Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mo HudMo: Mix for Future Vintage feat exclusives from BUTTA (DWNLD)

Wow. Back to back goodies. Your boy, Glasgow Gangster HudMo has been chilling in Holland this summer, finishing this highly anticipated Butta LP for Warp. Just a day past this calculated leak from the good ppl @ , we get another goodie from the man himself, in the form of a Podcast for Future Vintage along with Mamiko Motto.
To put it simply, it features some of the bangers from Butta including this much talked about collab with Killafornia Keys Krusher Dam-Funk, among other gems.

Tracklist looks something like this...

Hermeto Pascoal – Cannon
Weather Report – Morning Lake
Build An Ark – In Her Smile (Daedelus remix)
Aardvarck – No. 2 (Pigstyle)
Riuchi Sakamoto – (Something Japanese we couldn’t read)
The Crookers – Put Your Hands On Me (Mohawke instrumental mix)
Vacuum – Gang Gang Dance
Misel Quinto – Neanderfal Complex
MED – Dollars (instrumental)
Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5
Hudson Mohawke feat. Dam Funk – Tell Me What You Want From Me
Hudson Mohawke – Trykk
Hudson Mohawke – M5000
Dan Deacon – Woof Woof (Mohawke mix)
Sieglizer – Apple
Terror Danja – Swindle (Zumpi Hunter mix)
Daniel Sanio – Tough Guy Music
Lorn – Until There Is No End
Hudson Mohawke feat. Wednesday Nite – Paint The Stars

Anyhow, you know the drill. Holla @ Future Vintage to get this now.

Shouts to Radna, and Mamiko. Had fun this summer! Add them both if you know the time.


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