D Nintendo Virtual Boy console to see what Suff Daddy's all about. He proved that long before, and maintains his position as a true Pilsetten quaffing, Tanqueray sipping bboy. Incontestably, Suff Daddy picks up where he left off on EFIL4FFUS on Hi Hat Club v2, with beats and rhymes in the most traditional sense. Take, Vices - one of my fave tracks - and how he deftly chops classic cuts and samples, mixing and serving it all up on the rocks with a side of backwoods to assuage the staunchest fanatics.
But Suff Deezy can certainly smooth it out as well, as he does on several of the tracks including one I love called High Life. You might even take your girl on a long drive with this one running on deck. LOL. (chicks hate it when I say that. But it's so funny... and so true. Shouts to Afta-1).
But regardless, look out for Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 which drops in less than a month from the good ppl @ Melting Pot Music.

Let me leave you with some tasty samples from Suff Daddy's Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2, which will be in stores September 4th 2009. Hit up the good ppl @ MPM for more deets.


High Life

Lottahydro (as it appeared on MPCs & BeatBreaks v1)

And you can sample more goodies from Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 on line @ MPM.

Say wrd.


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