Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cinematic Soul: Amede & The Soundsmith Take You To Flat 17

What a cast. Synths from Cologne, Beats with roots in Detroit and Crates from Camdem - an ensemble that could rival any DeNiro, Pacino and DiCaprio flic. Wait. They don't do riddims, do they?? Well, if they did they might just put some out some of this Cinematic Soul that Amede & The Soundsmith have released, in the form of this FLAT 17 EP.

The release party was just last night across the pond, and I only wish I could have been there. Still recall when I 1st got a teaser on my FB page, and was patiently waiting for the release. The university dorm produced EP features some nice & smooth vocals along with a few certified beat bangers. Sh*t... you know how I get around some sloppy drums. Say wrd.

Make sure you give Amede & The Soundsmith a look and peep this smooth EP, FLAT 17 among the other's he's put it out previously.

You can get all your deets here, for all the releases.

But in the mean time, peep one of my fave joints.

Vast! by Amede & The Soundsmith, off the FLAT 17 EP.

Say wrd!



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