Friday, July 17, 2009

Road Warriors: RBMA x Flying Lotus x 92bpm Tour Picture Essay

This is an edit of a previous post that contained just a few pics. So i've expanded the post to bring much of the shots that have circulated the net already but as an official post along with some commentary.

We zig zagged across the great Canadian landscape a few times, taking this Red Bull Music Academy road show featuring Flying Lotus to each and everyone who had longed to see such a performance take place: Midi Madness.

Day 1ne

The 1st night in Victoria BC was amazing. Info Session went very well, the night rawked and the speakers sang. The night started with the allegro opening set I hit cats with followed by the concerto con brio by the Maestro of the MPD himself, Flying Lotus. The ppl came, saw and we're blown away. Thk you Victoria. Whistler, here we come.

The night closed out with a gift from the local medicinal practitioner and supplier. WTF?!?

I don't even smoke and I know this is a fair bit of therapy. Wow. Luckily, we were in the BC where medicine is as common place as it can get in Canada. Some of it was dutifully consumed during the beautiful ferry ride back from Victoria to Vancouver.

Shouts to Murge and Degree One. Good look on the hospitality.

Day 2wo.

We had a day off in Vancouver, which I spent relaxing and staring out my window. Pretty calming I must say...

The day after made our way up some winding roads to Whistler, BC - site of what will be much of the 2010 Winter Games. Small resort town full of cats that likely spend the day staring @ the mountainous terrain and mountain biking through all the trails. The infosession was simple and the night was spent watching some ladies (and one dude??!?!) pole dancing. LOL. None of it was caught, luckily.

Shouts to Mat The Alien who rawked it with us and simply murdered it @ the end. We need to do that one again. Say wrd.

Day Thr33.

Now was the start of what was going to be a grueling little stretch. I was pretty much accustomed to traveling, and being up early. But the night time component was the new variable. Was being up late every night and out early every morning going to take it's course and erode my stamina?? Already, dieting was taking a hit, esp my famed brkfst (and the tweets for those who care to follow) had already vanished.

Regardless, we landed in Calgary during the renown Calgary Stampede. Oh wow. We had bails of hay in our hotel lobby, amongst a sea of cowboy hats and tight ass jeans. Nuts. But the biggest surprise was to come soon.

Our info session took place @ the famed Giant 45 and more importantly, the newly redesigned G45. This was possibly one of our best (if not the best) info sessions. The environment was awesome, the crowd was responsive which made for a perfect vibe.

We had a special guest creep out of no where.... lol.

Shouts to Kim & Ty G of HVW8 who snuck up to his home town on the low low. ;) That was such a dope surprise.

The night that followed was @ the glorious Hi-Fi Club in Calgary. Sh*t. Cats know bottom end. Had a blast.

Shouts to Keys n Krates who were also in the building that night. Shouts the cats from Giant 45 and Small Town for all the love. Wrd.

Nest stop.... YYZ.

An early ass flight made this day kinda hard to start, but we did it. Made out way out to the most anticipated night of all: Toronto. So much anticipations, so many expectations. From me, from promoters REMG, from the learned fans. My phone had been blowing up about show times, and the op for love @ the door. It was a hectic day.
I @ least had an opportunity to sleep @ home. That was AMAZING! But the day turned out to be more hectic than expected. It was sunny, and it was hot and the vibe was idea. The info session took place @ the Red Bull offices and the attendance was outstanding!

We then proceeded to what became a zoo over @ Tattoo Rock Parlor. A packed house greeted The Flying Lotus Tour and they got a taste of what became to be that Midi Madness on the MP.

And yes, we had some crowd surfing @ the show. Look closely next to the disco ball....

Shouts to The Red Bull office in Toronto, esp POW for all the hard work. Francis @ Moog as well as Warren @ Erikson.

We smashed Toronto. Glad that i was a part of it. Next up... Ottawa.

Day 5.

Being that we were doing Ottawa and then MTL back to back, we decided on a rental to make the trek down. On the way, we decided to listen to some demos that Steve had been flooded with during the post info session mixer in Toronto. Holy episode of Music Idol. It was fun. But the ride was a touch long @ times... Ask our boy D. Lang:

The info session took place @ another great retail store: Norml Clothing in downtown Ottawa. Shouts to the Yann, who I sadly was not able to buck up with. Sh*t. Next time dude.

But this was a quick affair. Info session was to the point, but again in a great environment. Art was abound on all walls. Shouts to Marie-Ève and co. Great job as always.

