Friday, July 31, 2009

Wildest Angel: Mary Anne Hobbs Compilation Promo Surfaces

News to not so many I'm certain, Mary Anne Hobbs' next compilation Wild Angels is due to drop in the not so distant future on Planet μ.

Of course it will be stacked with bangers, some known and others adduredly exclusive to her mix. But as a teaser, a brilliant trailer was shot, cut and pieced together by Lucky Me official Dom Sum, master visualizer and friend of the dub step deity.

Beyond question, you heard some very recent classics, like the opening riddim from Harmonic 313 (which I still rate as LP of the year so far) and Rustie somewhere in there with the brilliant Zig Zag, but also some other ones that I have yet to finger. All good. I'm here waiting MAH. Don't forget to catch her show when you have the op on BBC Radio 1.



  1. It will also contain that amazing Esthian 3 tune by Floating Points. My introduction to the man and imo still his best. Goosebumps everytime!


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