Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Viral Radio CHOOSES DEATH! The Gaslamp Killer x Viral Radio Special (DWNLD)

On a Jack Kevorkian type tour, our good friend, Low End Theory General and Brainfeeder soul-dier The Gaslamp Killer has been flying through EU with the impact of a quasi D-Day, or G-Day really. With a collection of barbarous beats, a corybantic coiffure and an unspecified amount of sodium thiopental, GLK dropped into the Viral Radio studios to join both Juha & Cinnaman for what was certain to be a memorable show. Unfamiliar with The Gaslamp Killer? Here.

The show is up for grabs. You can catch it here, or even get fed here. (right click)

Shouts to Juha & Cinnaman for a great program as always.

Enjoy, and.... CHOOSE DEATH! ;)


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