Friday, August 21, 2009

Mindesign's Mellifluous Ride Through the Milky Ways: Lights & Tunnels

Man... I was graciously fwd'd an advance from the good ppl (person) over @ Philly's own Record Breakin' some months ago by my man Junior. In early June, he hit me with Lights & Tunnel by Mindesign, and it instantly became iPod rotation during my EU invasion. I was then submerged with work and music and never got back around to posting about this one.
Well, sh*t... a few months later, this record has now dropped.

What you can expect from Cali native Mindesign's Light & Tunnel, is a mellifluous ride over his musical milky way, a calm cosmic canter through constellations of claps, kicks and keys (oh stop it). Still, eyes closed or not, this EP is one to take in and space out to, as the keys oscillate beautifully, hovering over the riddim whilst the beats swing, though still bang with out being too aggro. Might even want to make you wanna hold your girl's hand? LOL. (oh stop it Hza)
Bottom line, Mindesign's Light & Tunnel off Record Breakin' is indisputably an EP to own, if you care for this beat music.

Son (instrumental) by Mindesign.

Light & Tunnel is available now from iTunes. Click.



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