Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Such Elaquence: In Color v3 (Dirtiest Loops) (DWNLD)

It's only right. Today, being the Canadian National bday (and holiday YAY) that I chat about rising star Elaquent and his new mix In Color v3 (Dirtiest Loops).
As usual, 1st came across dude online and was pretty much blown away, seeing that someone who wasn't in EU was paying attention to this beat music and bonus that he was on the Canadian side of town. Dbl bonus for not being in any of the major metros. Elaquent and I finally had the pleasure to meet up during a Black Milk show I threw in Nov 08. Dope.
Now, months after dropping his last edition of his colorful endeavors, we have a new one for all to peep.

Finely chopped samples and aggro drums and kicks 1nce again paint the picture for this hip hop fanatic. If you're familiar with this series of mixes, you'll appreciate the sub plot of his song nomenclature which I always thought made it interesting, almost indicating a never ending story, a type of liaison between the volumes. Anyhow enough of that.

Elaquent made In Color v3 (Dirtiest Loops) available for all to download.

In Color v3 (Dirtiest Loops) <---- download link (which also includes v1 + v2)

Just in case, you can sample Another Day (crimson) now.

How could I not show my man love when he throws in some LINER NOTES in the file! Say wrd.

Shouts to my man Elaquent, show him love.





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