We def got relax after the info session on the roof top of Norml, which offers a great look of the downtown Ottawa landscape. Nuts.

We then made our way to Babylon night club. Shouts to Disorganized, esp Linus. Been a hot min since I seen a cat. Wow. Great hospitality mang. Babylon was fun, and some of David's best shots were taken this night.


Whilst packing the very next morning after oddly getting a decent night's sleep, I notice that my backpack was pretty light. No big deal, as I see that my gear was already in my Burton roller. On closer inspection...


I stop, look up and look again. Nope. Not there. So I start frantically looking around. Did I take it bed to work on some files? Nope. What about in my other bag? Nope. WTF?!? Well... I left in the club. Yep. After I closed the screen the room was so dark that i hadn't realized I had left it on top of the Red Bull booth. So I made my way back to the club expecting the worst. I ran in and just reached over the counter where I knew I left it last and....


Shouts to Adam @ Babylon, Illo and all who helped out. What a nightmare. I think that I moon-walked all the way to the coffee shop, in the muddy streets I was so happy!

Day 6

Montréal was a quick drive away. We got there so late though that we had to b-line right to the info session. Again, we were able to use the great artist space @ Off The Hook.

During the info session, we were also joint by 2 Red Bull Music Academy grads, notably Sarah L. from the 2007 Toronto session. Thx for coming out SL!

Now the night...

It was a fullly stacked lineup.

SPKRBRUZR of the Megasoid camp, as well as young lazer gun Lunice (pleasure meeting dude), was in e-f-f-e-c-t.

A massive shout to Sia and Jon who came from MF ATL to peep this show. Say wrd?? SOUL-DIERS!

And another massive shout Scott C. Ha. You know the time man. All is love. Great work. Let's do it again!. 1 to Astro Nautico, who was in absentia. I got your txt dude. Hope your friend told you about your shout out on the mic. And a shout to Mike Hawk who came through on the love. $8 CDN on a return flight is not bad @ all. Say wrd. Another shout to Seb. Pleasure was mine. Let's do it. ;)

Yo, that place (Lambi??) was hot as hell. I've never left a venue wet like I was that night. My whole t-shirt, my pants right down to my knees and my undies. NUTS.

Thk you MTL. That night rawked.

Day 7

830am. We leave for Vancouver from MTL. UGH.

Was wiped from the previous night, but this is a bit of a milestone. The last day/night. So all were pretty pumped. More importantly, the night had been sold out for @ least a few days, so we knew we had a packed house awaiting.

We jumped right to the info session. Again, love the informal environment. We again, shared our stories, and got ppl ready of the night that was to take place.

We then had what I would dub "The Last Supper", and it was immortalized like this...

But we then made our way down to the Shine Nightclub which had been purported to have a serious system. Cats were not lying. But yes, the house was packed. Yes, we had a blast and yes, we look fwd to coming back.

What a night. Shouts to Astrx who rawked it hard. We gotta do it again. Shouts to Nat! Oh boy... Not even sure where to start. Was way too long man... like hello?? From the beach to Shine. I should have stayed that extra day/night. Toronto it is! ;)
Sat! Good seeing you man. Good look on the drank! Ha.

And just like that, it was all over. After 10,389 kms, I started my final trek home. Wow.


1st and foremost, Flying Lotus was taking time to rawk it out on a grueling set of dates.
Kennymacktruck @ Red Bull. This couldn't have happened with you and the vision for bigger sounds. Man, this was the sh*t.
Cody @ Red Bull. You did it nice man. Thx a million for everything, even the treacherous pursuit up to Whistler.
David Lang for priceless shots.
Miss Mendoza. You rode shot-gun, with a shot gun on 3 of the dates. Sick. You got stripes.
All the Red Bull ppls (Pow, Marie Ève, all the wiiings etc...). That was awesome work.
All the Mr and Mrs. X. Awesome grind.
All the ppl who came out to witness a groundbreaking tour. Thk you much. More to come.

After a week off, I'm back to form. Gonna get @ all the emails now. ;)

Don't forget to submit your application for the Red Bull Music Academy by July 27th (post marked). London IS calling. ;)

Lastly, Red Bull Music Academy Radio is where you can also tune in.

Updates coming.

See you cats soon.



  1. can't wait for July 12th!

  2. yo the show @ element was hyype

    if you don't mind kindly informing,

    what were the last few hip hop tracks dropped by my man henri before the flylo set.

    and within the flylo set itself, what was that heavy dubstep tune? how about that jazzy sampled beat with all those horns?

    thx again for the great show

  3. noice! can we get some videos :)

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