Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marvelous Macedonia: Metabeats' Fruit Salad (DWNLD)

In what I like to file under SoundCloud Surprise was an email I got from the good ppl @ Associatedminds. In it was a track from Metabeats, a preview single from an upcoming instrumental LP from his camp.
Located off the beaten path in Cardiff, UK Associatedminds is label home to various artists spanning the full spectrum of hip-hop music such as Metabeats and others such as Mudmowth, Willo Wispa, Beatbox Fozzy X, Ruffstylz, P.L.O., Ralph Rip Shit & Sam Rockwell.

After releasing his debut LP in 2007, Metabeats' been busy diligently working towards another full length which will feature the likes of one of the hardest working men on earth, DC's Oddisse among others.
But he will def also be concurrently completing the yet to be titled album.

So here, Fruit Salad by your man Metabeats

Or you can download it, here.


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