Monday, August 24, 2009

Sexperienced: Dorian Concept Stays On Top With Dance Floor Banger

Are you Sexperienced?? DC is determined to find out. This summer, Vienna virtuoso Dorian Concept talked about his new 12" driving some ladies batty on the dance floor. Ummm yea...
After a calculated leak of a teaser, the feedback had been of one mind: Dorian Concept's dance floor manners were on fire.
So after rumors of a mini bidding war for the rights to this release, the news of it coming from Affine Records was of no real surprise. Beyond the fact that they released his last 12", Maximized Minimalization, the ppl @ Affine and Dorian are good ol' fashion friends (remember those?), so it took nothing for this deal to go down. As such, this weekend I was able to hit the shop and buy this...

Trilingual Dance Sexperience. Wow.
For those who recall his magnificent performance @ the Red Bull Music Academy tent @ Sonar, this song will very much ring some bells. For those who were not, bells will be rung regardless.
This definitive dance floor banger that plays in the 140 bpm range is part his search for his singularity in sound, to break away from the beat music peloton that has been gaining some speed in the most recent year. But Dorian Concept is determined to set his own tempo, and standard. Indeed.
This one was meant to be played @ the height of a night, flashing lights, to climactic heights. A keyed signature melody from Dorian jump starts the song, which then erupts into a frenetic beat. You eventually experience a moment of rest to regain respiration and possibly wipe some perspiration, only to have it start all over, with no complaints.

This brilliant 12" also caries a capable b side in Tropical Hands, and both tracks are an absolute must in the library. With that said, take it in.

Trilingual Dance Sexperience by Dorian Concept. Affine Records

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